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32 / Man / Single / Fort Wayne

The sound of rain, thinking about reality and the universe, spooky youtube videos and halloween, lofi music, and desiring attention while hating people all at the same time. People in dimly lit rooms tell me I look like ezra miller. Writer. Musician. Marketer. Designer. Let's talk! I'd love to get to know you.


99 / Arthurbon


29 / Man / Single / Barcelona

No puedo describirme de forma breve, digamos que se han dado muchas situaciones complicadas en mi vida. Y eso hace que sea muy distinto a la mayoría. Mi mayor defecto es que me aburre lo común. Mido 1,90m, peso 65kg estoy delgado y no hago deporte. Soy muy simpático, me encanta escuchar a...

Joshua edwards

30 / Man / Single / Sulphur Springs


36 / Woman / Single / Toronto

Melanie Espinoza

39 / Woman / Single

I hate these "about me" boxes. How can I give an unbiased look at who I am? I can't all I can say is I am awesome ONCE YOU GET TO KNOW ME. Which, I'll admit takes some work. I am really funny and outgoing in most aspects, except when...


30 / Woman / Single / Las Vegas


39 / Woman / Single / Austin


32 / Woman / Single

Maria Jose Rodriguez

38 / Woman / Single / Valparaiso

Im a good listener, loyal to friends and family, a bit of a dreamer in the deepest of my heart. I love my pets, books and a cup of tea. Pd: my user name is one created by my sisters for me many years ago and not my actual nickname that...

Osvaldo (message me on

25 / Man / Single / Mexico City (I am not premium so I can´t write anything about me please message on Facebook (alc.osvaldo) or Skype ([email protected])

Berenice Coronado

22 / Woman / Single / Juarez

Tengo 21 años, soy estudiante, soy normalista, en algunos años seré Profesora de adolescentes. Amo las cosas antiguas y clásicas, mi música favorita es el rock clásico, música clásica, trova, tríos y rondallas. Siempre trato de darle profundidad y significado a mi vida, me gustan las cosas especiales y magicas.  


22 / Man / Single / San Antonio


29 / Man / Single / Barcelona

I've always been a very shy person. I still am, but the fact that I'm getting to know myself better is making me feel more confident and try out new things. I enjoy nature, hiking, travelling, reading, movies and TV shows, cooking, I don't know, pretty regular stuff. Currently doing a...


29 / Man / Single / Barcelona


30 / Woman / Single


29 / Man / Single / Madrid

Hola, me llamo Guille, soy de Madrid y tengo 29 años. Soy un enamorado de la música balcánica, Eurovisión y RuPaul's Drag Race 😀 Me considero homorromántico, pero hay tantas definiciones que es un poco lioso jeje No tengo suscripción y no puedo enviar mensajes. Dejo mi e-mail por si quieres contactarme: [email protected]


25 / Man / Single / Santiago

I'm looking for a girlfriend. Please write me: Instagram: dignacio21  / Kik: Dicf21    


23 / Man / Single / Madrid

I am a very shy, introvert person. I am not good at making friends or starting a conversation. I apologize for that from now on. It seems you cannot text your contacts here. I'll drop my email here in case someone is interested in talking to me: [email protected] I don't have any...


30 / Woman / Single


23 / Man / Single / San Francisco

I'm a US Marine, but before that I played the sax in a local group. We mostly played at private parties, weddings, store openings, etc. I'm not really one to talk about politics or too many serious things as I prefer to stay light hearted. I'll be in Fort Sill, Oklahoma...


24 / Man / Single

I'm an introvert who enjoys horror films, horror books and heavy metal music. I collect vinyls from my favorite music artists as well as books from my favorite authors. I'm interested in psychology, chemistry, history and astronomy. Music is a passion of mine, I'm learning how to play the guitar. Also,...


38 / Man / Single / Houston

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