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    I’m looking for a long term relationship. – I’ve never been in one…because I never thought to look for other asexuals before. – Although I’m more of a grey-a. It’s sad it took me so many years to find out what’s ”wrong” with me, why I cannot be in a ”normal” sexual relationship… because I’m sure I will make a very good partner.
    I like my life but at the same time I miss someone at my side to share it with.
    I miss hugging and cuddling. A kiss on the neck is a turn on, a french kiss is a turn off! Intercourse? I’m not a virgin! I tried having normal relationships several times over the years. It never worked out, because the men I used to date expected to finish off each otherwise perfect date with sex. I don’t exclude it completely, but intercourse is not what makes me happy.
    As I mentioned afore I would like having someone at my side. So it would be great to have some hobbies in common, to do some sports or other activities together, but when living together it would probably be good to do things on your own or alone with other friends, too.
    I’m serious about wanting a long term relationship. I want to be married someday. Although I’m not the head over heels person, I would totally give up my very well paid and loved job and relocate to your or our new home if that’s what it takes. (But not after reasonable precautionary measures – I’m not stupid…)

    About me

    I’m German btw., originally from Hamburg.
    I’ve been living in Switzerland since 2002. I work as a project manager in the real estate management department of a large pharmaceutical company. Having a job, one where my work is appreciated is important to me.
    I like doing sports – not so much just watching unless it’s dance (which I consider art) – I like to be active myself. Taekwondo and Krav Maga, Jazz Dance and Zumba, Target Shooting (pistol), Hiking, Badminton at times…
    When I’m home (and sadly alone) I’m often at my laptop and watch all sorts of tv series and Late Night Shows like Conan O’Brien or the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. – I like to laugh and with friends I can be goofy myself.
    I have lots of music and go to live concerts a lot as well. – Music taste: lots (alternative rock, jazz, pop…) – not everything though (heavy metal, religious songs). Lately I listen to country more and more…
    2010 I turned vegan for good. My partner doesn’t have to be vegan, too. But it sure would make things easier 😉

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    Animals and Pets, Business, Dancing, Health, Fitness, Diet, Listeing to Music, Martial arts, Nature, Reading, Sport, Traveling, Watching Movies

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