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41 / Man / Single / Ayr

I am someone who has always enjoyed flying solo, being the lone wolf, or whatever either kind of metaphor applies. I've always known that I didn't want the traditional marriage, kids, 1.5 pet scenario but only later in life did I come to terms with my own asexuality (gray- demi-)......


21 / Man / Single

I’m a 4th year university student studying Health Studies and Psychology and also considering working towards a certificate in French. My main passions are digital arts (but also including anything aesthetic-based such as interior design or fashion), video games (including competitive gaming), and jamming to music (I personally like rap and...

Warren Moore

32 / Man / Single / Woking

I'm a Brit with a dry sense of humour. I can be dark, but ultimately enjoy life and try to have fun. Have spent a lot of my life travelling, and spent 5 years in Canada studying folklore. I love going to folk music festivals across the world. I enjoy socialising,...


28 / Man / Single / Montreal

Hello, I don't have premium. You can reach me here if you want to talk: Kik: Abhi67891 Mail:   A bit about me: 28yr from Montreal, i'm an entrepreneur and passionate about Technology. I'm also a bit a geek and enjoy binging Netflix shows such as Marvel and DC.   I will add more info...


22 / Woman / Single / Spruce Grove

Well I just recently came to terms with the fact that I am, I suppose what people consider demisexual. they say we are the one percent and that to me is incredibly scary. On this website I’m here to discuss and be part of a very small community. I am here...


31 / Woman / Single / Peterborough

  1. Former personal trainer for 5 years, but I‘m currently back in school and studying psychology. I love working out, hiking, watching netflix, listening to music and reading. I love studying languages in my spare time and trying new foods.


25 / Man / Single / Victoria

Bailey Mansfield

19 / Woman / Single / Sydney mines


32 / Woman / Single

I like being outside. I love my dog. I live in a cabin in the forest and I really enjoy growing big gardens with lots of vegetables. Wood stoves are awesome and winter needs to involve snow. Hiking mountains to beautiful places is my favourite game. I'm introverted, motivated and...


27 / Woman / Single / Victoria, BC

J-P (kik: jpjcity)

40 / Man / Single / Toronto

I am asexual interested in meeting another asexual Does it exist?

Zoie Saige

21 / Woman / Single / Over the rainbow

I'm new to online dating, I don't have any expectations I'm just looking to chat with some like minded people. Some things I like are movies (I prefer Marvel to DC), painting and sketching, camping and hiking, cooking and baking. To describe me best I'd probably say I'm a Jack...


26 / Man / Single / Toronto

INFP. Looking for a life-long friend to share stuff that we both find interesting.


55 / Woman / Single / toronto


27 / Woman / Single / Toronto

Just looking to find some decent people. Not specifically looking for anything, and definitely not looking to rush into anything. P.S. If you don't have a picture posted, I'm not interested.


27 / Woman / Single / Surrey


32 / Woman / Single / Vancouver

I'm a bit of a geek, but totally proud of it. I love reading and writing. I've recently been spending way too much time on Netflix, but I do enjoy adventuring and exploring everything that I can. I want to travel the world one day (hopefully soon), and experience all...


38 / Man / Single / Toronto

Monday through Friday, I'm a Software Designer and developer. As much as I love the city, but sunny weekends are made for road trips to discover a new place and practice some photography. I love exploring new countries, learning a new language, reading books, having engaging conversations, nibbling on some delicious food...


32 / Man / Single / Saskatoon

It took me a long time to realize that I'm a Heteroromantic asexual, growing up I always thought there was something wrong with me. I can be a shy and quiet guy, but I do enjoy going out with my close group of friends to local pubs or music events....


40 / Man / Single / Vancouver


66 / Man / Single / Southern Ontario

Me?... I’d describe myself as heart-centred, romantic, affectionate, playful, easy-going, well-spoken, chivalrous and well-mannered. I’m also spiritually oriented, a lover of beauty, emotionally available, a touch sentimental. My interests?... Laughter, the mystery and beauty of nature, art, architecture, historic sites, design, organic and artisanal foods, poetry, beach-combing, drives in the country,...


35 / Man / Single / Guelph

Meet asexuals is the first community and dating site for Asexual people. When major dating sites don't recognize our asexuality, we think that asexual people should have a place to meet and talk. Create your profile to search and meet other aexuals, or build a platonic relationship.

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