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49 / Woman / Single / Hossegor

Hello from France, I am sincere, hypersensitive, empathic, spiritual, creative, Nature & Animal Lover, Vegan and... brain tumor survivor. I appear younger than my age (49), a healthy mind in a healthy body. I am passionnate about photography, arts, gardening, botany, permaculture,  aromatherapy, cooking, sewing, creating, philosophy, psychology, etc.      


31 / Man / Single / london

I am a very freindly guy from south london,i like to have a positive attitude to life,i like to have manners and morals to treat people.Im a grounded kind of guy and like to see life situations to what they are and like to express my opinion if needed,Wether that...


27 / Woman / Single / Annapolis

  • I'm a super positive, bubbly, socially awkward, sarcastic girl. I don't know how it works, but I seem to manage!
I really love learning new things, and experiencing other people through their stories and knowledge. I love traveling and reading and occasionally writing. I'm in a stage of my life that...


52 / Man / Single / manchester


49 / Woman / Separated / Solihull

I'm into all the usual hobbies, you know, walking in the country side etc blah blah. I don't do anything particularly unusual but I do like exercising so spend most of my free time running or cycling. I also into building positive habits and productivity....


26 / Woman / Single / St. George

My name is Katie--which is an unnecessary fact since that's already listed on here, but oh well! I'm a writer and an animal lover (especially cats, but I'm definitely not picky). I love music (Marianas Trench, Green Day, Panic at the Disco, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, etc.), video...

alexia jennifer

25 / Woman / Single / Rome

Hi i am Alexia.i am a student.i love music,hanging out with friends,hiking,tattoos,piercing and romantic things.i want a romantic relationship except the sex part .i love vintage,clothes and furniture.i love the nature,the be honest i am bad at explaining things.


32 / Man / Single / Calgary

I am a person, I enjoy many things. I quite enjoy my professional life. It can be a little bit feast and famine so i'm very busy quite often, but find free time in abundance once in awhile too. When I do have the time, I love to escape via...


29 / Woman / Single / Sapporo

Ash Flügel


  1.   I am gender fluid, and a pan-romanic ace. I am still figuring out what being ace means for me, but I am glad I came to this realization.
  I'm also a practicing gray witch, with a universal theistic view. I have my own candle business, and I...


46 / Man / Single / New York

I am an Indian guy living in NYC looking for likeminded friends and more. Feel free to message me if you like to know more about me.


35 / Man / Single / Chicago

Lover of all creative arts and nature. If you want specific info on music, films, or any other interests...ask.


30 / Man / Single / St. Paul

In general I'm a fairly stoic and easygoing person. My main passions in life are exploring, protecting, and restoring the environment.  I want to leave the world better than when I found it. Other than that, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hobbies. I enjoy learning about other...



I'm shy at first but once I know someone I warm up.  I can be a bit sarcastic.  I enjoy board and card games... video games too.  I like music, and although I'm shy, I'll do karaoke after a few drinks... preferably beer and bourbon.  Occupation wise, I've owned a...


33 / Woman / Single

Hi! Lets chat! 🙂 Im vegetarian, Im into meditation, reading, watching series and movies.Sometimes I write and work out. I like pop, rock, new age, classical songs... Im  a bit shy, but i can deal with it. I wanna make some friends! Im heteroromantic ace.I like talking about most of everything!Thats it , if...


38 / Man / Single / Buenos Aires

I´m a very romantic asexual. I´m kind, gentleman, very well educated. Tall, handsome and good looking.


39 / Man / Single

(JOIN ACEapp its a great little invention) Well I enjoy a rather simple life, Embracing what each day has to offer and what ever unfolds naturally. I am self employed with my own little cleaning business which keeps me busy and active as I cycle to all my jobs, I love...


30 / Woman / Single


35 / Woman / Single / Portland, ME

I want to become an Egyptologist. Art History is my sky. Languages make me misty, especially German and Russian. Classical Art makes my heart race abnormally. I like to get lost in a museum and/or a bookstore until someone finds me and tells me I'm not allowed in here after-hours....


38 / Woman / Single / Dublin

Kik username is lol1980lmao


55 / Woman

I am a Yoga Instructor, a Reiki Master, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist who is heavily into Mindfulness and NLP. I am a sociable introvert who prefers small quiet get-togethers and philosophical discussions. I enjoy good music, reading and watching science fiction, hiking, boating, swimming, and camping.


31 / Woman / Single

I have a happy disposition, always try to see the bright side in any given situation. I try to live a meaningful life and have fun while doing so. I like to read, travel when I can and forge lasting friendships. I would like to meet a partner who shares my sense of...

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