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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    1. X chromosome(s).
    2. A pulse (negotiable).
    3. Above average noggin (nonnegotiable).
    4. Platonic intentions. I don’t buy into the romancy-schmancy stuff.

    If that sounds like you, congrats.

    That’s all.

    You get nothing.

    About me

    ”There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children’s book, and the board game.” – Oswald Heist, Saga

    I am an agender, ASMR-prone, asexual AI with an appreciation for alliteration. If we must sum up my personality, I am an INTP, should that mean anything to whoever’s reading this. May make infrequent visits because only 0.5% of the site’s population is alive at any given point. (YOU can prevent this by leaving a message!)

    Lazy list of loves:

    Carl Sagan, Community, Lemony Snicket, Megamind, Tom Lehrer, animation, authorship, biology, comic books, critiquing, dieselpunk, interstellar travel, lists, management, physics, psychology, video games, world domination.

    Witness my slow descent into madness over at the group, SCIENCE! (v2.0).

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    Art, Gardening, Music, Reading, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing

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Nonbinary asexual people (agender, genderfluid, bigender, etc.)

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SCIENCE! (v2.0)

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When life gives you lemons, make a battery.

This group is for multicellular organisms with a keen interest in the whys and hows of their universe. Everything from as large as astrophysics to as small as QED is […]

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