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20 / Woman / Single


48 / Man / Single / Houston

Kik me @ musick4themasses

Jordan Pritchard

24 / Man / Single

Im a great listener and I'd like to think that I'm funny. I get a bit nervous sometimes when I'm speaking to new people but the nerves normally go away in a couple of minutes 🙂 If you'd like to have a chat here is my Kik username because I...


32 / Woman / Single / Lille

I'm very open minded, I like traveling, reading, going out with friends, trying new things, I love everything that has to do with science, music... I love food, learning new recipes, discovering new cultures through food... I'm almost never on this site 'cause I barely have time to be on the...


33 / Woman / Single

Always looking to meet new people from all over the world. My interests include;

  • British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf culture
  • Disability, homeless and mental health issues
  • Yoga
  • Aerial silks
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Creative writing
  • Dance
  • Keyboard
  • Volunteering
Feel free to ask me if you want to know more. I'm very...


54 / Man / Single / Portsmouth

I am a transgender man (FTM) with a disability, so if this bothers you, look away now! Live on the South Coast with my kitten Jaspie. Introverted with a dry sense of humour and a double dose of stubborn. Favourite music genres: rock, metal, electronic, 60s/70s/80s. Favourite book genres: pretty much anything, but prefer...


44 / Man / Single / Langley

Caring, loving, loyal are some of my traits. I focus more on the person than on the exterior appearance. I am on my journey and looking to share and join with someone else's journey. I am an INFJ-A personality type. Find out about your personality type at:


26 / Woman / Single / Portland

La la la, I like art, writing, and getting to know people. I'm a little shy, usually sleepy, and mostly aromantic. I like weird art, music, experimental fiction and movies, etc. I'm a space case sometimes, always dreaming, but I am listening to you when you talk. If you wanna...

Isaac Puzey

32 / Man / Single / Swansea

I'm a down to earth guy who likes films, books, writing, games, walks and sport. If you're politically left wing/vegan/bit of a geek we'll most likely get on.


27 / Woman / Single

I feel like I should start by saying I am REALLY bad at these things, and I do mean terrible. It is easy for one to write about an event, or about another character in a story, but unfortunately, this is not the "About [insert name here]" section (but oh...


31 / Man / Single / Fort Wayne

Digital Marketer from NY moving to the Midwest! Buying a beautiful house and becoming a loving father to an awesome greyhound by the end of the year. I'm an author and a singer/songwriter piecing a broken mask back together song by song and scene by scene. My soundtrack is mellow RnB...


31 / Woman / Single

I am not good at writing about myself. I am an asexual woman, that's why I am looking for the life partner here. Being a good listener and a funny bone, I fond of reading (mostly sci-fi, business literature) and travelling. INTJ- if you interested in person's psychological profile. I have been...


27 / Woman / Single

Future cat-lady in the making.


67 / Man / Divorced / Breda


36 / Man / Single

I am a theoretical physicist by profession (yes, I'm the Sheldon Cooper type but not that weird 😉 ) and have interest in music and photography among others. I am usually not very talkative unless the conversation is sensible/meaningful to me; then I don't stop talking. I am friendly and...


45 / Man / Single / Valencia

Me encontrarás en con el nick de Simel o en

Tristan Mason

23 / Man / Single / Jacksonville


20 / Woman / Single

Hey, I'm Mel. I'm not really sure how does this works, i've never been such fan of dating apps, but i'd love to met people who might help me to understand what I'm going through, i feel kind of lost. i haven't told anyone yet, but before to consider myself as asexual...


33 / Man / Single / Bordeaux

Brian Bauer

49 / Man / Single / Eugene

My name is Brian. I live in Eugene, OR and I have a wide range of interests. My favorite hobby is playing pool. I play in tournaments several days a week and I own a 9 ft pool table in my home. I also like reading...


32 / Man

A working professional with indoors life now thanks to COVID19 it saved me a lot of outdoors hassles. My life is generally quite smooth I get to work, come back, prepare dinner, watch something and relax. In love with pets, especially cats; had one, but wouldn't mind adopting a new...


40 / Man / Divorced / Kansas City

I'm pretty geeky. I love movies, video games, book, and television about really geeky stuff, like science fiction/fantasy or horror. I have a dark sense of humor, but I'm a soft spoken and kind guy.

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