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37 / Man / Single / linden tn


43 / Woman

I'm a loner, but crave intellectual conversation. Just a chick with a brain trying to find someone else with a brain. I had never heard the term Asexuality. I honestly thought I was the only one. My friends think I'm weird. Whatever, if you can't be yourself in got problems!! On...


25 / Woman / Single / Nashville

I'm a 19 year old waitress who is currently taking a break from school. My plan is to go back when I have a bit more direction in my life. I am the oldest of seven girls, whom I adore. It's a bit intense, but it's also incredible to be...

Danyelle Renée

27 / Woman / Single / Evansville, IN

I never know how to start these loathsome "about me" sections, so let's just cut to the chase, shall we? I love to read. I love watching stand-up comedy. I enjoy learning about history, specifically 18th-19th century France. I don't believe in any sort of god, but I believe in...


26 / Man / Cambridge, MA


30 / Woman / Single


26 / Woman / Single / Spokane, Washington

These are always awkward, but I think I am a fairly interesting person. I'm intense and average, mixed with a little spaz. I really love life, (in a universal sense, not so much in a human nature way. I sometimes think was born in the wrong time and place, possibly...


27 / Woman / Single / Marquette

my name is abe and i'm 21. cis. she/her pronouns. i live in the upper peninsula of michigan working full time at a call center answering phones for funeral homes. i drive a minivan that any soccer mom with good sense would kill for. i like disney, star trek, fall...


27 / Single

Hello 🙂 My name is Jameson. I like to draw and write. I am a vegetarian, trying to be vegan and I love all animals. I try to be as open minded as I can be. My favorite things- I love the BBC and documentaries on Netflix- Sherlock...


27 / Woman / Single / Pittsburgh

John Mayo

24 / Man / Single / Richmond Hill


43 / Woman / Single / Miami

Single woman seeking cool convo, friendly outings and if the chemistry is there- regular cuddle sessions. I'm open to the whole 'cuddle' thing because I have a lot of things that I am working on currently. I'm ready to establish solid, healthy, honest relationships with others- and I wouldn't shy...


24 / Single / Walkerville

genderfluid - artist - linguist - cyclist Highschool graduate taking time off to work and train as a bicycle mechanic. Going on to study psychology and grief management, and eventually become a mortician. I'm an artist and lover of nature. Prone to cynicism and introversion, but always open for good...


31 / Woman / Single


26 / Woman / Single / Anchorage

My name is Shelby, and i'm a Freshman attending the University of Alaska Anchorage. I am a Psychology major and it's really difficult to get me off the subject once it has been brought up in conversation, so beware! I'm a big ol' introvert and I spend the majority of...


28 / Woman / Single / Flint

Hi, I'm Desiree. I'm a stand up comedian and comedy writer. I'm a comedy & trivia nerd, with an encyclopedic knowledge of various movies and television shows. I'm a 'news junkie'; constantly reading/watching news throughout the day. I do my best to be up on current events, and I dig talking...

Cheryl B.

26 / Woman / Single / Plano, TX

Hey, I'm Cheryl. I'm a panromantic asexual currently not quite happy with identifying as female. Genderfluid fits better. Female pronouns preferred, but just don't call me a 'woman', please. Just say 'person', Even 'girl' is okay. But not 'woman' Anyway! I enjoy modern classic literature, I draw a lot, I'm often...

Jayden Smith

28 / Man / Single / Council Bluffs


25 / Woman / Single / New York

I don't quite know what I am. I am 19 and don't quite have myself pin pointed yet. As of right now, I don't want to be in a relationship and sex is not something I see myself having with anyone anytime soon. My mind is always changing though. Literally,...


26 / Man / Single / Allen, Texas

The arts are of huge importance to my life - I'm knowledgeable in most aspects of film pre-production, production, post-production, and photography. I know a bit about music theory, mostly because I play the trumpet. I tend to write at any hour, attempting to capture those fleeting odd thoughts we...


25 / Woman / Single / Wichita

Hi I'm mercy I live in Wichita ks. I discovered I was a when I was in middle school but when I was told but it my friend called it ab and things just got confusing from there. I tried to date in my later years of high school but...


24 / Woman / Single / Portland

This is my first dating site experience, so I'm not really sure how to fill in this little box. Um. I'm in college, studying English Lit and Pre-Law. I have an affinity for cats and knitting (I sometimes wish I was a little old lady so I could just sit...


28 / Woman / Single / Bath

I'm laid back happy and always up for a laugh, have a massive love for marvel doctor who and sherlock, really want to travel the world and would like to meet someone who would like to join me 🙂


27 / Woman / Single

I am a little shy. Im a nerd. I love video games and reading. I love music. I play guitar mostly but I dabble in a lot of instruments. I love learning. Im studying to be an archaeologist. I want to travel and I love to go on crazy...

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