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23 / Man / Single / Athens

Nickole kuebler

29 / Woman / Single / Glendale


34 / Woman / Divorced / Ulan-Ude

Sorry, I can't reply here on messages. Text me in skype or instagram @alisaklov, please. I'm heteroromantic grey asexual or even totally asexual. Don't have any sexual desire. Need platonic love. Twice divorced, have 2 kids and am not going to have more. Please, don't ask how I made them if I'm...


32 / Man / Single / New York

Settled, great job, ambitious, honest, creative, musician, artistic.


32 / Woman / Single / Michigan

ENFJ, Virgo, Hufflepuff... in case any of that is important to you. I'm into reading, learning, good conversations, coffee, music, concerts, adventures with friends, card/board games, traveling, craft beers and whiskey, old school nintendo, museums, art galleries, and am always down for a good binge-watching session. I have my MA...


47 / Woman / Single / Miami

David Itrich

23 / Man / Single / Merritt Island


22 / Woman / Single

Soon to graduate college, I'm looking forward to freedom in experiencing all life has to offer with someone. Any relationship will be as friends first and may build from there organically. I’m looking to a future of everything from relaxing at home with a late night movie or taking a...

Louis Anthony

30 / Man / Single / Bricktown If I added you, it means I'm interested in you.  However, I am awful at messaging people first, so don't be afraid to send some love my way For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on the following...


18 / Woman / Single / Newark

Just a real funky asexual. Maybe demi probably ace. Going to UD for music education- I play flute and piccolo. I also really love history. Definitely a nerd, I love Critical Role and would like to play DnD. I also really love LOTR. Very liberal.


27 / Man / Single / London

In my free time I like reading, watching movies, running, bowling, shopping and going travelling.

Cameron Corinthian

18 / Man / Single / Birmingham

Eugene Argent

32 / Man / Single / Bristol

I'm not a subscribed member so Add me on instagram : argent_et_or87 or email me :


21 / Man / Single / Venice

I love philosophy, reading, writing, traveling and learning new languages. I was born in France and lived in Italy and China, and now I'm majoring in Chinese language and culture at Venice's University; my family is what you'd call a "global" one, and I enjoy having friends all around the...


40 / Man / Single / Doncaster

Looking to share new experiences with someone and build the foundations of a friendship or relationship.And hope we can bring joy into each other’s life I have a great sense of humour and compassion towards people I’m a very caring/sharing guy and like to make people feel special and wanted  


24 / Woman / Single

Currently working in Reading but will be moving to London in September. I enjoy hiking, learning languages, travel, youtube, netflix... Honestly, the list goes on! I also enjoy fitness and healthy eating, but I will always choose a desert over a starter! Creme brulee is the way to my heart IG:...


41 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

A bit shy about posting a personal photo, (I know, not fair, but it's an important point with me, though happy to share if and when we strike up a conversation). I am, however, continually being told that I look like a cross between Michael Corleone from The Godfather and...


27 / Woman / Single / Sydney

Kind, soft-spoken, sensitive, somewhat introverted but open up with the right kind of people who matches my frequency. I'm usually someone with a smile (on most days!) Can be impulsive but usually calm, quiet and without any fuss. Lifelong learner and collector of experiences. Hobbies: reading, listening music, meditation, watching...


30 / Man / Single / New York

I love black coffee and green tea. Rainy days and sunshine. Basketball and paranormal/internet mystery videos on youtube. Let's plays and anime. Wolves and foxes. R&B, hip hop and pop. Space and dreams. Science fiction and fantasy stories. Movies and video games.   I celebrate halloween every day and i absolutely love...


18 / Woman / Single


31 / Woman / Single

This section is probably even harder to write.I guess you can say I am very much a geek in some aspect. I love to game when I can but I also love to be outdoors. I also love to watching horror movies as well as comedies. With all of that...


32 / Man / Single / Edinburgh


52 / Man / Single / Exeter

I am a friendly person with a great sense of humour. I have a generally positive approach to life and enjoy spending quality time with those that are important to me. I read a lot and love films (particularly sci-fi). Music is a big part of my life - I not...

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