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About me
  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    – Cuddles + conversation + sharing favorite music + talking about books/movies indepth
    – Teach me things
    – Let me see the world the way you see it.
    – Show me new things to be interested in
    – Share some similar interests
    – Independence and strength
    – Ability to ask for help and show ”weaknesses” when needed
    – Accepting/non-judgemental
    – Tea time
    – Coffee Time
    – Best Friends
    – Passionate about things
    – Intelligent mind with a punk rock heart and a compassionate/caring soul

    About me

    – Demisexualish… heteromanticish… I am part many things.

    – I am currently studying History and Southeast Asian Studies.

    -I am interested in working in museums someday.

    -I play guitar and collect records. I also really like going to shows and open mic nights.

    -I don’t believe in ”musical tastes.” There is a lot of beautiful music and I don’t like limiting myself from it. However, my favorite artists tend to be hip hop, punk, noise rock, or jazz musicians.

    -I spend a lot of my time in bookstores. I buy a lot of books. I feel the same way about books as I feel about music. I read a lot of different types but my favorites tend to be sci-fi, classics, graphic novels/comic books, and history.

    -I love seeing the world whether it is travelling or just doing something outdoors.

    -I am a big fan of nature and animals. I tend to like animals more than people.

    -My personality type is INFJ and I can really relate to others of the same personality type. However, I don’t feel you can categorize people so easily or should. http://www.bradgarbus.com/Personal-Details/personality-profile/INFJ/infj-articles/top10thingseveryinfjwantsyoutoknow

    -I may seem a bit strange. A friend once described my sense of humor as the ”obscure cousin of obscure humor, the most far out humor that I have come across.”

    -I am a fan of weirdos and awkwardness. I like the unique, strange, and interesting ways different people view the world.

    -I like hearing people talk about the things that interest them even if I do not really understand. I enjoy talking to people who are passionate about something and are accepting of others.

    -Let’s just treat each other like human beings okay? (Even though I am really 10 cats in a human suit)

    -Okay come want to be my friend now.

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    Animals and Pets, Art, Collecting, Listeing to Music, Music, Nature, Reading, Traveling, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Yoga, Meditation

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