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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I am looking for a long term relationship.  However, I would also like to make some new friends as well.

    I would like a person who likes to travel, likes to explore nature, watch movies, cuddle, cook together, and just enjoy life together with.  Someone who is loyal, patient, understanding, supportive, and loves animals.  Someone who enjoys forests, beaches, biking kayaking, and canoeing.  I am very open to trying new outdoor activities.   I also love listening to music!  I enjoy all music from classical to musical to pop to 80’s to rock.  Also I would love to learn an instrument.

    About me

    Hello. My name is Caitlyn.   I’m finishing up my last semester in college and I’m studying environmental studies with minors in climate change and biology.  I plan on attending graduate school to fulfill my dream of becoming a professor.   When I am not studying, I work as a student naturalist giving tours of Florida’s beautiful environment.  Besides loving the natural sciences, I have a geeky side.  I love Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, anime, Disney, and video games.  I also love reading, writing poetry, traveling to new and interesting places, watching movies, and playing with dogs and cats.  However, my favorite thing to do is bake.  My favorite thing to bake is brownies.  My favorite book series is Harry Potter.


    I tend to be a quiet girl.  I am described as a kind, loyal, caring, and intelligent girl. I prefer to listen rather than talk.  So, if you ever need someone to talk to.  Even though I would like to find that special someone, I would also to make some new friends.  You can message me anytime!

    Fun Fact: I have traveled to 7 countries, but definitely want to visit more! 🙂


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    None / Agnostic


    Animals and Pets, Art, Collecting, Cooking / Baking, Gardening, Health, Fitness, Diet, Listeing to Music, Nature, Reading, Traveling, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing

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