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Lou Reed

44 / Man / Single / paris

I subscribed to this site, because I like the idea of ​​meeting (I hope so) someone who may live far away, and that our roads/paths will eventually meet 🙂 I like running, travelling, hiking, spending time in nature, discovering new places, listening to music, eating different food, reading and watching movies/series...


37 / Woman / Single

Hello my friend! I find it hard to talk about myself…let’s try, I always try to keep myself positive, have a good sense of humour and I see the world with a soul eyes. I like travelling, exploring new places, keep in touch with nature and music is very import in...

Alexis Churches

38 / Woman / Single

I love All things Fire n Ice n All things sweet like cinnamon scrolls n Danish pastries I love watermelon and coconut smoothies I love volcanoes n Ice Cave Pools n lava lakes especially Askja Volcano Crater Lava Lake in Iceland I wanna try Volcano diving oneday with Harri from...


33 / Woman / Single

If you'd like to contact me, just drop a message to elda2908@gmail.com. My facebook nickname is Jinney Thornton 🙂


26 / Man / Single / New York


59 / Woman / Separated / Cali



Hello all my asexual brothers and sisters all over the world! I'm here to find many wonderful new friends and a relationship. I would describe myself as positive, curious and big-hearted. My interests are many but the main things I would say are traveling, music, exercise and being out in nature. I also...


27 / Woman / Single


38 / Woman / Single / Leicestershire


75 / Man / Single / London

I'm quiet, kind, sensible, sincere, serious, introvert who likes books and music and friends who are comfortable with companionable silences! I'm looking for a nonsexual relationship but that does not exclude physical attraction or a degree of physical intimacy if the chemistry is there.  Above all I'm looking for an...


27 / Woman / Single / Kiev


59 / Man / Single / Milwaukee

Kevin E

28 / Man / Single / Dallas


64 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

Love my work teaching English as a second language to adults in the public school system. Student of the advaita/non-duality view of life  (Rupert Spira, Francis Lucille, Adyashanti, et al.). Insatiable appetite for the cozy mystery genre in both streaming content and books (Father Brown, Jonathan Creek, Shakespeare & Hathaway)....


52 / Woman / Divorced / Princeton


39 / Man / Single / Valencia

Selectively lazy. Avid reader. Foodie. Traveler. Music lover. Dog person. And almost a coffee worshiper 🙂 Looking for a fun, exciting, romantic relationship -without the sex part, of course. Only interested in profiles with pictures, please. If you are not a full member, you can always WhatsApp me at +57 310 404...


28 / Man / Single / Alegre

I can chat here, but you can contact me: sebastiao1061@live.com


35 / Man / Single / Rotterdam

I'm cupioromantic, sex and touch repulsed hardcore antisexual (literal asexual). So asexuals in general are not anti-sexual or anti-sexuality. So, I am not interested in sex. I hate everything about sex. Sex is negative to me. I am old soul with little boy heart and man body. I’m very shy...


38 / Woman / Single

Kind in nature


29 / Man


34 / Woman / Single / Shropshire


55 / Man / Divorced / Columbus

I was married to a woman for 10 years and have 2 awesome kids (24 & 26).  I am probably best described as homoromantic graysexual.


26 / Man / Single / Beijing

Weixin(Wechat) 807834960 Mail 807834960@qq.com

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