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Group logo of No sex, no kids, just us!
No sex, no kids, just us!

active 13 hours, 45 minutes ago

This isn’t the group for people who want a family. This is the group for people who want a partner or companion(s) in life, to LIVE their lives and leave the baby-making and rearing to others.

Public Group / 973 members

Group logo of Anxiety

active 3 days, 3 hours ago

Asexual people who have, or used to have, anxiety issues.

Public Group / 861 members

Group logo of Music Lovers
Music Lovers

active 3 days, 3 hours ago

Anyone one out there who loves playing or listening to any kind music!

Public Group / 949 members

Group logo of Friends of Animals
Friends of Animals

active 3 days, 10 hours ago

For those who like animals and/or have pets

Public Group / 1,003 members

Group logo of LDR (Long Distance Relationships)
LDR (Long Distance Relationships)

active 3 days, 15 hours ago

A group for those looking for love beyond their neighbourhood.

Public Group / 1,336 members

Group logo of The Literature Corner
The Literature Corner

active 5 days, 8 hours ago

Discuss your favourite books, and share recommendations

Public Group / 1,149 members

Group logo of Heteroromantic Aces
Heteroromantic Aces

active 1 week ago

For asexuals who identify as heteroromantic or may be interested in (or part of) a heteroromantic relationship.

Public Group / 1,504 members

Group logo of The Dog House
The Dog House

active 1 week, 1 day ago

This group is for the dog lovers of Asexualitic. It seems most people here are cat lovers so for the few who love dogs more, or those who love cats AND dogs feel free to join.

Public Group / 667 members

Group logo of Mates for Marriage
Mates for Marriage

active 1 week, 1 day ago

A group for individuals who like committed relationships and are open to the idea of marriage.

Public Group / 749 members

Group logo of Pet lovers
Pet lovers

active 1 week, 1 day ago

for people who love pets

Public Group / 714 members

Group logo of The Cat Club
The Cat Club

active 1 week, 1 day ago

Cats are people too! Gather here for cat lovers from all walks of life!

Public Group / 1,102 members

Group logo of Romantic but sex-repulsed
Romantic but sex-repulsed

active 1 week, 2 days ago

For those who want/like romantic asepects of a relationship, but find sex repulsive.

Public Group / 700 members

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