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26 / Woman / Single / Montreal

First of all, I'm transgender and still transitionning from male to female and my first language is French. I'm very attracted by everything that is esthetic. Beauty in general, fashion, models. I wanna become a professional ballroom dancer. I'm a very artistic person, I like singing, dancing, acting and modelling a lot....


28 / Woman / Single / Neverland

I'm a totally shy person and an introvert but I can definitely be quite fun, boisterous and surprising under the right circumstances. I feel as though it's my destiny to be an artist - to be an animator. It's my dream to have my own animated series or collection...


29 / Woman / Single

I'll not put up a photograph of myself because I do not like the way I look. SO sorry! ;-p ^-^ I am 5' 4". I am a healthy looking weight for my height. I have medium-long dirty blond hair that is currently on the darker side because of Winter. I have a tattoo...

Aaron Robinson

27 / Single / Seattle

My name is Aaron. I came out pretty recently as transgendered, and I'm in the process of transitioning to a non-binary gender. If you're not down with that, there's a good chance this won't work out well. I came out as asexual several years ago, the first time I heard...


30 / Woman / Single / Monterey

- I'm a hopeless romantic and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think love is the most amazing thing in the world and no matter how much I get hurt my heart just never gives up. - I'm demisexual/asexual but homoromantic. - I have a big heart but I...


29 / Woman / Single / Pittsburgh

I'm a 23 years old makeup artist currently near Pittsburgh. I'm a huge geek (Star Wars, comic books, Whovian, Sherlock-ian?, video games, literature, cosplay, etc) and I love health/fitness. I have many goals that include traveling and seeing the world. 🙂 I'm an INTP and can be quite spontaneous. I...


44 / Man / Single / Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Burbank


25 / Woman / Prefer not to say


25 / Man / Single / Allen, Texas

The arts are of huge importance to my life - I'm knowledgeable in most aspects of film pre-production, production, post-production, and photography. I know a bit about music theory, mostly because I play the trumpet. I tend to write at any hour, attempting to capture those fleeting odd thoughts we...


32 / Man / Single / Lahti

So I'm supposed to tell you a bit about myself. It's tough being objective about oneself, especially as I'm no Shakespeare. Nevertheless, I'll try to paint a picture for you. First of all I'm a slightly introverted person. I can be by myself and be perfectly happy about it too....


42 / Woman / Single / Salt Lake City

I am somebody who refuses to give in to the norm to have an amazing life. I have lived in Japan for 8 years. Upon return I started a cheerleading team? why because I wanted to and I didn't care that I was over 30 years of age ...


25 / Woman / Single


34 / Woman / Single


25 / Single / Roswell

100% QUALITY SENTIENT BEING. DEFINITELY NOT A SHAPESHIFTER OR DRONE. TOTALLY NOT WATCHING YOU RIGHT NOW. I'm agendered. i really have more experience dating and being romantically involved with self-identified boys, but anpther agendered person or self-identified girl would also be v fun. mommy blogger. psychic vampire. i am v...

Katie Blalock

23 / Woman / Single / St. Augustine

I'm pretty sure I'm demisexual, definitely biromantic. My personality type is INFJ, and I mostly identify with other INFJ people. I'm a writer, currently working on my first novel. I also really like reading. I'll read or write in any genre, so if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear...


25 / Woman / Single / Alexandria

Hello~! I am asexual-panromantic. I like anime, manga, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Homestuck, reading, writing, drawing, sewing, philosophy, quantum theory, the occasional intelligent/thought-provoking conversation, RP, cosplaying, Music, cuddling, hugs, dogs, my family...I am learning Japanese. I am a casual gamer. Sorry I am a nerd...haha! While I do love thought-provoking/deep conversations...


26 / Woman / Single / Little Rock

I'm currently in college, studying psychology and German. I'm fairly shy until I warm up to people. I'm also fairly laid back. I enjoy reading fiction (I'm reading The Castings trilogy right now) and playing some video games (like Dragon Age!). I'm vegetarian. To be...

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