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    Only Single PPL please. Not married, Separated, etc. I’m conservative like that. Patience, Kindness, Willingness to understand my Vortex of Pyschobabble-Philosophy-in/of life, Adaptability, flexibility, Strength of Character, Calmness, Integrity, Intellect… Feel free to drop me a note 🙂 [email protected] Photos: (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.sharp.1481)

    About me

    I’m average. Except online. PPl have wild imaginations. I’m average (hieght/weight), Blue eyes, walnut (dark brown) hair. I am artistic (i.e. starving artist), I have epilepsy, I wear diamond earrings regardless of the occassion, still wear torn blue jeans, I have a Huskey (dog) and have over 35 pairs of heels. I love trying/learning new things (food, sports, dance, traveling). I have been to more countries ( I carry a passport with me) than most my friends but have never driven a car ( no license). I am a humanitarian / volunteer/ advocate for the voiceless. I am fun, playful, flirtatious, moody, and if I don’t laugh … I would be crying … so I have a story for nearly everything. Oh, and I love to write. I still write letters! Feel free to friend me and write!

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    Elizabeth Sharp




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