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    I am actually not sure, I usually try to get close to someone then I immediately pull back, maybe its a sense of having space, or I fear about losing personal freedom (I kind of like being alone, but it would be nice to have at least a friend or two). All I can say is, right now, I am just starting to explore my asexuality, where I fit in it, and where the boundaries are. Really, I don’t want to bound it.

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    Engineer, Operations Research Analyst, Markov Chains, Data Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulations, Network Flows, Linear Programming, its all my life right now in Graduate school.

    Spend vacations usually skiing in Tahoe or some other awesome winter destination (Switzerland, Alaska, Mammoth, Steamboat). I am big into winter mountain activities, or just being around them.

    If I have free time, lifting, video games (love my PS4, COD), Heavy Metal (Please no Type O Negative), Cooking, Staying up late, sleeping in, drinking Beer, reading SciFi, fill rest of void with movies and contemplating the universes existence.

    Oh and this, trying to meet people of all types with open minds, cause I know no one where I live in any situation like mine. And Sand Worms, watch out for Sand Worms, they sneak up on you.

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