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    Definitely thoroughly nice humans (I’m panromantic, poly friendly). Friends, hang out buddies, relationships. If you’re far, I wouldn’t mind an excuse to visit a near by town, if you’d like a roadtrip/ excursion /activity buddy. Since none of us need worry about the sex subject, we really can just meet and hang out stress free. I identify as greysexual or demisexual, and I can be perfectly happy in an asexual relationship. Ultimately, I would like to start a family. As a female, I must think about having kids in the near future. I’m also considering intentional platonic coparenting, feel free to contact me for that. If there’s something about my profile that clicks, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s figure out a way to get past the one line hellos, to get a sense of each other. Ultimately, I’d like to meet, there’s just no substitute. If you’re not subscribed here, try anastasiabkny on the g by mail 🙂

    About me

    Easily amused. Love to learn. Enjoy people. That’s my top three. In a nice long jumble: I enjoy meeting strangers, road trips, lectures and conferences, beer, burning man, festivals, flea markets, camping and easy hikes, all lazy things, amateur photography, writing, painting, theater, comedy, hosting and attending cozy house events (I organize a few Meetup groups), binging tv and audiobooks…


    I read profiles for fun, mini non-fictions in most cases. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is hilarious, my favorite work of fiction. Last book I purchased was Somewhere Under The Rainbow, to help me figure out whether the lack of bathrooms and emphasis on spirituality should be roadblocks to attending a Rainbow Gathering. (I’m big on community, except that I don’t really have one.)

    A few years ago I arrived at atheism, having gone through spiritual and christian stages. Despite a love for science, ”Survive and Procreate” (insert Vulcan salute) is uninspiring. Maybe I just can’t sit internally still. Consequently, I’m on an ongoing ”Secular Soul Search” which includes existential psychology (we’re all gonna die!?), mindfulness (that time-bending ”here and now” awareness), and the general pursuit of happiness (though life’s not about chasing a good mood).


    I thoroughly enjoyed the road to my BS in Neuropsyche, which I started later in life. I was involved with a few research labs, and now work in mental health care. I definitely plan on grad school in the next 1-2 years.

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