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32 / Woman / Single

I grew up in Scarborough, moved to Keswick to be closer to family, family will always come first in my books. I'm a homebody, but I don't mind days out at the beach or EX or a week or two camping. I'm awkward, a life long sufferer of "foot-in-mouth" disease I sometimes struggle...

William Lawless

35 / Man / Single / warrington

I really bad at doing these sort of things due to having dyslexia. I've been on this website before but didn't know quite how to use it, but recently I thought that I give it another go. I'm basically on here just to find someone really. I find it quite a...


24 / Woman / Single / HoChiMinh City


35 / Woman / Single

I spend most of my time on the computer. I spend most of the rest of my time playing video games on mobile and PS4 or streaming sci-fi/fantasy shows. I also enjoy writing, anime, and manga. My ideal match will share a lot of my interests. I've been shy and introverted...



Hello! I'm Kaitlyn, and I'm from Southern California. I love to travel, read, laugh, try new things, and meet new people. Asexual, hetero-romantic. I have a passion for archaeology and cultural anthropology. My deepest desire is to explore the world and experience everything different cultures have to offer, from music and food...

Caitlen Cockrell

21 / Woman / Single / Bakersfield

I'm a first year college student, studying animal science. Sadly, I still live with family and a shit ton of pets. My hobbies are, watching anime, listen to music (feel free to ask me about my favorite artists/bands/groups), drawing, writing, looking at memes, and browsing my social media accounts (feel free...


33 / Woman / Single / St.Petersburg


28 / Woman / Single / Indianapolis

I'm a biologist who aspires to become a writer one day. I love to cook/bake and am always burning something in my kitchen. I love animals, specifically my dog, and I enjoy spending my time watching TV/movies, reading writing, exploring, and traveling.


19 / Man / Widowed / Komiža

i am dirt. my birth name is dirt because i came out of my mom and she rubbed me with mud and gave me to the wolves. im into nonsexual vore. also selling select THC strains.


25 / Man / Single / Stillwater

  1. I don't even know where to begin. So I just recently started exploring this whole "asexuality" thing and this is the first time I've ever actually signed up for a site like this. I guess I'd be considered demisexual. I'm a little awkward at first but I generally have...


40 / Woman / Single / Kingston-upon-Thames

I am 38 and try to smile & laugh at life rather than cry and despair about the state of the world. I have seen and done a lot in life and been hurt a fair bit. I live with my cat just outside of London. I have a wide range of interests,...


30 / Woman / Single / Bydgoszcz

I'm an introvert full of contradictions (I guess it's partly because I have bipolar disorder - currently in remission.) I love all kinds music, mostly rock. I'm also addicted to a few tv series such as Supernatural and Big Bang Theory. My favourite movie is 'V for Vendetta'. I'm an artistic...


40 / Single / Chicago

Right now, my life consists of school, studying, school, and more school. I'm working toward a master's in medical science, and it's a rather intense course of study. I love the medical field. I've been a paramedic for about 12 years. Once I finish school I...


49 / Man / Divorced / murcia


43 / Woman / Single / New York

Dana Moss

23 / Woman / Prefer not to say / Bassett


27 / Woman / Single /


30 / Woman / Single


26 / Woman / Single / London

Kaylasaurous Rex

29 / Woman / Single / Bedford

I'm 24, demiromantic asexual, fine art student and lover of potatoes. I also love animals as well. I'm INFP and very introverted, but I still like to go on many adventures (with the right person.) There are few who can bring the secret extrovert out of me. Art is one of...


30 / Woman / Single / Krakow


37 / Woman / Single / Edmond

I am quick to laugh, I don't take things or myself too seriously. I'm compassionate and sometimes goofy. Ok a lot of the time I'm goofy.


31 / Man / Single / whitefish

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