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23 / Woman / Single


24 / Woman / Single / Maidenhead

Things I like: -travelling (unlike everyone else I know) -watching an entire series in one sitting -trying new things   Things I dislike: -mushrooms -hiking (negotiable if there are good views) -the patriarchy


55 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia

I am a 54 year old gray-sexual, pan romantic, gender neutral person.  Whew, that was a mouthful!  I've only been fully out for a couple of years.  Now that I am finally comfortable in my skin, I feel ready to share my life with someone special. I am a Deadhead,...

Eugene Argent

34 / Man / Single / Bristol

I'm not a subscribed member so Add me on instagram : argent_et_or87 or email me : [email protected] or on Snapchat : eugeneargent


40 / Woman / Single / Waterloo, ON

I can't receive offline private messages without a full account but you can email me at: (at) a) Please provide a link to your profile (on here or somewhere else) or I'll have no idea whether I want to email you back or not, since I am very introverted...



I already love you. But the intimacy of our connection could be much more intense... I am a resourceful spirit with a good grasp of rational thinking, empathy and imagination. My soul is fully commited to Jesus (who makes me a really happy feminine, and a confident masculine). It's a polygamous marriage involving,...



I'm a single mom who also happens to be a bi-romantic asexual. I love intellectual conversation. Especially existential subjects. I love video games, reading, select Kpop groups, and would love to find someone I can relate to. Preferably just friends right now but if it grows into more that works too....

Elyse Fontaine

34 / Woman / Divorced / Auburn

Shaun Jackson

23 / Man / Single / York

I am currently in a 1 year apprenticeship with Sarabec Ltd as an Office administrator. I'm still mainly winging life since this all came on suddenly but atleast I've got An idea now :'). In my free time I like to just generally play games, I love a good co-op...


26 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


19 / Man / Single / Auburn

Hunter Lewis

19 / Man / Single / Auburn


31 / Woman / Single / Barcelona

Soy una persona sincera, sentimental, bastante tímida al principio, actúo siempre de forma lícita y moral (o al menos eso intento), empática y leal. Prefiero estar con mi pareja, reír y pasar el tiempo juntos, antes que quedar con grupos de personas. Ya sea jugando a cualquier cosa, viendo películas o...

Aaron Feldman

31 / Man / Single / Auburn Hills


43 / Woman / Single / Jerez de la Frontera

I identify myself as a hetero-romantic (straight) grey asexual but very close to asexual. Kisses are ok, cuddles are a must. I'd love to find someone to watch tv with while cuddling on the couch. I'm a big girl so I'd prefer a big guy but it's not essential.


26 / Woman / Single / Southampton

Hi, I'm Emily and I'm currently in Southampton doing a PhD in bioengineering (orthotics specifically). I'm a fairly introverted person, but I do still enjoy being out and about and meeting up with people just as long as I have time to recharge as well! Hmm, let's see...I'm a big fan...


43 / Woman / Single / Minneapolis

I'm AROMANTIC and I'm looking for friends---platonic connections that are special---with a particular interest in men. In terms of attraction (which is something I feel to a small extent, but doesn't really matter much to me---especially what a person looks like) I'm attracted to male characteristics, and it's still on...


51 / Glastonbury

I'm a young spirited English woman, in my 40s, but feel in my late 30s, ( and people often say that's what they'd guess me as).  I have a passion for nature and outdoor activities, I am very sensual, but not sexual really, though I would be open to exploring...

Kiley Rae

20 / Woman / Single

Dan R. Howard

27 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

Musician./.Film Fanatic./.Belgian-Irish./.Berklee College Of Music./.Piano./.Ukulele./.Guitar./.Film Score./.Beer enthusiast./. Tea enthusiast./.Videogames./.Traveling./.Books./.

Andy Michel

19 / Woman / Single / Ciudad de México

Soy heteroromántica, buscando una relación estable. Siempre busco aprender más, incluso de cosas que ya conozco, me gusta intentar verlas de diferentes perspectivas; por lo que estoy en un estado de análisis y creatividad constante. Gustos generales: Filosofía, escribir, literatura, cine, música, ciencia, descubrir nuevos lugares, ddlg. Soy estudiante.


29 / Man / Single / Columbus

Hello, all! This is my first time seeking out other aces online. I'm looking forward to meeting some great people that I can relate to. My favorite thing to do is express myself creatively. I like to paint on giant canvases and I also dabble in writing and design. I’m really...

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