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23 / Woman / Single / New York

Imagine a slightly goth bunny rabbit


24 / Man / Single / Brisbane

Nathan Sullivan

33 / Man / Single / Adelaide

I'm a relatively quite person; not shy, just quiet. I tend to prefer to listen, but if I get talking on a topic I'm passionate about, I can go for a while, rambling my opinions and thoughts. I'm told I'm also really good at giving good advice, so there's that....


30 / Man / Single

I am a very laid back person and enjoy being out in the woods as much as possible. Going for a hike is the best form of stress relief for me. Not at all into the bar scene. Large crowds generally make me pretty uncomfortable. I can be very shy with...


45 / Man / Single / Tel Aviv

Well, i'm asexual, hetero-romantic, use to be literature teacher for few years but now i work in an office and also a content writer. learned humanities for two degrees, i like classical music mostly, reading nice books, talking with each other and i'm many other things i can't think about...


22 / Woman / Single / London

I am a nerd at heart, love baking, watching movies and playing video games. Some people think of me as an extrovert but I love staying in for a quiet night as much as I like going out. In the future I think it's a possibility for me to adopt...


26 / Woman / Single / Richmond

Hello I’m Aidan - I’m 25 - Demisexual and I live in Virginia, USA. If you’re interested in astrology I’m Pisces rising, Scorpio sun, and Capricorn moon. Which makes me a bit  emotional and a introvert. I studied graphic design which I did for a while, but I’m currently working in...


48 / Man / Single / New York

I am an Indian guy living in NYC looking for likeminded friends and more. Feel free to message me if you like to know more about me.


32 / Man / Single / Nantes

Bonjour, si vous cliquez sur la photo j'ai mis à l'intérieur une description ; mon mail est :  s i m p i 2 @ o r a n g e . f r  ; à une prochaine peut-être.

Mina Rose

23 / Woman / Single / Hertfordshire

Hey, ghoulfriends, I'm Mina! Part-time moon goddess, full-time sapphic ace jaw-dropper. Also, I write songs, books, and like wearing hats. I love making videos for YouTube, musicals, and gothic fashion ^-^ I'm not a full member, so please message me on FB, or IG:

Alex Cresswell

23 / Man / Single / Egham

I like staying indoors and watching films & tv series or playing games. I have two cats that I love very much and receive reciprocated affection from - one of them is very friendly and loves meeting new people with no anxiety.


23 / Woman / Single

I’m not a full member, so here’s my Skype: prizaperiz I’m also on acebook: PrizaPeriza. You can message me on there too:) can’t survive a day without music. I’m fluent in three languages Currently crying over double-degree in Uni Please feel free to talk to me! I’m really friendly    


42 / Woman / Single

Hi everyone!! In case you want contact me: Im sure that never is late to meet the right person that complement me. Estoy convencida de que nunca es tarde para encontrar el compañero de vida, esa persona que estara a tu lado sin importar que, con la que podras compartir tu dia a...


26 / Man / Single / London


30 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Friendly note: If you're looking for a rampant rabbit in the bedroom, then that's not me, at all. I'm Nathan - quirky, cuddle-mad, warm-hearted with a sensitive side, looking for an exercise and adventure buddy, or perhaps someone to share incredible moments with and can handle a bit of dry humour. I've...


26 / Woman / Single


23 / Woman / Single

I can be really shy at first but will open up after I get to know someone better. I am quite introverted and spend most of my time reading, watching tv shows and playing video games. During the week I study office management.  I have never been in a relationship...

Flying Pig

41 / Man / Single / Austin

I'm very easy going, empathetic, love to joke around, and love to laugh... I'm definitely a city-boy and love checking out restaurants and bars around the world...  I was traveling quite often before, but this COVID-19 pandemic has me crafting cocktails at home instead... I'm not a full paying member here, so...


37 / Man / Single / London

Hey all, not the best salesperson when it comes to myself but I like to think that I am a nice guy who happens to not have a huge interest in having sex (while at the same time being incredibly broad-minded / interested / fascinated when it comes to the...

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