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    In a relationship I’m looking for someone who can tell the server that they got my order wrong. Someone who also likes staying at home with me, but will encourage me to go out more then I do. I want someone who can understand me and share at least some of my interests. I want someone to like me for who I am and respect me as a person. I want someone who can help make up for what I lack and who I can do the same for. I want to work as a team and share our burdens. I want and need love, respect and understanding. I want someone who I can support and love. I want someone I can laugh with and someone I can cry with. I want someone I can trust. In a friend I want someone who has that but not the romance bit. And I don’t want children. I’m making this very clear.

    About me

    My discord is Duke Ace#1327. Contact me there :3

    I’m an introverted homebody who likes consuming as many types of media and artistry as I can. Movies, tv shows, anime, video games, youtube, music, art, dance, fashion. Anything I can get my hands on I will watch, listen to or be a part of. Some I try myself, some I just enjoy watching others do. I don’t care about genre I’ll watch it all (as long as its good/I can have fun with it). I’m an anti-establishment, screw the patriarchy, down with capitalism, eat the rich kind of person. I’m opinionated and stubborn but I also like to make the people around me smile. I’m supportive and (I like to think) kind. I’m an Ancient History main, with some levels in Literature. I want to be an archivist in a museum. I like DnD and play it with my friends on the weekend. I’m a kobold incarnate and I am chaotic good. I’m also a big nerd if you couldn’t tell. I’m open about myself and communication is very important to me. I’m looking for empathy, understanding and validation in my life. I talk a lot but I also listen too. 7/8 of my wardrobe is black or dark colours and the other 1/8 is pastels. I embody contradicting interests. I love cats and don’t like or want children. Like ever. They scare me.

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    Lake Macquarie

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    None / Agnostic


    Animals and Pets, Art, Clothes & Fashion, Cooking / Baking, Listeing to Music, Vidéo games, Watching Movies

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