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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    someone who is easy to talk to, or even just sit silently with without it being weird.

    has similar interests, such as watching movies, playing video games, or going to less than crowded places to hang out (loud/crowded clubs and bars aren’t my thing)

    in a nutshell, if you like games, be it video games, board games, etc. and going to places like movie theaters, ice cream shops, mini golf, and places like that we’ll get along great!

    About me

    loves playing video games, both old and new, watching movies, listening to music, and being a giant nerd.

    Hetero Romantic. Asexual.

    makes game related videos for youtube, and I stream on twitch as a hobby, if you want to watch that, i do it here Twitch.tv/crazymike1991 it’s a good way to get to know me, and i’m sure you’ll have fun too!

    very much an indoor type of person unless the weather is cool outside, i love the rain too as its very relaxing to listen to. i dislike crowds and prefer to hang out with 1 or 2 people at a time.

    very laid back, though i can be really shy/nervous when talking to new people sometimes

    I have never smoked, and I drink rarely and very little when i do. (i generally just don’t like the taste of alcohol and it normally gives me a headache)

    i’m hoping to make some friends here, and see if it leads anywhere!


    for those wondering what games/shows I play/like:

    N64: Mario 64, F-Zero X, Zelda: OOT/MM, Smash Bro’s, Mario Party

    Ps3/4: Last of us, Dragon’s Dogma, Dark Souls 1/2, Dragon age: Inquisition, Destiny

    WiiU: Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bro’s, Mario Kart, Nintendo Land.

    PC: Almost everything! Guild Wars 2, Used to play WoW would start up again if i had people to play with, Binding of Isaac: rebirth, Borderlands 1/2, Speedrunners, Castle Crashers, Battle Block Theater, Lethal League, and i’ll play mobas, but only with friends.

    Persona 4 Golden on the Vita may be my favorite game of all time

    there’s a ton more, but i can’t bother to remember them all xD

    TV Shows: Elementary, Person if interest, Bob’s burgers, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Adventure time, the Mentalist, and some others

    Here’s my Twitter if you want to follow me and talk there! Twitter.com/crazy_mike1991

    And my twitch, in case you want to see me play games, and get a peek at what i’m like as a person Twitch.tv/crazymike1991


    i don’t use skype anymore, because it’s just such a dated program at this point, and i’m sick of Microsofts VERY low security when it comes to the app, so I pretty much just use discord at this point.

    if anyone who already has me on skype sees me on there, it’s not me, which i’m sure will happen at some point because of how awful it is when it comes to accounts getting hacked.

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    Cooking / Baking, Listeing to Music, Music, Vidéo games, Watching Movies

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