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25 / Man / Single / São Luís


30 / Woman / Single / London

Hello All, I like to think in new to London, although I have been here 10months, loving life at the moment, bit of a history geek, literally freaked out when visiting the tower of London and realizing I was within a few feet of the original steps Ann Boleyn was marched...


26 / Woman / Single / Chattanooga Valley

I am a B.S. Biochemistry Major, and I spend most of my time studying, the rest of my time I spend crocheting, working in an art gallery, and babysitting. In other words I am not very good at not being busy. I often stress myself out in that right. However,...


29 / Woman / Living together / Mountville

I'm a pretty upbeat person who just like to laugh and have fun. I love art and music. I enjoy nature and being outdoorsy.I like finding ways to turn ordinary days into an adventure. Although, i spend most of my free time watching Netflix and coloring. I have a two...


24 / Woman / Single / Rocklin

I like cats a lot and my favourite internal organ is probably the spleen. I enjoy acting and also the paranormal and also horror stuff. I'm a rather curious person. My friends call me Satan. I'm cute but I'll probably rip out your eyes. (But really I'm pretty nice, and...


30 / Single / Levittown

I... honestly don't really know...


25 / Woman / Single / Nashville

I'm a 19 year old waitress who is currently taking a break from school. My plan is to go back when I have a bit more direction in my life. I am the oldest of seven girls, whom I adore. It's a bit intense, but it's also incredible to be...

Leda Farmer

24 / Woman / Single

I Have a wide range of interests, from Doctor Who to the food channel. I watch way too many films and tv shows to be healthy, I have a thing for accents. Anything else just ask!

Sophie Valencia

36 / Woman / Single / Louisville


23 / Woman / Single / Edmonton


27 / Woman / Single / Addison

Catherine Butler

31 / Woman / Single / Williamsburg


24 / Single / kansas city

W.I.P I am a Panromantic Asexual and happen to be Genderfluid Whew- now that thats out of the way! I am a total nerd and I am absolutely just a romantic person I plan on absolutely NO sex Cuddling is a must! and may be random! I have been compared to...


28 / Woman / Single

Amy Redfield

27 / Woman / Single / Olympia

I sort of live outside of life. I'm easy to pass by without a second thought. People who know me find me unusual. I can be social, if I want to. It's very rare for me to have genuine interest in people however. I'm not socially anxious or anything, I...


26 / Woman / Single

I am an asexual panromantic sophomore in college in central Illinois. I'm currently studying to get my teaching degree in music and biology. (strange combination, but those are my two passions.) I really like science, especially biology, anatomy, anthropology, genetics, and organic chemistry. I play piano, French horn, trumpet, and...


24 / Woman / Single / Washington, DC

I'm very easygoing and open minded. When needed, I can be the life of the party, but I can also enjoy resting in front of the television in the evening and watching a movie. If you're looking for a hardcore athlete, I'm probably not the best pick, but I still...

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