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25 / Woman / Single

I'm a full-time Neuroscience major and I work part-time in the DFW area. I live happily with my older cat and two pet dumbo rats that run around my apartment while I play video games, browse the internet, and do homework. I try my best to draw both digitally and...

Nick Adams

32 / Man / Single / San Diego

I simply like to live the fun and adventurous lifestyle. I’m excited about life at all times because plainly it’s more fun than not. I love doing things that will potentially embarrass the shit out of me, scare the hell out of me, or test my limits - I'm the...


23 / Woman / Single / Des Moines

I am a Whedonite-In-Training; I am currently working my way through Dollhouse and have been known to spontaneously burst out into songs from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. I absolutely love meeting and talking to new people, so I am totally on team "Message me about anything." I am VERY ace-...


26 / Woman / Single / Salt Lake City

I'm a procrastinator who likes to write. Not a good combo. I spend most of my time at my part time job and playing video games or watching shows. I have social anxiety and am really shy. TV shows: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Psych, Hannibal, American Horror Story,...


36 / Woman / Single / Tetbury

I am a 30 year old paralegal in property law. I have spent the last 4 years working for Apple Inc as a Genius. I enjoy; getting too involved in certain TV shows (Sons of Anarchy mostly), Marvel movies (I prefer action/adventure movies to anything else), reading, travel, learning French,...


36 / Woman / Single / New York


27 / Man / Single / Oakville

I love tea, drawing, sleeping, gaming, and hanging out with my friends. I try my best in all that I do to be wise, caring, loyal, and honest. I'm beginning my first year Sheridan College for Illustration in September, after having completed a 2-year program in the arts at Humber...

Jessica Johns

26 / Woman / Single / Tallahassee


25 / Woman / Single

I'm a college student, still unsure what I want to do with my life. I'm very much an introvert so I like reading ( for specifics), watching TV shows/cartoons (Supernatural, New Girl, Community, and Gravity Falls to name some), and also a little anime ( for those curious) I also...


66 / Man / Separated / Danville


41 / Woman / Single / Calgary


33 / Man / Single / Chicago

I have a quirky sense of humor and love being out with my friends (they have meant everything to me so far in life). I like sports of all sorts as well as expressing my creativity while writing. I'm a dreamer. I refuse to lose hope.... ...


28 / Woman / Single / Chicago

I currently split my time between Chicago and Los Angeles, because of where my parents are located. I just finished pastry school and I am planning on moving to LA full time by the end of the summer to start my career. Before that I went to art school and...

Dee Barnett

27 / Woman / Single

Is there really a way to cover all the bases for these kinds of things? I'm an actress and a writer. Right now, I'm in college, about to finish an independently planned major in Modern Creative Writing, which is a fancy way to say I want to specifically study TV/Movie writing...


32 / Woman


44 / Woman / Single / Edinburgh


25 / Woman / Single / Adelaide

Hello! My name is Allie, I'm 19, from a small town about an hour out of Adelaide, and I'm a kind of quiet, shy person. I haven't had much luck with love, and have trouble meeting people and making friends in 'real life' and so I turned to the internet....


37 / Woman / Widowed / Edmonton

I grew up on a farm as a kid, and am still a country girl at heart. I'm very much a tomboy. So don't call me princess, and I'm no lady! I am very earthy and a bit of a hippy. I'm more than a bit of a health nut.... interested...


24 / Woman / Living together / Ridgecrest, California

Technically I'm an asexual agender who is romantically queer, but I'm nto a fan of labels especially when it comes to sexuality because it just puts up battlelines and places people in gender specific boxes to define how we can love. Personally, I find that love is a force you...

Valerie Marshall

25 / Single / Muskegon or Detroit, Michigan

I am an artist. I am studying illustration in Detroit and I like writing fanfiction and original fiction. I spend a lot of time alone reading or on the internet. Cooking is fun and I am the gog damned RAMEN MASTER! I am loud, sensitive, and intelligent. A bit...


54 / Woman / Divorced

I identify as an Aromantic Asexual. I love life & laughter. I enjoy traveling, reading, movies, hiking, snowmobiling, dining (non crowded places). I prefer the mountains over the beach, I am an introvert & reserved (a private person) & prefer quiet non crowded places. I am most comfortable when alone...

River Tam

23 / Woman / Single / Navarre

I'm not overly emotional, and border on aromantic most days. I obsess over TV shows and books. Play guitar and video games. That's about it. I aim to misbehave.


26 / Woman / Single / Montreal

First of all, I'm transgender and still transitionning from male to female and my first language is French. I'm very attracted by everything that is esthetic. Beauty in general, fashion, models. I wanna become a professional ballroom dancer. I'm a very artistic person, I like singing, dancing, acting and modelling a lot....


28 / Woman / Single / Neverland

I'm a totally shy person and an introvert but I can definitely be quite fun, boisterous and surprising under the right circumstances. I feel as though it's my destiny to be an artist - to be an animator. It's my dream to have my own animated series or collection...

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