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31 / Man / Single

I work as web developer in Berlin. I'm passionate about science like biology and astronomy but I'm not an expert. I enjoy music ( I played music instruments for a while), watching movies and series and sometimes I like to draw. I like to read but not often as I...


37 / Man / Single / Mumbai


38 / Woman / Single / Nottingham


50 / Woman / Single / Washington DC


35 / Man / Divorced / Valdosta, GA

Hi! I am interested in making friends. I'm also open to dating someone but would prefer to start off as friends. I'm the nerdy intellectual type, so if you like nerdy stuff like comics or Star Wars or intellectual stuff like history and science then we could probably have some...


31 / Man / Single / St. Paul

In general I'm a fairly stoic and easygoing person. My main passions in life are exploring, protecting, and restoring the environment.  I want to leave the world better than when I found it. Other than that, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hobbies. I enjoy learning about other...


22 / Man / Single / Perth

Panromantic asexual I'm the quite laid back type.I'm always terrible at writing bios,so I'll  let the conversation do the talking instead.I don't have premium membership so if you want to contact me my kik is sac131.    


38 / Woman / Single / Darwin

I am happy with a simple life with an enquiring mind into the mysteries of the universe. I love exploring meaning in life and beyond. I am a registered nurse and deeply empathetic. Very into philosophical theories and the chaos yet order of the universe. Fascinated by Jung, Dawkins and...


23 / Man / Troy

Not sure how to really start, haha but I’m just an open minded and adventurous guy who doesn't mind trying new things. I might not be a story-rich person mostly because I don't remember things easily (I blame my ADD for it) but I love story-rich people and listening to what...


33 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Hello,  my name is Chris, nice to meet you acquaintance 🙂 Where to begin.... i like people, i like the saying about how it takes all kinds to weave the fabric off life. Been lucky to travel abit and get to see how similar and how different we all are Demisexual with...


39 / Woman / Single / Dublin

Kik username is lol1980lmao


24 / Woman / Single / Dartmouth

Riddhanand Mohapatra

22 / Man / Single / London

I like talking about physics, Philosophy, spirituality etcI am 2.5 years old in the dog world (Incase you were curious xD)Just a lost soul trying to find my way. Hoping to meet like-minded fellow aces✨INFP, if that matters. insta: cosmic.spiritual_stoner gmail: jpeeterman651


58 / Man / Single / Podvelka


35 / Man / Single / Helena


29 / Man / Single / St. Louis

I enjoy talking about Marvel and DC, purpose, politics (within reason and with respect), and finding ways to be creative, whether that's through making art, photography, or creating tabletop games. I like to be active through hikes, volleyball, rock climbing and long walks with my dog. Want to chat? I'm on...


37 / Man / Single

I'm a Low-key, Low-profile and Mysterious Human. I suppose Only God can judge me. I'm still a puzzle unsolved and uncertain and this thing wants me to write more which even I don't want, so just let it be happy:P ... Well, anyway I'm an average looking guy. I am...


42 / Woman

Urban, neat (sweet!;)), old school aesthete, with the love for art and harmony, idealist and a pacifist. I love to get lost on my travels, observe life around me, people and their ways, old, beautiful architecture, trees and greenery, dachshunds running with their ears waving through the air... (hihihi). I...


27 / Man / Single / Liverpool


40 / Woman / Single / Pleasanton


30 / Man / Single / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


24 / Man / Single / Kaunas

My e-mail:   According to Myers–Briggs type indicator, my personality type is INFP-T. I am phlegmatic, romantic, usually I am serious and I don't get a lot of humor (probably, because I'm over-analysing or because I see the context behind it), but sometimes, when I'm in love or just in playful...


26 / Woman / Single / Melbourne

I’m after an asexual, romantic relationship - I’m not bothered about gender. I live in Melbourne but grew up near London and am into art, walks, animals, crime tv, literary fiction, dance, vegan food, working with kids, being outside and trying new things. I’m an introvert and when left to my own...

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