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    i’m very introverted, so i am looking for someone who is either similar or willing to tolerate semi closed behavior i guess? someone fairly socially and politically conscious. i have been used/manipulated because of my race in a relationship before, and i have no intention of doing that again. i guess also someone easy to talk to! who also like cooking or at least to eat since i am cooking a lot, and i’d hate to waste the food… essentially someone who is dependable and will watch every movie ever with me.

    About me

    i work in board  games. i’m the sole employee at ”secret hitler,” and ”inhuman conditions.” i worked for homestar runner for a while. i’m also the community manager for breaking games. i am also a film composer, jazz singer, and general music enthusiast. i love curry! i really love curry… i’m not sure how to fill these out really…

    i have a soundcloud with my music!

    i enjoy english television, cookies and cream ice cream, guinea pigs, and anything directed by bong joon ho or scored by cristobal tapia de veer.

    my awkwardness is taking over. i am always open and willing for new conversations, so please message me if you’d even just like to say hello!

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    Art, Cooking / Baking, Dancing, Listeing to Music, Music, Reading, Traveling, Watching Movies

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