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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I dunno.

    I think what I really want is a strong friendship, a really strong friendship that turns into something else, basically two people who want to spend almost every day together, even just doing the mundane stuff and hanging out, eventually living together, sleeping in the same bed and generally being a couple. Seems like every time I meet someone I love being with they’re already in a serious relationship.

    In terms of personality I’m not sure. I like adventurous, I like bold, I like spontaneity. I hate my current situation and would love to go out there and do stuff, but it seems like I’ve surrounded myself with people who are either too busy or set in their ways.

    In terms of a physical relationship, I’m not too sure what I want in that regards. I think it depends on the person. Intimacy + Curiosity = ???

    About me

    My name’s Andrew. I’m an asexual male and have been since 19, but I never fully accepted this until age 24, this year, in fact. I’m overweight and working on it, I have some residual gain from an eating disorder caused by my asexual denial, but that isn’t the real me and over the past few months I’ve dropped weight considerably.

    I am a current postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow, and I am studying Art History: The History of Collecting and Collections. MLitt. So far I like what I’ve seen, and hope I’ll have a great year by the end of the course.

    I like painting, but I don’t paint that often, I like using my own images taken when hill-waking, painting from the photo. I read, usually fantasy or sci-fi, and have an addiction to Netflix that you wouldn’t believe. I collect books, for various reasons.

    The end.

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