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22 / Man / Single / Perth

Hello 🙂 I can be shy at first. I really enjoy listening to music, drawing, reading, watching movies or shows, so I guess the same things as most people, going for walks in nature, cuddling my cats, anime, fantasy, horror daydreaming, writing. I think I have a weird and sometimes dark...


20 / Man / Single / Rotterdam

Hey, My name is Rick and I am a Computer Science student who wastes spends too much time playing video games and watching TV shows I've seen a million times already. I like listening to music(metal and hip-hop mostly), reading and spending time with my friends. I made a kik account just for...


25 / Woman / Single / Rosario

Giordic Saga

19 / Man / Living together / Yigo


21 / Chicago

I was never good at writing bios about myself, but here goes! I identify as a grayromantic asexual, so in addition to not experiencing sexual attraction I also rarely feel romantic attraction, but it's been known to happen. I'm currently studying Animation and Illustration at a private art school in Chicago, but...


29 / Man / Single / Sydney

I've been referred to as a shiny Pokemon. I am a short, south east Asian man that can grow a full beard. I'm introverted and quite the homebody but I do enjoy heading out and being amongst nature, finding a nice place to eat delicious food or heading to a...


26 / Man / Single / Richmond


33 / Woman / Single

Hello, I'm here to make some new friends . I like chatting and know new cultures and people.Changing experiences ... I cant receive messages here so  add me on snapchat: anejoi or email : [email protected]


26 / Woman / London

I am originally from the South of England but have moved around quite a lot and I now live in London. I work in publishing as a finance analyst, which is a great mix of my love of books and my love of maths! My main hobbies are: Reading - especially fantasy...

Vanessa the fox

31 / Woman / Single / Hasselt

Hey hey! I'm Vanessa. I'm a male-to-female transgender. I'm still closeted and present as male, but i'm on HRT already. (since newyear 2016-2017) I'm a  an anime-otaku and love listening to nineties music and punkrock. (not listeing like this website writes it) A bit interested in history and geography and stuff...

Celena Redzinak

28 / Woman / Single / Brunswick, Maine

I'm someone who would one day like to make a difference through my writing or my art. I love animals, and currently work as a dog walker/pet sitter. In my spare time, I love listening to music, playing ice hockey, and snuggling with my fuzzy grey cat.


36 / Man / Single / Union City, NJ

This loneliness, just won't leave me alone...oh no. ~portishead   Hi everyone. I am new on here, so I will be adding more soon. I am hoping to find friends to connect with. Eventually I'd love to find someone special. I'm dedicated to not only healing myself but helping others heal and...


24 / Woman / Single / London

Oh, hey there! My name is Rebecca and I'm Biromantic! I swear, I'm not as awkward as I'm about to seem.. just horrible at writing about myself! Things I couldn't live without: - My cats - Harry Potter - Video games (Nintendo and Xbox one.) - Crappy low budget horror movies - Chicken nuggets - Netflix - Travelling - A fan...


34 / Man / Single / Ciudad Real


21 / Woman / Single

Oi! Nice to meet you ^-^

Dear people from the South of England I'm right now (until the 31th of May) in Poole and I'll visit Brighton, Bournemouth and London as well. So if anyone is up for a short meeting just write an e-mail 🙂

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40 / Woman / Single / Mendoza


23 / Man / Single / Madrid

Hi there! : ) I’m a masters degree student at the Technical University of Madrid, where I also do research. I love having conversations that start lightly, on any random topic, and then slowly turn into deep, meaningful conversations on your view on life and yourself. Getting to know someone at that...


27 / Man / Single / Newcastle

I've just completed my Master's degree in Europe and now back in Australia for work. I like to spend time with friends and family, though big nights out aren't really my type of thing. A couple of drinks and BBQ at a friend's house is my idea of a perfect night...


24 / Woman / Single / Portland

La la la, I like art, writing, and getting to know people. I'm a little shy, usually sleepy, and mostly aromantic. I like weird art, music, experimental fiction and movies, etc. I'm a space case sometimes, always dreaming, but I am listening to you when you talk. If you wanna...


33 / Man / Single

OK, here we go: I don’t really know what I’m looking for, and I question why I even joined this community. Despite being a very likable person, I am a introvert (a lone wolf even) at heart, a fact I have accepted and embraced. Perhaps I am undergoing a spiritual and emotional...


22 / Woman / Single / Belen

Vanessa Gonzales

34 / Woman / Single / Corona ca

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