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    When it comes to a relationship, I’d like to be with someone that has similar levels of intimacy as me. I like hugging and kissing and holding hands and cuddling, so it would be nice to find someone that also enjoys those things. I am very sex repulsed though. I do want to make that clear. But also if you’re not into the same levels of intimacy, tell me know what you are comfortable with and we can try and compromise.

    With other stuff it would be nice to be with someone that has similar interests as me, especially reading and astronomy but I do like it when someone shows me something that they are really passionate about that I’m not familiar with and they can teach me about it. I really enjoy learning. I will say that sports will probably always be a foreign concept. I just don’t get it. The ins and outs of them are just way too complicated and confusing for me. Though I am kinda into the highland games and jousting, which is really really specific, but I do find them pretty cool.

    Personality wise, all I really ask is for someone to be kind, caring and considerate of others. I am pretty nice to just about anyone unless they are unkind to their fellow humans in some way and I’d like the person I’m with to be the same way. I couldn’t be without someone who was unkind to people for whatever reason. It would be a deal breaker for me.

    About me

    My name is Lindsay and I am currently 29 years old and consider myself to be panromatic asexual. I also consider myself to be gender neutral, but aren’t super sure what pronouns I want to use, so don’t worry about that too much. I do know that I really don’t like the words girl or lady and the like when people use it to refer to me, so try not to do that. Thank you.

    Okay, stuff about me. I am an aspiring librarian, currently working at a vegan/gluten free bakery, though I am not vegan or gluten free myself. I specifically dream of being a children’s librarian inspiring children to have a passion for reading. Since I have dreams of working in a librarian, this may seem a bit obvious, I love to read. Though currently I find myself just reading the same books over and over again.

    I also really enjoy playing video games and listening to music and I listen to a lot of different stuff. My current three favourite bands are: Dave Matthews Band, Coheed and Cambria and Oingo Boingo. I also really like classical music and instrumentals in general and my favourite piece is Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor. I am also super into astronomy and just science as a whole, though I do not possess the skills to make it any more than a hobby. I am really really bad at math. Regardless, I absolutely love to learn. I’m frequently on youtube watching educational videos.

    My favourite colour is purple, which is so neat because my favourite colour is in the asexual flag. Bonus! And my hair is usually dyed purple because it is my favourite and I also want to show off a bit of ace pride. My purple hair also just makes me feel beautiful.

    I love most animals, especially cats.They are just the best. Though dogs are fine too, but sudden loud noises, like barking, do tend to make me jump. I am not fond of most reptiles though. I don’t really trust them, if that makes sense and don’t really think they should be pets. I don’t wish them any ill will though. And if people like them and have them as pets, cool, just not for me.

    I also like watching movies and all things Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve even thought of getting a tattoo related to it, but I’m an absolute wuss puss and will probably never get the courage to actually do it.

    One of my absolute favourite things to do see visit museums, especially the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. But I only like to go when it’s not that busy. I’m not a big fans of crowds. I also really like visiting Mount Auburn Cemetery. It’s beautiful there and I find it really peaceful. 

    I can be very introverted and a bit of homebody, but I’m trying to come out of my shell more.

    You can also find me on Tumblr here:
    I would also be willing to connect on Facebook by request.

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