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29 / Man / Single

I apologize, but I am unable to message on here. I invite you to add me as a friend, allowing you to see my contact information under "detailed profile info." To answer the questions, I am a normalish person, kinda, with a BA in philosophy. I work for the State (I...


27 / Woman / Single / Knoxville, TN

I consider myself an adventurous person. I love the outdoors, especially hiking and biking. I love animals, especially my two cats. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Science and I try to travel whenever I have the chance. I also like being creative. In my free time, I like to...


28 / Man / Single / Wi


23 / Woman / Single

  1. Hello all, I'm Zee! I'm a bit shy upon first meeting people, but I mellow out quite easily once I get to chatting with you.
I'm very big on honor and loyalty, so once you mean something to me, the only way I'll leave is if you want me to....

Elke Schroeders

40 / Woman / Single / Tienen


38 / Woman / Divorced / Chicago

I'm just not comfortable on dating sites as the people there can't relate to me. I'm a simple person who doesn't view sex as the only way to be intimate, and in fact, I prefer other ways to develop intimacy. My main focuses are my spirituality, daughter, home, work. I'd...

Eugene Argent

34 / Man / Single / Bristol

I'm not a subscribed member so Add me on instagram : argent_et_or87 or email me : [email protected] or on Snapchat : eugeneargent


52 / Woman / Divorced / Fortuna

Aidan Chaney-Drinard

24 / Woman / Single / Vancouver


33 / Woman / Single


27 / Woman / Single / Mississauga

I am curious and inquisitive person. I love going to new places and trying things like new restaurants, exhibits, events. I am looking for someone to go on adventures with and engage intellectually join me on journey of continuous lifelong learning and experiences. For now I'd like to find someone...


53 / Woman / Separated / Kingston

I am fairly recent in formally identifying my orientation. But knowing for awhile now that I am a "Romantic asexual" with a sexual fetishist distribution towards it when and if that occassion arises. When dealing with normal everyday activities and living, I view the energy as that of asexual or...


39 / Man / Single / Blackpool

Not sure how messaging works here,  on kik andy1982c


32 / Woman / Single / Newcastle upon Tyne

I love traveling, hiking, being outdoors, films and history. I'm easy going and like to try new things. Trying to be healthier but need more motivation to start going to the gym regularly. Finding it hard to meet people due to my ever changing and unsociable shift pattern.


32 / Montreal


35 / Man / Single / Noumea

I love chatting, debatting and sharing my happiness and my positive energy. My dream would be to be a mastermind philosopher...        


37 / Woman / Single / Macomb


33 / Woman / Single

Jackie Domzalski

60 / Woman / Single


42 / Man / Single / Oldenzaal


32 / Man / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


25 / Woman / Single


24 / Woman / Single / London

Ok lets see ... Well for starters I've always been bad at talking about myself, I never really do this sort of thing so apologies if there's too much information here. I'm not going to lie to you, it'd get me nowhere, I'm a rather awkward soul and not everyone's cup of...


45 / Woman / Divorced / tokyo

I am an introvert. I finished a bachelors degree. Traditional and caring.  I pray and go to church whenever i can but not too religious.  I try to be independent and i work hard and want some good for myself. Although perhaps I can't be more  than what I am...

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