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30 / Woman / Single

I am a sarcastic hermit. I do have a great sense of humor, maybe a little dry at time but I promise that there is never a dull moment around me. I am a little bit accident pron, if there is something to trip over I will find it, but...


25 / Woman / Single / Ashburn


23 / Woman / Single

I'm a bit shy but just at the beggining. I love books and movies (specially thrillers) and music is the most important  thing in my life. I like playing the guitar, drums and singing. I'm into rock & pop from not particular decade. When I have some time, I like...


25 / Woman / Bronx

25 years old and panicking about it every day. Currently working 3 jobs because living is expensive. Trying to meet new humans but also dealing with intense anxiety and paranoia (this is a big step for me). I am just coming to terms with being asexual and the ever evolving...


29 / Woman / Single

Casi tengo 30 años, pero aparento menos edad físicamente.  Me apasiono fácilmente por lo que me gusta. Soy un poco nerd o bastante dependiendo del punto de vista xD. Me gusta leer, ver series y películas, la fotografía, diseño, ilustración… Me gusta cocinar aunque casi nunca hago postres. Soy muy seria cuando...


40 / Woman / Divorced / Lima

Leah Busheen

19 / Woman / Single / Pensacola

I am a Hispanic Catholic. I am looking for everyone especially people who respect my culture and other latinas. I am homoromantic and poly homoromantic so I will do relationships with men and women but have a preference for women. I am also working on my college degree. I have...

Omar Iracheta

32 / Man / Single / Fontana

My name is Omar and Im a movie fanatic , a comic nerd, a music nut, a podcast junkie, a traveler to the my great state , a hard worker when it comes to work. Im happy I found this little community to speak and to be apart of this union...


24 / Man / Single

Hello fellow asexual! I'm a 24 year old guy from one of the grayest cities out there 🙂 Just check how much sunlight we get yearly! In 3 words, I would say I'm an altruistic, calm nerd haha. Most people my age I know are still into the binge drinking, clubbing...

Osvaldo (message me on

21 / Man / Single / Mexico City (I am not premium so I can´t write anything about me please message on Facebook (alc.osvaldo) or Skype ([email protected])


28 / Man / Single / New york


20 / Woman / Single

I'm new here, so please give me some time to write up this section. (I overthink too much to just write it in a day, ha).


20 / Woman / Single / Santo Domingo


19 / Woman / Single / Barcelona


19 / Man / Single / San Francisco

I'm a US Marine, but before that I played the sax in a local group. We mostly played at private parties, weddings, store openings, etc. I'm not really one to talk about politics or too many serious things as I prefer to stay light hearted. I'll be in Fort Sill, Oklahoma...


33 / Man / Separated / San Juan

I am espontaneous, very loyal. I love to travel. I am a great guy. I love to treat woman well.  This is my contact: KiK:nbtez email: [email protected]


20 / Woman / Single / Loveland


22 / Woman / Single

I'm currently in school studying kinesiology and nutrition. I love traveling, doing volunteer work abroad, farming (WOOFING), hiking, and vegan food. If any of those things sound fun to you, send me a message! I've taken multiple trips to Mexico, worked and lived on a farm in Costa Rica for a month, and...


27 / Man / Single / Las Cruces

  1. My name is Andres. I am a high school guitar teacher and guitar is pretty much my life. I enjoy hanging out with people, and having a drink every now and then. I am pretty career oriented at the moment. Feel free to add or message me.


29 / Man / Single / barcelona

my mail is llopllunatic @


26 / Woman / Single / Some City


37 / Man / Single / Chicago

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