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    Someone that is understanding of my displeasure in being touched but also wanting to cuddle sometimes. It’s a strange balance, really. Someone that can help me come up with ideas for my writing. (It could just be by saying something random.) A person that understands that sometimes I just can’t be around people. I need alone time. Sometimes I’m mean, but it’s intended in a loving way. (it’s the way I was raised.) Sometimes I’m difficult to get along with.

    About me

    I’m a 22 year old girl from California. I no longer have my lip rings. One of the piercings had a strange reaction to the metal, so I took them out until the reaction cleared up. In that time, the piercings closed, much to my dismay. I’m a grey-asexual, and a heteroromantic. I feel that in certain cases, I could (in theory) be sexually attracted to someone, it just hasn’t happened. The most I do is make-out. I’m a screenwriter for a small web show I make with my friends and I plan on going to film school. I like to play video games (even though I’m not very good at them). I read a lot. 3 bookshelves full of books and all the books don’t fit. I love to watch movies (and they help me when I’m working on a script/screenplay). I love music. Mostly Rock/Punk/Classical/Soundtrack/Metal but not exclusively. I try to steer clear of popular music. Just not my cup of tea. … I also love tea. I work on YouTube making gaming videos (primarily in Minecraft). I love animals and I have a list of pets I want to get when I live on my own. I am allergic to fragrances, so I never get to wear any perfumes or be around anyone who does. The closest I get is baby lotion. I’ve recently started learning to knit, so we’ll see where that goes. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’m immature most of the time, and usually very perverted. I’m a very negative person within myself, but I try to damnedest to spread positivity and happiness. I’m very shy and quiet at first, but once I’m warmed up, I don’t quiet down. I have a twisted sense of humor at times. Other times I will laugh for no apparent reason. I have all but one BFRB disorders (feel free to ask me about it) and it’s a challenge. I have a very addictive personality, but I try to keep my addictions to things that won’t harm me. Currently addicted to movies, shows, books, and video games.

    I’m not a big food lover. I’m ready for the day to come where my hunger can be satisfied by a Listerine strip type of thing.

    Sometimes I’m a bit too honest. I’ll answer just about any question you throw at me. So, if you want to know /anything/ feel free to ask me.

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    Art, Cooking / Baking, Driving & Cars, Listeing to Music, Music, Reading, Sport, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing

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