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Dermot O'Donnell

41 / Man / Single / Galway

I'm creative, light-hearted, and place great importance on honesty and truthfulness. I started out working in medical science but, after a powerful spiritual awakening in 2006, switched to a career in the arts. I spend most of my time screenwriting and filmmaking. I plan to incorporate music-making and spiritual painting...


25 / Man / Single / Constanta


30 / Woman / Single / Oklahoma City

Demiromantic. I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and a few video games. I'm addicted to tumblr. I'm pretty up to date with nerd culture, and I really enjoy it. I also love the typical girly things like pretty clothes and nice house things. I ADORE adventure. Jumping off cliffs, crawling through caves, snorkeling...


30 / Woman

Hi, I’m Aurélie and I live in North Germany (but I'm actually French). I am doing a Master’s Degree in Education and working as a French tutor as the same time. I also work as a Teaching Assistant in a school here in Germany.   I like learning languages and I’m currently...


36 / Man / Single / Guildford

Okay, well I make video games for a living, so that probably tells you a lot about me straight away. If you consider yourself even a little bit nerdy, indie, alternative or anything like that then we'll probably get along great. The nerdier the better, to be honest! I play the...


42 / Man / Separated / Sheffield

Originally from outside the Yorkshire Dales. Currently living in Leeds, planning to move to Sheffield in the coming months. Great interest in music of all genres. Travel - especially around Europe. Foodl home and out and about. Arts; Theatre, Cinema, Museums and Galleries.

Gary Egan

45 / Man / Single / Bath

Sean Rogerson

31 / Man / Single / Oldham

Ok about time I wrote this. About me mmm... I like almost anything that gets me up, out and about. Whether its the pub, bowling, cinema, walks, etc. I like my theme parks, I like eating out. I like theatre and art. Like I said, almost anything☺ Trying to think of...


36 / Woman / Separated / Glasgow


48 / Man / Single / London

edward z

48 / Man / Single / Toronto

I've worked for many years as a Russian translator, but then decided to change my occupation so now I'm in transition from translation into computer related industry. It's not easy, but I believe it's not too late change lanes at any age. Just go with the inner flow, the way...


52 / Man / Single / manchester


42 / Man / Single / Antibes

Derek Moore

24 / Man / Single / Niseko, Hokkaido


41 / Man / Single / MAISONS-ALFORT


50 / Man / Divorced / Cambridge


23 / Woman / Kaiserslautern, Germany

Instead of a drearily long description of my faults and favors, I’ll stick with the highlights and what you can expect from me. I am a very laid-back introvert. I go with the flow. While I am completely approachable, I keep to myself unless I’m comfortable with an individual. I equally...


43 / Man / Single / Brisbane


28 / Woman / Single / Seattle

Introvert, cat lady, library assistant, writer of fantasy/sci-fi, obsessive book nerd. Star Wars fangirl. Ravenclaw. Christian, feminist, solarpunk, idealist. Things I like include: cats, YA novels, knitting, Scottish country dancing, Korean pop music, tabletop games, Asian food of all descriptions, cheesy sci-fi shows. Things I would like to try: playing D&D, other...


31 / Woman / Single

Sam Hargreaves

22 / Man / Single / Melbourne


24 / Woman / Single / Brier, WA

I'll keep this brief, I'm not exactly sure what I am looking for...I guess genuinely good men; I don't think I'm looking for a relationship, perhaps friendship with people that I can relate to that can maybe grow into something more in the future. I have never been in a...

Ellie C.

19 / Woman / Single / Chicago


18 / Woman / Single

Hi everyone, I'm 18 years old and a college sophomore majoring in Game Art and Animation. For fun, I typically draw, read, write, listen to music, and I would love to travel, although I've never actually done it. Really, I get excited just going to new cities I've never been...

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