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30 / Man / Single

I apologize, but I am unable to message on here. I invite you to add me as a friend, allowing you to see my contact information under "detailed profile info." To answer the questions, I am a normalish person, kinda, with a BA in philosophy. I work for the State (I...


27 / Woman / Single / Florida


42 / Woman / Single / Northern Virginia

Hi I'm Susan (as you might have already guessed). Currently I work too much and I'm looking to balance things out. I work in graphics and video production. I have the best job ever (seriously) and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's for...

Yvonne Banner

36 / Woman / Prefer not to say / Sugarhouse


60 / Man / Single / Waterloo

Salut. Je suis un homme qui assume tranquillement son asexualité.  Je priorise l’amitié et la bienveillance dans ma vie. Je suis dans l’attirance émotive (un lien fort entre deux personnes), l’attirance intellectuelle (quelqu’un qui connaît plein de choses, sait réfléchir et rire,c’est séduisant) et l’attirance esthétique (parce qu’un beau corps c’est un...


32 / Woman / Single / Sydney


23 / Woman / Single / Virginia Beach


36 / Woman / Single / Lacey

Christy Dee

58 / Woman / Single / Keene

I am looking for a homoromantic, affectionate, nonsexual friendship/love relationship. I’m open to friends too. My interests include volunteering, walking/hiking, going to the gym, helping the environment, opera, watching movies, reading books, meditation, nature, I like critters but don’t have any… I am a liberal, non drinker, non smoker. I am spiritual...


28 / Woman / Single / Mississauga

I am curious and inquisitive person. I love going to new places and trying things like new restaurants, exhibits, events. I am looking for someone to go on adventures with and engage intellectually join me on journey of continuous lifelong learning and experiences. For now I'd like to find someone...


41 / Man / Single / Lisboa

  I work from 8am to 8pm, I’m good at what I do, and I’m really happy while I’m doing it. I’m independent, living in Lisboa at a nice place where I like to be with my friends. I like to cook and drink wine. Although I’m a lot into travel, meet new...


52 / Stroud

I'm a young spirited English woman, just into my 50s, but feel 40 ( and people often say that's what they'd guess me as).  I have a passion for nature and outdoor activities, I am very sensual, but not sexual really, though I would be open to exploring this in...

Keep calm and carry on

40 / Man / Single / Atlanta

Hard to describe oneself online. I do better face to face. Anyway, here goes: Engineer by education, philosopher at heart, minimalist, non-proselytizing vegan. Sense of humor like a dry martini. Physically, I am 6’2 and athletic. Love to read, play lots of tennis, spend time in nature...


33 / Man / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Richeal Baidens

26 / Woman / Single / Accra


30 / Woman / Single / Kent, Washington

Moved to WA in 2020 and spent the last 2 years working up the courage to finally start dating, so this is me finally giving it a shot! I spend most of my time at home with a nice cup of tea and my dog. Current hobbies are baking, sewing, and...


43 / Woman / Divorced / Atlanta


33 / Woman / Single / Berlin


25 / Man / Single / Cape Town

Jackie Domzalski

60 / Woman / Single

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