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25 / Woman / Single / Florham Park, NJ

I love to read fantasy and sci-fi. I'm currently reading the Three Dark Crowns series. I'm into all types of music, but I mostly listen to alternative and indie on Spotify. Some favorites are Snowmine, Fleet Foxes, Two-Door Cinema Club, Sleeping At Last, and Bear's Den. I take Tae Kwon Do!...

Stephen Schneider

21 / Man / Single / Peoria

Cheeri-o! I'm generally a very quiet, unemotional person, but I love to have fun! I am an introvert by nature, and I spend much of my time thinking. I used to be very shy, but I've managed to overcome that in recent years. I am occasionally boisterous and love making jokes,...


37 / Man / Single / Guildford

Okay, well I make video games for a living, so that probably tells you a lot about me straight away. If you consider yourself even a little bit nerdy, indie, alternative or anything like that then we'll probably get along great. The nerdier the better, to be honest! I play the...


18 / Man / Prefer not to say / Madrid


32 / Man / Single / Leeds

I work as a chef, like being outdoors, like any music I can sing to, and I rate films mostly on cheese factor. And I can juggle. Slightly. I'm also a bit of a nerd. I have a labrador that I love and my own place. Happy going out looking for...


22 / Woman / Single / Bergamo


24 / Woman / Single / Chichester

Hello! I'm Ellen, I like the outdoors (walking/cycling/rollerblading) but I also like the indoors (watching movies & crime/psychology documentaries, crocheting, video games) so really it just depends on the weather and my mood. If you have any cool hobbies, I’d definitely be up for giving those a go (I think...


21 / Woman / Single

Oi! Nice to meet you ^-^ Let me introduce myself to you: – I love adventures and traveling. (The best is to experience a adventurous journey ;)) – Dunno why, but I don't like opening tins ^^' – My goal in life is to learn something about almost everything and gain many skills. – In terms...


23 / Man / Single / Amsterdam

Matt Dalonzo

49 / Man / Single / St. Petersburg

A crazy Demisexual. Asexual for the last 10 years. If I was born in a litter I would have been the Runt. I am a natural artist meaning I don't practice or take lessons. The photo in my profile is an example coinciding with an unfinished painting on cracked clay. I finished...


49 / Woman / Single / Taunton, MA

linnie bailey

39 / Woman / Single / wolverhampton

I am a quiet person. I think a lot and I am a writer so I am always writing things down or redrafting things. I hope to make a living out of writing at some point. I used to be a fitness freak but I have had some health issues...


32 / Woman / Single / Paris


28 / Woman / Single

I am about to graduate with a Bachelors in social work. Grad school is the next step that I have planned. I hope to end up doing children's counseling someday. I am an advocate for social justice. I love to pull pranks on people and have a pretty good sense...


56 / Man / Single / Northampton


22 / Woman / Single / Melbourne

I'm usually the jumping-up-and-down kind of excited about life in general and whatever the opposite of nonchalant is (...chalant? I guess...I also love making up new words) that said, I love language and words and playing around with them in my head and on paper (my handwriting is quite messy though and...


22 / Woman / Single

Louis Anthony

29 / Man / Single / Bricktown For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on the following platforms. Facebook - Skype - elraven089 Email - [email protected]   Over the course of being on the internet, I've had numerous profiles. Some long, and some short. Honestly, I think I've...


27 / Woman / Single

I am a quiet girl from a small Australian city. I like my sex like I like my coffee... And I don't drink coffee. I tend to have trouble making friends, but if someone coaxes me out of my shell, they'll find me to be kind and loyal with a sense...


18 / Woman / Single / Detroit, MI

I’m a hopeless romantic from southeast Michigan, and my favorite color is blue! I love animals but especially foxes and otters. My favorite TV show is The X Files, and my favorite book is Don’t Close Your Eyes by Lisa McMann. My favorite music artists are The Goo Goo Dolls and...


26 / Man / Single


19 / Woman / Single / Bristol

Interested in neuroscience, maths & science-fiction. And a couple other things as well, but they have lower priority. INTP. Favourite books/movies/games: • Books: Rifters' Trilogy, Blindsight, Echopraxia, Permutation city, Fight club, Solaris, Eden, Fiasco, Black Oceans, Vurt, Dune, An Anthropologist on Mars, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The man in the...

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