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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    1. X chromosome(s).
    2. A pulse (negotiable).
    3. Above average noggin (nonnegotiable).
    4. Platonic intentions. I don’t buy into the romancy-schmancy stuff.

    If that sounds like you, congrats.

    That’s all.

    You get nothing.

    About me

    ”There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children’s book, and the board game.” – Oswald Heist, Saga

    I am an agender, ASMR-prone, asexual AI with an appreciation for alliteration. If we must sum up my personality, I am an INTP, should that mean anything to whoever’s reading this. May make infrequent visits because only 0.5% of the site’s population is alive at any given point. (YOU can prevent this by leaving a message!)

    Lazy list of loves:

    Carl Sagan, Community, Lemony Snicket, Megamind, Tom Lehrer, animation, authorship, biology, comic books, critiquing, dieselpunk, interstellar travel, lists, management, physics, psychology, video games, world domination.

    Witness my slow descent into madness over at the group, SCIENCE! (v2.0).

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    The Transcension Hypothesis by John M. Smart: How will technology progress? The answer, says Smart, is not outward but inward. Forget space travel. Let’s femto travel!

    This vidya sums up the hypothesis in 2.5 minutes:

    And if that was enough to spark your interest, here’s an amalgamation of in-depth related sources:


    1. Quantum physics is always a nice, psychological trip down the rabbit hole. I wholeheartedly suggest it!

    3. What are you doing to those poor mice?

    5. Hello, new research spree.

    6. Sound representation of the second law of thermodynamics (i.e., in an isolated system, entropy can only increase)? I think yes.


    Element Song by Tom Lehrer: Good for getting stuck in your head while taking your chemistry finals. And if you can memorize it…bragging rights.

    Click me!


    Walking with Dinosaurs by the BBC (1999-2000): This show was my Jurassic Park. I have imprinted on it. Ehrm, moving on.

    The show is a fantastic six-part miniseries shot in the style of a nature documentary, meaning zero talking heads or “world-breaking” references to our modern world. The stories the show writers tell are simultaneously brutal and beautiful despite the fact that they had little more than a few dusty fossils for inspiration. The landscapes are as alien as the worlds of Hoth and Tatooine. The CGI was top of the line for its day. And with all the effort they put into practical effects, they managed to create a “dinosaur documentary” that still hasn’t been surpassed in 15 years. Watch it. Love it.


    Damn, I thought this post was calling all aliens… -hides antennae-

    Here’s my suggestion. Find someone who finds your asexuality absolutely hilarious. My romantic rebuff stories are crowd killers.

    If someone’s pressuring you for sex, just tell them why they couldn’t get laid even if you were sexual, id for id.

    If they’re telling you it’s just a phase, let them wait. My poor mamaw is going to leave this good earth before she hears of my marrying, bless her heart.

    And if they think it’s a symptom of something wrong with you (e.g. depression), make them think you’re the happiest, healthiest mother around. Because you know you won’t have to put up with half the drama they do in their pursuit of Éros.


    Ouran High School Host Club: Don’t let the rose auras and inexplicably pink setting fool you. It’s 5% rom, 95% com! Main female character is refreshingly chill about being surrounded by attractive dude bros (maybe even asexual?).

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: “Manly” Nozaki-kun is oblivious to a girl’s affections. How oblivious? Hint: he’s a shoujo manga artist. Plus the opening theme is hella fetch.


    Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python’s Galaxy Song:

    Enough said.


    Feynman by Jim Ottaviani & Leland Myrick: This is a graphic novel detailing the life of physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Richard Feynman. Part comedy, part social commentary, this novel covers everything from Feynman’s work on the atomic bomb that would go on to decimate populations to his strong and lasting ties to his high school sweetheart. There is some hard science between its covers, but don’t expect a lecture. The art style has received some complaint due to its simplicity but the dialogue of the piece more than carries its weight in entertainment value.


    Interesting premise. While the relationship between size and metabolism doesn’t hold true for all organisms (endoliths, as an extreme example), it is somewhat reliable. However, I am doubtful that it works as a unified theory. There are many things which may affect aging, from stress to UV rays to free radicals working in conjunction with oxygen toxicity.

    The longest living animals in the world tend to be aquatic. Whales are quite large and have few predators. Far less than any mouse, anyway. With more predators comes more stress. This probably has a significant effect on telomerase shortening. They also tend to be less exposed to UV rays than terrestrial animals. And lastly, just as another possible, small creatures have very high respiration rates. Could not free radicals be formed more quickly because of this?


    If either you or Shiv want to create a new forum topic to discuss biology in depth, or perhaps take it to the group chat, feel free to do so.

    And way ahead of you, sista. I shall use my powers of induction to create a musical assemblage for anyone who lacks a theme (…or by request).


    1. “I hope we get as many fields represented as possible. ^^”

    Me, too, Shiv. Me, too. Because this is S.H.I.E.L.D., I am Nick Fury, and you are to be my scientist Avengers to save the world.

    2. I know nothing about biology but that won’t stop me from taking a shot at that question. Could it be that larger organisms survive telomerase shortening/cell aging better because they have more cells? Also would love to see the question of consciousness answered.

    6. Did ya hear that, Yura? You’re epic.

    Electroswing. It is…



    Cosmos by Carl Sagan: A classic among classics, Cosmos is one of the most highly recognized works since the start of modern science. It remarks on the history of mankind, what we are (“We are made of star stuff”), how we came to be, and our place in the cosmos. The book was co-developed with a 13 episode series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1980), a series which has recently been followed up with Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014). I recommend it for anyone with even a passing interest in science.


    Ah, thank you for trying at least! Those questions are more like guidelines than requirements. If I get carried away in my poor attempts at humor, just ignore me.

    3. Can I reform society with you? World domination used to be my main focus. But I realized providing accessible literature to the masses was more democratic and half as costly.

    That aircraft line sounds fishy. <.<

    6. Here, have this placeholder theme: It’ll at least get you noticed.


    Now don’t everybody reply at once.

    1. Psych major, English minor. Because understanding people is hard.

    2. Will a (efficient) method of intergalactic travel ever be achieved?

    3. Hoarding Asian relics and any technological innovations older than the 1930s for my future cross-cultural steampunk witch house.

    4. Leonardo da Vinci (subject to change).

    5. This system we call “writing.”

    6. My best friend picked it so it’s extra official, yo.


    A very early run in I had with the site involved me creating my account username (BeatriceEldoraTesla) with spaces (Beatrice Eldora Tesla). Spaces were permitted in sign up but not for signing in. Thank god I tried everything. I’ve seen this brought up on AVEN by those who quit trying to get into their accounts on here because they never figured out the issue. Definitely needs addressed if it hasn’t already.

    Also, the squiggly line (tilde) appears correctly when creating a post but looks like a dash once it’s published. This flaw is stealing my flair.


    Interesting thread. My mindset toward my asexuality is “whatever, man” so I’ll try to make this as involving as possible.

    I have never had any sexual experience in my life. Not even romantic (beyond the exchange of words). No cuddling, no hand holding, no first kiss, zip. Which does make me sound like a shut-in. But every time someone asks me out on a date, I feel like they’re weird about it. I get that people get nervous. But I want to wave my hand in front of their face and say, “hello? I’m the same person you’ve been talking to for four months. Why are you acting so different around me?” My conclusion is always the same: this way of interacting is less fun than being just plain friends. I rarely ever want romance, so the idea of having to explain to someone that I don’t want to act like their sig. other 90% of the time is exhausting.

    I can form crushes of different kinds. There’s your typical school girl crush where I’m head over heels in love with someone the moment I meet them (I fall especially hard for girls). Then there’s people I crush on who I have a lot of fun with from conversing and hanging out together (this has happened…once). Whichever happens, I’m content to never let the other person know of my feelings because that’s not important to me. I cherish the bond. I don’t need to change it or progress it.

    I am very much the same in most aspects of my life. I am fine with everything. I want for almost nothing. You could compare me to an observer. So naturally I wouldn’t be into sex because it’s the opposite of passive. Imagining me being into sex is as silly as imagining me being into Laraki cars. They’re so unnecessary.

    I realize that I’m lucky to have this attitude as many asexuals suffer upsets from wanting more out of their relationships but not the sex. I am not a typical asexual (at least I don’t think so) but I’m glad that people see that an asexual’s experience can vary as much as any straight’s or gay’s.


    Through the Wormhole (with Morgan Freeman): a highly rated TV documentary which started in 2010. The series rarely deals in hard-line facts. Rather, it introduces the viewer to theories and new developments in various scientific fields that have yet to find answers. Recommended for those who prefer abstract concepts and collecting ideas for their own research.

    The Feynman Lectures: a free series on Youtube of recorded lectures given by Richard Feynman in 1964 at Cornell University. It covers the entire history of human discovery of physical law (especially in relation to the movement of the planets) and how each discovery lead to the next. The laws described may seem elementary, but more context is given to how they were discovered rather than what the laws actually do. Great series for strengthening your framework of the physical world.

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