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31 / Woman / Single / Kielce

Jestem spokojną osobą.  O swoich emocjach wolę pisać niż mówić. Lubię spacerować i leniuchować. Nie palę papierosów, nie pije alkoholu, nie jem mięsa, nie imprezuje, nie chce dzieci.


41 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

A bit shy about posting a personal photo, (I know, not fair, but it's an important point with me, though happy to share if and when we strike up a conversation). I am, however, continually being told that I look like a cross between Michael Corleone from The Godfather and...


45 / Man / Single / Glasgow

Creative, thoughtful, appreciative and usually always positive all round decent kind of old fashioned guy. Done lots of traveling, 46 countries (I think) - would love to do many more. I was in a serious car accident when I was a teenager and broke my neck which has left me needing to...


28 / Man / Single / Davis

- I'm an immigrant from Russia, first arriving in the States with my mom in 96 - I have an Associates of Political Science from DVC and a Bachelors of Political Science from UC Davis - I work a lot (it keeps me out of trouble) and enjoy what I do in...


36 / Man / Single / New York

I live in Jersey City right across the river from New York City (I have New York listed because no one finds me otherwise). My interests include being outside doing anything, walking (lots of walking) and cycling, exploring the city and surrounding area, eating out (especially brunch), current events (I am...


32 / Woman / Single

I'm a bi/panromantic woman on the asexual spectrum. I could see myself in a romantic relationship, but right now I'm looking for friendship with other aces. You can reach me at if you dont have a full membership.


48 / Man / Single / New York


41 / Woman / Single

Hi everyone!! In case you want contact me: Im sure that never is late to meet the right person that complement me. Estoy convencida de que nunca es tarde para encontrar el compañero de vida, esa persona que estara a tu lado sin importar que, con la que podras compartir tu dia a...


25 / Man / Single / Aberdeen

Hi, I'm Martin, I'm homoromantic (maybe grey) and would love to be with someone who I can connect with, do stupid shit with and spend long periods of time outdoors with. I have a fetish. Hit me up on Facebook! or kik me @ martinraitt94    


39 / Woman / Single


34 / Man / Living together / Port Talbot

I'm just starting a new job in the city of Oxford in England, UK. I'm a "postdoctoral pedagogic research assistant" — sounds fancy, so I hope it will be! I enjoy learning languages and visiting countries (and eating their foods). I rather like music and I'm going to my first gig...


71 / Man / Single / London

I'm quiet, kind, sensible, sincere, serious, introvert who likes books and music and friends who are comfortable with companionable silences! I'm looking for a nonsexual relationship but that does not exclude physical attraction or a degree of physical intimacy. Like-mindedness is, of course, the key to compatibility. So anyone out...


44 / Man / Single / Tel Aviv

Well, i'm asexual, hetero-romantic, use to be literature teacher for few years but now i work in an office and also a content writer. learned humanities for two degrees, i like classical music mostly, reading nice books, talking with each other and i'm many other things i can't think about...

Alvaro de la Torre Gonzalez

30 / Man / Single / Ciudad de Mexico

Soy un artista romántico y soñador; un hombre centrado y reflexivo que gusta de apreciar el  mundo que le rodea... Ademas de eso, soy un caballero en toda la extensión de la palabra, por lo cual, trato a las personas con mucho respeto, aunque por supuesto, eso no significa que...


32 / Man / Single / Nashville

instagram @engine_orange


46 / Man / Single / Richmond (CA)

I am an educator living in the East Bay, California. I grew up back East (PA and RI) but now love calling the Bay Area home. I enjoy travel, movies, hiking, reading, vodka martinis and laughter. I'm looking to find a man for a serious romantic relationship that treasures friendship...


40 / Woman / Single / Northern Virginia

Hi I'm Susan (as you might have already guessed). Currently I work too much and I'm looking to balance things out. I work in graphics and video production. I have the best job ever (seriously) and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's for...


29 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Friendly note: If you're looking for a rampant rabbit in the bedroom, then that's not me, at all. I'm Nathan - quirky, cuddle-mad, warm-hearted with a sensitive side, looking for an exercise and adventure buddy, or perhaps someone to share incredible moments with and can handle a bit of dry humour. I've...


30 / Man / Prefer not to say / Hiroshima

I'm just a regular guy going through the struggles of life. Hobbies and interests include: photography, hiking, healthy eating/lifestyle, drinking (I know, I just contradicted myself), music, movies (MARVEL fan here), traveling, languages, etc... List goes on and on. If you have any of these things in common I want to...


55 / Man / Single / Sprngville, PA

In early 2012 I took up yoga and it is very effective. I recommend it to anyone/everyone. An unexpected corollary: I find myself delving into esoteric matters that confront mankind and what the future holds for us. Although I do not hate sex or shun thoughts of having sex, I am...


40 / Man / Single / Brisbane

Love my friends, board games, music and a good laugh. An internet test once called me cocky and playful. If you are someone who is down to earth and can share in my quirky sense of humour, then I'm sure we'll get along famously.   Begrudging grace; tend to get excitable easily...

Rob Lenrick

39 / Man / Single / Michiana

Hi Everybody!  You know what?  "I love cats!  I love every kind of cat!"  LOL And if you get THAT reference, then we're gonna be fast friends!  If not, no problems, it was silly and "ain't nobody got time for that" anyway!  ; D But seriously, I'm "a riddle wrapped in a...


30 / Man / Single / Rockford

I'm a generous guy who is a bit introverted for the most part. Horror nerd, metal enthusiast, bookworm, and video game junkie. I also enjoy going out dancing every once in a while. I have a dog and two cats who are my life. I'm kind of a huge cuddler...

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