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25 / Woman / Single / Edmonton


26 / Woman / Single / Worcester

18, rising sophomore studying Engineering in Worcester, MA. Pretty introverted, panromantic graysexual, but feeling a lot more ace lately. I like cooking and reading a lot. Amateur jeweler. I like going on adventures, but not alone. Message me if you're in the area / we share interests.

Jennifer Grace

26 / Woman / Single / Hartford, CT

Where to start... I'm a Hetero Gray-romantic Asexual. I recently started coming out to my friends and family so that has been a new experience for me. I graduated high school last year, I am going to a military college this fall to study criminal justice and become an officer in...


25 / Single

Hey there, I'm Graysen. c: Despite what it says, I'm actually seventeen years old, and gender neutral (and thus use they/them/their for pronouns). I'm a hopeless romantic asexual, an INFJ, and a Ravenpuff (Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff). I have quite a lot of interests, but if you decide to strike up a chat...


28 / Woman / Single / Solana Beach

Hi everyone! My name is Torrey and I'm gonna be a senior at UC Irvine next year (undergrad) in Drama and with an Education minor, and I'm a singer and a motivational speaker for antibullying at schools K - 8. I am a really passionate person who has a lot...


28 / Woman / Single / Montville

Hi! You can call me Aley. It sounds like Ali, or Aly, or Alley, or any other variation of the name. I'm a just-shy-of-twenty-one year old college student/frazzled retail worker/wannabe artist who loves to make people laugh. I'm something of an introvert, but I'm very sociable once I'm comfortable with a...


35 / Woman / Single / London

I am gray-sexual and panromantic. Currently working as a nursing assistant, but planning to change to creative arts, I am especially interested in theatre. Like everybody, I love traveling and I am planning to slowly explore new places, I am also planning to visit the States in the future. I'm a bit...

Becca Kress

26 / Woman / Single / Albany

I'm an Early Childhood/Childhood education dual major. Education and learning is what I'm most passionate about and seek to pass on as much knowledge as I can. I like to learn everything I can about every topic. I'm an explorer, though it doesn't serve me well as I often find...


28 / Woman / Single

Taylor Corbridge

26 / Man / Single / Santa Barbara

I'm not really asexual; I'm demisexual. I'm a bit of a nerd. Video games, Netflix, stuff like that are what I spend most of my time doing. I'm not really good at describing myself, but I am very open in conversation, so feel free to ask me anything.

Aaron Robinson

29 / Single / Seattle

My name is Aaron. I came out pretty recently as transgendered, and I'm in the process of transitioning to a non-binary gender. If you're not down with that, there's a good chance this won't work out well. I came out as asexual several years ago, the first time I heard...


29 / Woman / Single


31 / Woman / Single

I am a twenty-three year old, white, cis-gendered, panromantic gray asexual who is a writer and a medical student. I enjoy reading, writing, playing video games, knitting, needlepoint, cooking, exercising, playing tabletop and roleplaying games, exploring the internet and blogging on Tumblr (as andromedamedrexia), and partaking in nerdy and geeky...


28 / Woman / Single / Jacksonville


26 / Woman / Single

Hey, I'm Sophie. I would say that I identify as Homoromantic Gray-A, or somewhere on that spectrum. I like film and I am going on to study it this year. For the time being, I work with animals (bit of a life crisis thing) but It's pretty decent thus far....


28 / Man / Single / Allen, Texas

The arts are of huge importance to my life - I'm knowledgeable in most aspects of film pre-production, production, post-production, and photography. I know a bit about music theory, mostly because I play the trumpet. I tend to write at any hour, attempting to capture those fleeting odd thoughts we...


36 / Woman / Single / Southampton

I'm an electrical engineer and a bit of an adrenaline addict. I've jumped out of aeroplanes before now (with parachute!) and I love theme parks - especially the biggest, scariest rollercoasters out there. I love to read and write, especially science fiction and fantasy. There are books piled on the...

christine gray

62 / Woman / vancouver


29 / Woman / Single / Bath

I'm laid back happy and always up for a laugh, have a massive love for marvel doctor who and sherlock, really want to travel the world and would like to meet someone who would like to join me 🙂


28 / Woman / Single

I am an asexual panromantic sophomore in college in central Illinois. I'm currently studying to get my teaching degree in music and biology. (strange combination, but those are my two passions.) I really like science, especially biology, anatomy, anthropology, genetics, and organic chemistry. I play piano, French horn, trumpet, and...

e t

32 / Woman / Single / ottawa

Callisto Shapes

27 / Single / South Hadley

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