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22 / Single

Hello! My name is Leah, I'm 22 and live in Washington State. I'm really a pretty quiet person, I can be shy but I enjoy having close friends around to do things with. I love to go hiking and backpacking and participate in outdoor sports, but definitely in a relaxed not...


23 / Woman / Single / Shanghai

Always don't know how to write this... ... Well, I am new here, haven't find ou how to use this site well. I am friendly, kind-hearted, funny(I have no idea but my friends say so). I'm 21, asexual, but I do like cuddling and hand-holding, so I think you understand. I am...


35 / Man / Single / Chicago

Lover of all creative arts and nature.


21 / Man / Single / Chicago


38 / Man / Single

Max Drayer

21 / Man / Single / Purchase


36 / Man / Divorced / Morganton, North Carolina

Blue collar salt of the earth type guy. A little old fashioned maybe, i've been called an old soul a few times. I enjoy the simple things in life the most. Stars on a clear night, birds singing in the early morning, the sound of rain in the woods. Im...


19 / Woman / Single


51 / Man / Single / Exeter

I am a friendly person with a great sense of humour. I have a generally positive approach to life and enjoy spending quality time with those that are important to me. I read a lot and love films (particularly sci-fi). Music is a big part of my life - I not...


18 / Woman / Single

I'm a freshman in college, and I hope to teach English abroad after getting my degree (haven't declared a major yet, so stay tuned). I love music, mostly alternative, rap, and jazz, but I dabble in many other genres-- I had to pack light for move in day, and I...


33 / Man / Single / Leeds

I work as a mental health recovery worker, like being outdoors, like any music I can sing to, and I rate films mostly on cheese factor. And I can juggle. Slightly. I'm also a bit of a nerd. I have a labrador that I love and my own place. Happy going...


37 / Man / Single / Guildford

Okay, well I make video games for a living, so that probably tells you a lot about me straight away. If you consider yourself even a little bit nerdy, indie, alternative or anything like that then we'll probably get along great. The nerdier the better, to be honest! I play the...


32 / Woman / Single / Pomona

♡~☼ E v e ☼~♡

49 / Woman / Single / Hossegor

You can contact me at the following address [email protected]   Hello from France, I am sincere, sensitive, empathic, spiritual, creative, Nature & Animal Lover, Vegan and brain tumor survivor. I appear younger than my age (49), a healthy mind in a healthy body. I am passionnate about photography, arts, gardening, botany, permaculture,  aromatherapy, cooking,...


21 / Woman / Single / Alma

I like when people laugh at my dumb jokes. I also enjoy talking deeply about conspiracy theories and anything to do with the "unknown." I don't do as many things as I used to, I'm kinda really stuck right now. I used to enjoy drawing, arts and crafts, I LOVE to create...


61 / Man / Single

I seek loving loyal respectful companionship with a woman, sharing intellectual, cultural, music (I'm a percussionist), traveling, and related pursuits. Age/generation and race/ethnicity are unimportant and needless barriers; compatibility, trust, and openness to confide in one another are important and essential. I'm still rather youthful even at this stage in...


22 / Man / Single

“Another lover hits the universe. The circle is broken. But with death comes rebirth. And like all lovers and sad people, I am a poet.” This quote says a lot. Especially the last sentence. I am a poet, sometimes very sad poet because I'm also sensitive (can you be an insensitive...

Nathaniel Kotzmoyer

30 / Man / Single / Allentown


27 / Woman / Single / Bath

Hello! My name is Clair, I'm from the West Country of England. I enjoy reading (I don't have this English degree for nothing!), creative writing, knitting and crochet, as well as cooking delicious vegan and vegetarian food. I love to talk on a wide variety of subjects. I enjoy music quite a...



Hello, I am from Ukraine but I live in Spain. You can find me in the forums AVEN and AVENes with the nickname NikaVik and the same image that I have here. You can send me a private message there.  

Derek Leader

28 / Man / Single / Indianapolis

I discovered I'm asexual in 2013, and it was such a relief to me. I had resisted dating, but I feel I know what I want now. (Still very shy) I'm a Middle school teacher. I love kids, but I want to be able to have time when I'm not responsible...


24 / Woman / Single

I'm an easy going simple kind of person. I definitely love my own space and have no problems hanging out by myself, but would also be awesome to find like minded people. I love the simple things, whether its enjoying nature, going on adventures, or staying indoors and just watching documentaries/movies....


37 / Woman / Single

I think we are all raised with ideas of who we should be and what our life is supposed to be like.  I never thought in a million years I would be where I am or be exploring things such as this.  I think after failed relationships I found myself...


26 / Woman / Single / London

I am a quiet, friendly person who enjoys meeting new people.  My hobbies include hiking, swimming and reading. I have spent time travelling around the US and Canada.  I visited a lot of national parks which was amazing. I currently work in admin, which isn't my long term plan but will do...

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