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37 / Woman / Single / Northern Virginia

Hi I'm Susan (as you might have already guessed). Currently I work too much and I'm looking to balance things out. I work in graphics and video production. I have the best job ever (seriously) and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's for...

Teacup Unicorn

18 / Woman / Single / Toronto


48 / Woman / Agoura Hills


29 / Man / Single / St. Paul

In general I'm a fairly stoic and easygoing person. My main passions in life are exploring, protecting, and restoring the environment.  I want to leave the world better than when I found it. Other than that, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hobbies. I enjoy learning about other...

Jessica Tate Johnson

26 / Woman / Single

What do you want to know? You're welcome to ask; the more precise the question is the better answer you'll receive.


41 / Woman / Divorced / tokyo

I am an introvert. I finished a bachelors degree. Traditional and caring.  I pray and go to church whenever i can but not too religious.  I am very independent and i work hard and very ambitious.


26 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles


26 / Woman / Single

I love exploring nature, music, tv, reading, art etc. I'm generally quite cool and laid back. I don't have a full membership.


30 / Man / Single / Stevenage

alexia jennifer

24 / Woman / Single / Rome

Hi i am Alexia.i am a student.i love music,hanging out with friends,hiking,tattoos,piercing and romantic things.i want a romantic relationship except the sex part .i love vintage,clothes and furniture.i love the nature,the be honest i am bad at explaining things.


20 / Man / Single / Coldwater

Gray ace. Artist. I love to write, game and listen to music. I like meeting new people. I'm a furry too so if that bothers you then keep on moving please. Can't message on here yet cus of the fee so you can reach me on Skype (@Pangoro-pie) or Telegram (@Pangoropie7).


24 / Man / Single / Lexington, KY

I recently graduated with a degree in nutrition, and I will be attending grad school this fall. I'd like to pursue clinical or research work. I enjoy being active and try to improve myself daily. A few of my favorite activities are running, hiking, cycling, and kayaking. I love to...


27 / Woman / Single

Hi there! I'm Franzi, a scientist and programmer, currently working on my MSc in Bioinformatics. I'm a optimistic, open-minded and generally cheerful person. Like most people I like meeting friends, reading, watching movies and travelling, but I also really enjoy making music, taking photos and being creative. I have a...


21 / Woman / Widowed / Melbourne

Hi Hey Hello!

I love, I live and I laugh. I'm interested; email me [email protected]


25 / Man / Single / Arad

I m from Morocco and i study medecine in Romania since 4 years now . I like to see myself as a happy person , always laughing and trying to have fun at any situation . I like watching movies , tv shows , reading books , playing video games...


24 / Woman / Single

Unfortuently I don’t have full access on here and am unable to view or reply to messages. My Facebook is: and Instagram: @lauraellizabeth if you’d like to message me xx


45 / Man / London


27 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

I'm your not so regular 26 year old (or so I'd like to think!). Aren't we all told we're special? I am just in that race and search of trying to find the reason that makes me special. I work in clinical trials, have a start up I am trying...


30 / Woman / Single / Espoo

I'm an upbeat 30-year-old woman from Espoo, Finland. I work as a production manager in different tv-productions and I have mainly done reality and life style. My job can be quite stressful and hectic at times so I enjoy spending time at home reading and watching movies but I'm pretty...


21 / Woman / Single

I studied Veterinary Medicine and yes i love animals so much as you can see. I like to explore and travel, meet new people, play videogames and i´m in love with nature also. I enjoy listen to every kind of music a lot is like my main hobby, but also...

[email protected]

26 / Man / Single / London

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