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Jordan Pritchard

24 / Man / Single

Im a great listener and I'd like to think that I'm funny. I get a bit nervous sometimes when I'm speaking to new people but the nerves normally go away in a couple of minutes 🙂 If you'd like to have a chat here is my Kik username because I...


31 / Woman / Single / Kielce

Jestem spokojną osobą. O swoich emocjach wolę pisać niż mówić. Lubię spacerować i leniuchować. Nie palę papierosów, nie pije alkoholu, nie jem mięsa, nie imprezuje, nie chce dzieci. Nie mogę tu odpowiadać na wiadomości. Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany to proszę napisz wiadomość na messengerze, Pozdrawiam życzę  dużo zdrowia dla Wszystkich


54 / Man / Single / Portsmouth

I am a transgender man (FTM) with a disability, so if this bothers you, look away now! Live on the South Coast with my kitten Jaspie. Introverted with a dry sense of humour and a double dose of stubborn. Favourite music genres: rock, metal, electronic, 60s/70s/80s. Favourite book genres: pretty much anything, but prefer...


31 / Man / Single / Fort Wayne

Digital Marketer from NY moving to the Midwest! Buying a beautiful house and becoming a loving father to an awesome greyhound by the end of the year. I'm an author and a singer/songwriter piecing a broken mask back together song by song and scene by scene. My soundtrack is mellow RnB...


27 / Woman / Single

Future cat-lady in the making.

Dr. Kimby

27 / Woman / Single

Medical student specializing in neurology who loves Elder Scrolls, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, video games, reading, writing, anime, and the beach.  I'm passionate about both neuroscience and the humanities (history and literature), and neurophilosophy/neuroscience of consciousness are my dream fields.


56 / Woman

I'm a 56 yr. old Brazilian woman, settle down in Japan working as a Portuguese language teacher. I'm very poor at these write ups about myself... If you think you might want to know me then ask anything... if you decide you do not like me, that's okay, just tell...

Roberto Tejeda

22 / Man / Single / Glendale

Heavily into politics, hoping to leave a better world for those younger than I; specifically I’m into history/current events relating to war, economics, corruption, espionage, & murder. Though I’m not bigheaded when sharing thoughts, always willing to admit what I don’t know and live to learn from anyone anywhere. Love...


32 / Man

A working professional with indoors life now thanks to COVID19 it saved me a lot of outdoors hassles. My life is generally quite smooth I get to work, come back, prepare dinner, watch something and relax. In love with pets, especially cats; had one, but wouldn't mind adopting a new...


42 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

A bit shy about posting a personal photo, (I know, not fair, but it's an important point with me, though happy to share if and when we strike up a conversation). I am, however, continually being told that I look like a cross between Michael Corleone from The Godfather and...


25 / Man / Single / Tampa

I'm a pretty down to earth guy. I'd like to meet someone who shares some of the same interests, but I'm always up for a new adventure. I have two pups who I like more than most people.

My family and friends are probably the most important things in...


48 / Man / Single / New York


42 / Woman / Single / Burnaby


27 / Woman / Single / Toronto

Just looking to find some decent, like-minded people. Not specifically looking for anything, and definitely not looking to rush into anything. P.S. If you don't have a picture posted, I'm not interested.


25 / Woman / Single / Corvallis

Rob Williams

34 / Man / Single / Edinburgh


19 / Woman / Single

I am a hopeless romantic, shy, sensitive girl who has problems talking to people but when I'm not being shy I like to joke around and listen to other people I enjoy watching movies (mainly animated and horror), Watching YouTube videos, Playing video games whether its Nintendo or story based like...


24 / Woman / Single / Shanghai

Always don't know how to write this... ... I am an illustrator and animator. I prefer arts. I prefer dogs. I prefer the color green. I prefer exceptions. I prefer to leave early. I prefer talking to you something unique. I prefer the old fine-lined illustrations. I prefer the absurdity of writing poems. I prefer visiting different countries. I prefer Grimms's...


25 / Woman / Single / Oklahoma

I just received both my BA in History and a BS in Secondary English Education. Basically, I'm an English teacher with a bunch of historical knowledge--I also absolutely adore kids and working with different texts. I'm super nerdy. Like, over level 9000 nerdy. I watch about 5000 different television shows (basically...


26 / Man / Single

Hi everyone. My name is Tom and I am currently studying business economics in Rotterdam.  II really like to make/play some music. This could be piano, guitar or singing. I also like to go to festivals or have a night out. My other interests are series/movies, soccer/football, traveling, hanging out with friends...


32 / Man / Separated / Birmingham

I'd better start off by saying I'm physically disabled (non visibly) and can't get about very well, not very outgoing, and autistic, just for full disclosure. I'm one of life's great cynics with a very realist outlook on the world bordering on nihilistic. I'd imagine I would be very hard to match...

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