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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I don’t have gender preferences.
    Not necessarily looking for anything serious, but things happen.

    Ideally I’d like to be romantically involved with somebody as odd as I am. Anyone who doesn’t mind cartoon references or me dancing while I’m waiting for food in the microwave has a head start.

    A longing for adventure is a must. An open mind and a sense of humor go a long way.

    I suppose I’m pretty romantically affectionate. Don’t like to rush into things, but I’d say I’m a kisser and a cuddler when I get comfortable enough.

    About me

    Hey there! I’m Cas. An awkward 20 year old mess of gender roles and dreams.
    I’m an adventurer. A hiker, a biker, a socially anxious party goer, but just as comfy curled up at home watching The Office for hours, reading, writing, eating chinese take out.
    I love to listen. I’ve got a passion for existential exploration, philosophy, psychology; Understanding others is my strong suit.
    I’m kind, compassionate, and maybe a little lost. An art enthusiast of all types.
    Theatre kid at heart. Yeah, musicals.
    Love to sing.
    A film fanatic.
    Nature lover. Catch me staring at the night sky and walking around in the rain.
    Big reader. Suggest a book?
    Huge Netflix binger. Suggest a show?
    About me is always under construction. Feel free to tune in for character development.

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    United States


    El Paso

    Marital status





    Mixed Race


    None / Agnostic


    Animals and Pets, Art, Clothes & Fashion, Collecting, Going out with friends, Music, Nature, Reading, Social work, Watching Movies, Writing

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