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    Looking for someone who is caring and fun, who can carry on interesting and thoughtful conversation, and is happy to either spend relaxing evenings at home watching tv/movies or be active. I’m not into bars/clubs or big social events, my idea of fun is to go bowling, ice skating, to the zoo, take a walk in the park, go out to the lake and watch the sunset, or to watch the occasional sports event. Not interested in anyone who’s a smoker (sorry, I just can’t handle that). Must be open to raising kids with me, either through foster or adoption or if you already have kids.

    About me

    I’m looking for a woman who I can potentially spend the rest of my life with and have a family with. I’ve never had any desire to have sex, even for procreation. I’m also not a kisser but I welcome cuddling up on the couch together or holding hands while walking through the store doing our shopping together. I’m not really familiar with the asexual terms but hopefully that describes where I fit in pretty well. I’ve always had a big heart and have always felt that family is much more than just the people who are related to me. But since I am not interested in sex I have found it very difficult to put myself out there. I want nothing more than to find someone to be my partner through life, so I am trying this online thing to see if I can find the person who wants to go through the adventure of life and raising a family with me.

    I work in sales, though I am by no means the typical salesman. I naturally lean towards being introverted and have to force myself to be outgoing, which sometimes is exhausting. I am much more of a listener and contributor than I am a driver of conversation, which is probably why most of the people I get along best with are more talkative than I am. I feel lost with someone who dominates the entire conversation but I get along easily with most people. I am relaxed, patient, and open-minded, and love conversations with multiple viewpoints.

    I have never smoked, done drugs, been into partying, and actually never drink alcohol either (though it doesn’t bother me at all if you like to have an occasional beer or wine or, just as long as you’re not an alcoholic). My vice has always been food. I always want to start cooking and eating healthier but I’ve never been able to break the habit of going out to eat. It just doesn’t seem worth it to cook for one person.

    I have a good career that I really enjoy, and just bought my first house a couple of years ago. I have a cat which I adopted last year as well.

    Please email me at if you would like to say hi.

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    Animals and Pets, Going out with friends, Traveling, Watching Movies

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