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39 / Man / Single / Nottingham


23 / Man / Single / Jacksonville


24 / Man / Single / Brockton


34 / Woman / Single

I am adventurous and fun loving kind of girl, I enjoy trying new things and generally exploring life. I like travelling and I have had the luxury of travelling to distant places such as India and Peru. I like being creative and have experimented with clay and mosaics. I like...


19 / Woman / Single / Kecskemét


30 / Woman / Single / Hanover

My name is Kate or Katie (really either one is fine by me), anywho, I'm not too great at talking about myself, but I'll try to hit some main points. I'm a very independent person, own my own place and work a lot. For work I'm a One-to-One/Behavior Specialist for...


32 / Man / Single

I work as web developer. I'm passionate about science like biology and astronomy but I'm not an expert. I enjoy music ( I played music instruments for a while), watching movies and series and sometimes I like to draw. I like to read but not often as I would like....

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53 / Woman / Divorced / Basel

alexia jennifer

26 / Woman / Single / Rome

Hi i am Alexia.i am a student.i love music,hanging out with friends,hiking,tattoos,piercing and romantic things.i want a romantic relationship except the sex part .i love vintage,clothes and furniture.i love the nature,the be honest i am bad at explaining things.


31 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Je suis une personne curieuse qui aime apprendre et découvrir des manières alternatives de faire les choses. J’aime que chaque idée que j’explore m’amène ailleurs et me pousse à me poser des questions. Je travaille comme assistante dans une Clinique chiropratique et cet emploi me permet de mener une vie...


27 / Woman / Single / Surrey


29 / Man / Single / Bergen

V (= I + U)

37 / Man / Single

WARNING: I may seem boring at first, but once you get to know me, I’m even more boring. Everything interesting becomes boring in sometime. So, lets start with boring:P I'm Low-key, Low-profile and Mysterious Human. I suppose Only God can judge me. I'm still a puzzle unsolved and uncertain and this...


34 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Hello,  my name is Chris, nice to meet you acquaintance 🙂 Where to begin.... i like people, i like the saying about how it takes all kinds to weave the fabric off life. Been lucky to travel abit and get to see how similar and how different we all are Demisexual with...


24 / Woman / Single / Zürich

Hi 🙂 Thanks for visiting my profile! I am a Spanish engineer currently finishing the university studies in Zürich, Switzerland. Exploring the world and traveling is one of my passions, so I have been living in different countries of Europe during the last two years. There is so much to discover...


40 / Man / Single

(JOIN ACEapp its a great little invention) Well I enjoy a rather simple life, Embracing what each day has to offer and what ever unfolds naturally. I am self employed with my own little cleaning business which keeps me busy and active as I cycle to all my jobs, I love...

Abhik Chatterjee

30 / Man / Single / Delhi

I am a software engineer, currently working in the USA. I am a very simple person with keen interest in reading, yoga, meditation and going out with friends.


24 / Man / Troy

Not sure how to really start, haha but I’m just an open minded and adventurous guy who doesn't mind trying new things. I might not be a story-rich person mostly because I don't remember things easily (I blame my ADD for it) but I love story-rich people and listening to what...

Destiny DiMattei

28 / Woman / Single / Dundalk


31 / Man / Single / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Fenicia Rosario


I love to be around positive people who can bring something in the relationship  such as inspiration, encouragement, and support,  whether it be a platonic  or an intimate one. I am a people person, a caring individual and can be spontaneous. My favorite quote is, “live each day as if...

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