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31 / Man / Tripoli

To put it very simple, I'm veteran at teaching and consulting work, I have been doing this for many years now; my life is quite smooth I get to work, come back, prepare dinner, watch something and relax. I'm a bit picky on what to watch, but would welcome anything...

Christopher Nye

33 / Man / Single / Niagara Falls


27 / Woman / Single


43 / Man / Single / London


32 / Man / Single / Allentown

I'm a easy comfy guy. More of a Netflix and chill kind of person. I love to cook, hiking, random adventures. Love going to concert and traveling. Mario kart is the best game ever. If you like to know more about me look me up on Instagram jaytothebay


28 / Man / Single / Nuremberg


33 / Man / Single / Berlin


24 / Woman / Single / School: Storrs, Connecticut. ; Hometown: Boston, MA

Hello! My name is Julie 🙂 I am working on an MSc. in geosciences and aspire to work in hydrology/hydrogeology. In my free time I love art, history, and vintage fashion. I haven't dropped the 20$ on full site access yet, but feel free to reach out to me on...

Janelle 'Smiley'

32 / Woman / Single / Melbourne


26 / Man / Single / London

I've really enjoy writing, photography, programming and board games. I'm a big fan of science fiction novels. I try make my evenings interesting.  I go out to watch plays, musicals, films and interesting events. I travel as often as I can and usually take far too many photos when I do. I suppose I'm...


41 / Man / Single / Copenhagen

I’m working with unemployed people, those with most needs. Originally, I have a master’s degree in political science, but I find it much more satisfactory working with people, as I do now. Writing (journalism/fiction) have always been a big part of my life, something I am good at, and from January 2019...


33 / Man / Single / Leeds

I work as a mental health recovery worker, like being outdoors, like any music I can sing to, and I rate films mostly on cheese factor. And I can juggle. Slightly. I'm also a bit of a nerd. I have a labrador that I love and my own place. Happy going...


32 / Woman / Single / Cardiff

I like chilling out and watching films, cinema etc.. Love to travel, been to a few countries mainly around Europe but would love to see more! Like going for bike rides and long walks (when we have the right weather) Watch most sports, but mainly rugby and athletics and sometimes play...

Andrew Green

30 / Man / Single / Berlin

Just a decent guy looking to meet a nice guy. Let’s chat! If you’re not a full member: email me at


23 / Man / Single / Wakefield

Very friendly gentleman who is well educated and likes to exercise regularly but not a total utter gym/health freak. I attend Muay Thai (a rather niche martial art in case you're wondering) classes 3 times a week and go for walks/runs with my dog on days off work. Have a...


28 / Man / Single / Chicago

No cloud, no squall, shall hinder us in our quest to find what makes us happy. I'm Damian. But no not the Damian from the Omen. Everybody makes that joke though. Here I am drifting through life like an astronaut through space. But how long must I drift before I find...


34 / Woman / Single / Seattle

If you don’t enjoy sarcasm and animals (not sarcastic animals; even I wouldn’t enjoy those), or if your idea of fun includes skydiving or running a marathon, we likely won’t have much in common.  Otherwise, feel free to message me to find out!  If you don’t have full...


40 / Woman / Single

Hi everyone!! In case you want contact me: Im sure that never is late to meet the right person that complement me. Estoy convencida de que nunca es tarde para encontrar el compañero de vida, esa persona que estara a tu lado sin importar que, con la que podras compartir tu dia a...


36 / Man / Single / New York

Babies, moms, and all the animals on the block like me, and I am a great cocktail party date (I can talk to anyone about anything). I am a demisexual, so dating in New York is a challenge. I am taking a break from fostering rescued cats. For over a year...


28 / Woman / Single / Seattle


24 / Woman / Single / New York

I'm on  a quest to meet w other ace people and also get boo'd up by one 😉 I appreciate the lil things and I'm all about positivity. I try to live sustainably despite the fact that I love fashion. Mostly I dress in grunge and street fashion or anything cute-...

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