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38 / Man / Single / Chattanooga

I'm a little quiet but, not terribly shy. I would say I'm a romantic asexual. I love the outdoors and high adventure activities. I can not stand being stuck at home on the weekends...will most of the time. I have to be out and A bout trying to find new adventures......


18 / Woman / Single

Please, call me Shoba. Brazilian, 18, INTJ, Sagittarius, Panromantic. Likes anime/manga, games, listen to music and read. Actually listen to various rock genres the favorite being Visual kei. *Introverted and Asperger cheering for my social ability does not ruin everything.* Portuguese is my native language, but i have some knowledge in English and Spanish. Contact me:...


29 / Man / Single / New york

Ig: dariusrey80a  


22 / Man / Single / Brisbane


19 / Woman / Single


44 / Man / Single / Richmond (CA)

I am an educator living in the East Bay, California. I grew up back East (PA and RI) but now love calling the Bay Area home. I enjoy travel, movies, hiking, reading, vodka martinis and laughter. I'm looking to find a man for a serious romantic relationship that treasures friendship...


28 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Friendly note: If you're looking for a rampant rabbit in the bedroom, then that's not me, at all. I'm Nathan - quirky, cuddle-mad, warm-hearted with a sensitive side, looking for an exercise and adventure buddy, or perhaps someone to share incredible moments with and can handle a bit of dry humour. I've...

Sophie Thompson

26 / Woman / Single / Hull

So, I’m useless at writing these things! I’m a student veterinary nurse so I love animals! Wouldn’t be without them. My main hobby, if you’d call it that, would be video gaming. It can make a bad day better for me. Apart from that I like nice walks, films and...


39 / Woman / Divorced / New York

Professional singer/songwriter/pianist and recently, also a veterinarian.  Love sports and outdoor activities:  breakdance, hip-hop dance, waterskiing, scuba-diving, skiing, tennis, trapeze, ping pong, etc.  Vegan, atheist, and don't want kids.  Hope to have an animal sanctuary someday.  Love stand-up comedy. I love helping animals and people and making them laugh.


40 / Woman / Single / Duluth

I'm here looking for friendship only, for true connections with "conscious" conversations that increase my connectivity with the universe on a significant level. I’m an artist and writer and a somewhat-out-of-practice musician. I’m not religious, but I would say that my life has been a bit of a spiritual journey. I’m a...


41 / Woman / Single / London

I am warm, friendly, sincere, loving and considerate. I am an attractive, slim brunette. I look and feel younger than I am. I am looking for a long term relationship share life's good moments with.

Ian Verley

21 / Man / Single / Apache Junction

Lol, I mean, I like black licorice.. (Also, my picture is not an accurate depiction of what I look like all the time. Those aren't my glasses. Lol.)

Steve Publicover

18 / Single / Cambridge, MA

I'm just here with too much weed, don't make me smoke it by myself email me anytime: [email protected]


36 / Man / Single / West Hartford

Love to laugh and make others laugh. Specialize in dark humor.  Total nerd, can nerd out to just about anything. Caffeine and peanut butter addict. Music lover. Love all kinds but classic rock is my main jam. Love good shows and books of all kinds. Dog lover, have two goofballs....


20 / Man / Single / Salisbury, MD

I'm a kind caring guy.  I love music way too much, and while still in college I'm on track to eventually become a psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMH DNP).  For those who find meaning in it, I am INTJ, I have a high need for cognition and low visual attention, and...


39 / Man / Single

Well I enjoy a rather simple life, Embracing what each day has to offer and what ever unfolds naturally. I am self employed with my own little cleaning business which keeps me busy and active as I cycle to all my jobs, I love the freedom being your own boss...


31 / Woman / Single / Dhaka

I’m – animal lover. vegetarian. non conformist. nonmaterialistic. freedom loving. peace loving. believer of truth n justice. I like to read about herbs & natural medicine, homeo, conspiracy theories, illuminati, religion & history, paranormal/unsolved mystery etc. In case mesaging nt available here, I'm on fb.

Heather Duncan

22 / Woman / Single / Salisbury

Hello. I am obsessed with reading, Star Trek, music, and writing. I'm a chill person who just wants to camp all the time and read. Literature is half of my life while Netflix is the other. I love talking so message me about anything!


38 / Woman / Single / San Jose

I am romantic and sweet person. I like the simple things in life, reading, go to dinner, movies, chatting over coffee, I love to talk about any subjetc. I am a spiritual but no religious person. I like drawing, animals, especially cats, listening to music, walking.


27 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles


30 / Woman / Single / Seattle

Photographer/Retouching artist/Photoshop enthusiast. I like spending my time walking trails, playing word games hyper-competitively, and Photoshopping my dog for Internet fame and imaginary fortune. for photography for ridiculousness INTJ and Chaotic Neutral

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