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48 / Man / Divorced / Tel Aviv

Alexis Churches

38 / Woman / Single

I love All things Fire n Ice n All things sweet like cinnamon scrolls n Danish pastries I love watermelon and coconut smoothies I love volcanoes n Ice Cave Pools n lava lakes especially Askja Volcano Crater Lava Lake in Iceland I wanna try Volcano diving oneday with Harri from...


46 / Man / Single / Tel Aviv

Well, i'm asexual, hetero-romantic, used to be a literature teacher for few years. but now i'm a content writer. learned humanities for two degrees, i like classical music mostly, reading nice books, playing the piano little bit, talking with each other and i'm many other things i can't think about...


27 / Man / Single / Ashdod


38 / Man / Single / London

I'm a maths teacher with interests in cricket and the card game bridge mainly, but also golf, cryptic crosswords, the theatre, football, quizzes and puzzles. I love a good joke, mainly puns, and am a big fan of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. My favourite TV programmes are the...

Tyler Fink

30 / Man / Single / Denver

I'm a huge mountain and nature lover. I spend almost all of my weekends exploring nature, or doing some kind of mountain based activities. I also spend much of my time at home and enjoy playing some video games, or just laying back and watching TV/movies. I don't really go...


53 / Man / Divorced / Bronx

I'm a unique mix of brainy, silly, strong, and sensitive. I'm happy with where I am in life, though I definitely value continued learning and personal growth. Being genuine is what matters to me, flaws and all, rather than always looking perfect. I’m passionate about hiking and climbing, and had...


39 / Woman / Single / Miami


29 / Man / Married / Houston


40 / Man / Single

My friends describe me as an easy going caring, honest, And... a person who loves to laugh and make others laugh! I am educated and working in the aviation industry. I like to hang out, restaurants and bars , movies, outdoors, walking , hiking, beach, hosting friends and family at home. at...


32 / Woman / Single / Montgomery County, MD

I love writing, but hate writing about myself. I don't see the point in keeping secrets, so I am pretty much an open book when it comes to my life. However, I will avoid hurting people's feelings at all cost, unless it comes to calling them out for hurting others....


35 / Woman / Single / Norfolk, Virginia

I'm a news designer based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I am a bit of a geek, especially about Game of Thrones, superheroes, the Marvel cinematic universe and fantasy/sci-fi books. I love animals, especially dogs (I have two), and enjoy visiting zoos and nature parks. I've also discovered that kayaking is...


20 / Woman / Single / College Park


30 / Woman / Single / Washington DC


55 / Man / Divorced / New York


55 / Woman / Single / Villejuif


23 / Woman

Brief introduction: Spectrum: Pan-demi-aro and a demi-ace. Since I am a tokophobic penetration-repulsed ace, hypothetically, in the distant future should my partner and I want to parent, I can only adopt or opt for the surrogate pathway to have unnatural biological kids (subject to how advanced or non-invasive the procedure is). Pronouns:...


27 / Man / Single / tucson


59 / Woman / Divorced / Basildon

I'm a really nice outgoing person. I work hard and don't have much time to socialise, but love to chat online and make loads of friends. Not looking for anything sexual. If anybody wants to chat with me I'm on facebook: I will chat with anybody... My email address is: [email protected]  


40 / Man / Single / Haifa

Well educated, high income, very relaxed and attentive. I enjoy studying, interested in philosophy, art and culture. Looking for someone to share experiences with.


45 / Woman / Single / Manhattan

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