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    The person i’m trying look for I someone who is caring, big hearted, generous compassionate, king hearted and tender hearted. I really don’t have much to say what I’m looking for. Just pretty munch going for coffee or something like that. I would really like to take thing slow, cause I in the pass I rushed thing to fast, and the relation ended before it started.

    About me

    I am a very kind respectful person who believe in people’s beliefs and choices I also don’t like to judge other people cause that’s just wrong. I used to not have much a life until I discovered this app called Meet Us. At first I thought this app was fake at first until I discovered it was legit. It were you get to hang out and meet bunch of new people and make friends. Plus it also help to build up my social skills. Let face it, I got none, but I’m trying to work on it.  I don’t know how long it’s been  since I been out, it been more like 5 years or even more.  I also consider myself as  Grey asexual.(Ace of club) I don’t find anyone sexual attractive.

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Gray Aces

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This is a group for all those who identify as being Gray-A, Gray Asexual, or Graysexual. Also including Demisexual, Semisexual, and all those who fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Because we are just […]

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Heteroromantic Aces

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For asexuals who identify as heteroromantic or may be interested in (or part of) a heteroromantic relationship.

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Teenage Asexuals 17-20 years old

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For those of us who are still in their teens and want to meet others their age 🙂 Join!

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Do you really need more informations ? 😉
A group to display your love of cuddles -especially those in bed.

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No sex, no kids, just us!

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This isn’t the group for people who want a family. This is the group for people who want a partner or companion(s) in life, to LIVE their lives and leave the baby-making and rearing to others.

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A group for anyone into BDSM but not into sex.

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”Broken” Aces

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A sanctuary for new Aces who have only just discovered that they fall within the ace spectrum and are looking for ace mentors who can help guide them through the maze of asexuality. Many of us in the Ace community […]

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Asexual people who have a positive attitude towards transgender people.

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Chat Room – Skype

active 1 year, 6 months ago

Skype chat group for Ace Friends!

Check forum post for details on joining.

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