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30 / Man / Single / New York

I love black coffee and green tea. Rainy days and writing. Basketball and spooky videos on youtube. Let's plays and anime. Wolves and foxes. R&B and Lofi. Space and dreams. Science fiction and fantasy stories. Movies and video games. I'm a singer/songwriter and an author living in NYC. Halloween is my...


46 / Man / Single / Aberdeen

Warm, active, fun loving, sociable and a bit impractical (think i might have made myself sound like a spaniel, hmm....woof) I have quite a dry and playful sense of humour and love to laugh at this curious life and my zig zaggy navigation of it. Friends reckon i can be reasonably...


59 / Woman / Divorced / Lake Charles / Moss Bluff

Can't reply here. Look me up on Acebook (same ID) Asexuals are such a small family, I really need others to talk with about this... Looking for some great conversation and laughs. Someone who's talkative and attentive. I'm a pretty simple person...grounded, low maintenance, friendly, and a little old-fashioned. I'm kind of a...

Stuart Duncan

36 / Man / Single / London

I read the Guardian - says it all really. Just your average guy who has a below average interest in sex and an above average interest in cuddling. Not a member so add me on one of the following if you want to get in contact: Facebook - Twitter - @acustu Instagram - @acustu


42 / Woman

Urban, neat (sweet!;)), old school aesthete, with the love for art and harmony, idealist and a pacifist. I love to get lost on my travels, observe life around me, people and their ways, old, beautiful architecture, trees and greenery, dachshunds running with their ears waving through the air... (hihihi). I...


71 / Man / Single / London

I'm quiet, kind, sensible, sincere, serious older man  - live a fairly solitary life but increasingly feel insecure and isolated and need a reliable, like-minded friend/partner in my life. Not a full member but can be contacted via my email:


41 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

A bit shy about posting a personal photo, (I know, not fair, but it's an important point with me, though happy to share if and when we strike up a conversation). I am, however, continually being told that I look like a cross between Michael Corleone from The Godfather and...


38 / Woman / Single / Darwin

I am happy with a simple life with an enquiring mind into the mysteries of the universe. I love exploring meaning in life and beyond. I am a registered nurse and deeply empathetic. Very into philosophical theories and the chaos yet order of the universe. Fascinated by Jung, Dawkins and...


34 / Woman / Divorced / Ulan-Ude

Sorry, I can't reply here on messages. Text me in skype or instagram @alisaklov, please. I'm heteroromantic grey asexual or even totally asexual. Don't have any sexual desire. Need platonic love. Twice divorced, have 2 kids and am not going to have more. Please, don't ask how I made them if I'm...


25 / Man / Single / Aberdeen

Hi, I'm Martin, I'm homoromantic and would love to be with someone who I can connect with, do stupid shit with and spend long periods of time outdoors with. I also have a fetish. Hit me up on Facebook! or kik me @ martinraitt94 I can't believe I have to say this, but...


32 / Woman



Hey, I’m Faith, and here’s just a bit about myself. I’m an Episcopalian Christian, foster mom with the city’s animal shelter, a big sister, and a Cybersecurity research engineer for my company. I started to suspect I was asexual when I was 16, and became gradually more convinced over the years....


44 / Man / Single / Tel Aviv

Well, i'm asexual, hetero-romantic, use to be literature teacher for few years but now i work in an office and also a content writer. learned humanities for two degrees, i like classical music mostly, reading nice books, talking with each other and i'm many other things i can't think about...


25 / Woman / Single / Chichester

Personally, I think I'm pretty fun to be around (although I admit I may be somewhat biased on that front...). I'm definitely an introvert but once I'm comfortable I can be quite outgoing and energetic. I'm not perfect but I do try my hardest to be the best person I...


27 / Woman / Single / Seattle, Puget Sound area, WA

I'm demisexual and hetero-romantic. I like quiet, not so crowded places. I am a person of few close friends and many acquaintances. I love connecting people to help them fulfill their potential in life. I love to write and draw my stories in comics and I'm learning to play the...


20 / Man / Single / Mainz

I like books, preferably american classics, though to say it with the words of Holden Caulfield "I read a lot, but I'm quite illiterate." Even more so than books, I love movies and, to a lesser extent, TV shows. Since it's easier to relate to someones favourite TV shows, I...

Alvaro de la Torre Gonzalez

30 / Man / Single / Ciudad de Mexico

Soy un artista romántico y soñador; un hombre centrado y reflexivo que gusta de apreciar el  mundo que le rodea... Ademas de eso, soy un caballero en toda la extensión de la palabra, por lo cual, trato a las personas con mucho respeto, aunque por supuesto, eso no significa que...

Sophie Thompson

27 / Woman / Single / Hull

So, I’m useless at writing these things! I’m a student veterinary nurse so I love animals! Wouldn’t be without them. My main hobby, if you’d call it that, would be video gaming. It can make a bad day better for me. Apart from that I like nice walks, films and...


31 / Man / Single / Southampton

I am lucky enough to make my living from music - largely teaching but also playing classical cello and classical/pop/jazz piano, and conducting orchestras.  When not working, I like jamming with friends, and outside of music, good meaningful conversation, anything to do with bicycles, cooking and baking, learning languages and...


54 / Man / Single / Sprngville, PA

In early 2012 I took up yoga and it is very effective. I recommend it to anyone/everyone. An unexpected corollary: I find myself delving into esoteric matters that confront mankind and what the future holds for us. Although I do not hate sex or shun thoughts of having sex, I am...


65 / Man / Single / Southern Ontario

Me?... I’d describe myself as heart-centred, romantic, affectionate, playful, easy-going, well-spoken, chivalrous and well-mannered. I’m also spiritually oriented, a lover of beauty, emotionally available, a touch sentimental. My interests?... Laughter, the mystery and beauty of nature, art, architecture, historic sites, design, artisanal foods, poetry, beach-combing, drives in the country, exploring downtowns,...


40 / Woman / Divorced / New York

Professional singer/songwriter/pianist and recently, also a veterinarian.  Love sports and outdoor activities:  breakdance, hip-hop dance, waterskiing, scuba-diving, skiing, tennis, trapeze, ping pong, etc.  Vegan, atheist, and don't want kids.  Hope to have an animal sanctuary someday.  Love stand-up comedy. I love helping animals and people and making them laugh.

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