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21 / Woman / Single

My new fav description: nihilistic but not in the edgy way, more like the fun, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy kind of way. If anyone like me doesn't have the PM on this site please feel free to add me on kik at: AshAsInTrash Twitter: @Ash_As_In_Trash or Instagram: simplysmashed Really looking forward...


32 / Man / Single / Leeds

I work as a chef, like being outdoors, like any music I can sing to, and I rate films mostly on cheese factor. And I can juggle. Slightly. I'm also a bit of a nerd. I have a labrador that I love and my own place. Happy going out looking for...


51 / Man / Single / Exeter

I am a friendly person with a great sense of humour. I have a generally positive approach to life and enjoy spending quality time with those that are important to me. I read a lot and love films (particularly sci-fi). Music is a big part of my life - I not...

Vanessa Gonzales

34 / Woman / Single / Corona ca


27 / Man / Single / Paris

It’s something that you will have to find by contacting me 😉 I will do my best to respond to all the messages that I will receive. See you. C'est quelque chose que vous devrez découvrir en me contactant 😉 Je ferai mon possible pour répondre aux messages que je recevrai. A+


22 / Man / Single / Netherlands

Since you can't send messages on here add me on: Kik: iwalshy Email: [email protected]


26 / Woman / Single

C.s. (initials)

21 / Woman / Single / New york

I am unorthodox (once again you have been warned). Im goth so lots of black and crazy hair is normal for me. I have severe anxiety and find it extremly difficult to go out be social and conversing in/with large groups' however after a little while I do open up.

Louis Anthony

28 / Man / Single / Bricktown For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on the following platforms. Facebook - Skype - elraven089 Email - [email protected]   Over the course of being on the internet, I've had numerous profiles. Some long, and some short. Honestly, I think I've...


18 / Woman / Single

Please, call me Shoba. Brazilian, 18, INTJ, Sagittarius, Panromantic. Likes anime/manga, games, listen to music and read. Actually listen to various rock genres the favorite being Visual kei. *Introverted and Asperger cheering for my social ability does not ruin everything.* Portuguese is my native language, but i have some knowledge in English and Spanish. Contact me:...


18 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Epitome of introversion- I love books, tea, quiet places, cats and museums. Also, my first language is french, so I am very sorry for my poor english grammar. But, I looove writing. About anything (in French). Even for school. I'm currently an undergrad student in politics, and I am thinking about...


24 / Man / Single / Wheaton, Illinois

Quinn M

31 / Woman / Single / Athens, OH

Hi! I'm Quinn, and I have all the date-me staples. I'm smart, funny, kind. I'm also really cheesy, whatever that means to you. Before I had to go on disability, I was pursuing a degree in philosophy. I am quite the introvert in the sense that I gain energy from...


17 / Woman / Atlanta

Where to start?  I’m more or less an awkward introvert with a love for creativity. I love trying new things, but a lot of the time I like for another person to share the experience with me. I’m probably the most open-minded, pretty nonjudgemental, chillest person you’ve ever met (that’s...


26 / Woman / Bronx

26 years old and panicking about it every day. Trying to meet new humans but also dealing with intense anxiety and paranoia (this is a big step for me). I am just coming to terms with being asexual and the ever evolving definition that is my sexuality. I accept questions,...


54 / Man / Single

I'm somewhat introverted and enjoy walking, nature, horseback riding, classical music, "early music" (super old as in 8th century -15th century),  I love horses and I love all animals, I'm very health and fitness conscious, I dislike describing myself, I'm much more of a listener than a talker but I...


27 / Woman / Single / Sacramento/Bay Area, CA

  Hey You. I am Karen...feel free to call me Karen. I am a hetero-romantic but asexual...if that's a thing. If I fully understand what 'gray/grey' means than I am totally that too. I find myself fun and adventurous. And to me fun comes in many different forms. A trip to...


24 / Woman / Single / Tallahassee

I’m from a small midwestern town. I love the simple things in life, but also truly enjoy traveling and experiencing the wonders of the world. I consider myself gray-sexual. Sex is not a priority to me, and it often times is a turn off. I enjoy cuddling, kissing, and dang,...


33 / Woman / Single

Hello, I'm here to make some new friends . I like chatting and know new cultures and people.Changing experiences ... I cant receive messages here so  add me on snapchat: anejoi or email : [email protected]


28 / Woman / Single / Silver Spring, MD

I love writing, but hate writing about myself. I don't see the point in keeping secrets, so I am pretty much an open book when it comes to my life. However, I will avoid hurting people's feelings at all cost, unless it comes to calling them out for hurting others....

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