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27 / Man / Single

Sam Coulson

26 / Man / Prefer not to say / London


26 / Woman / Single

In mijn vrije tijd lees ik graag, luister ik naar muziek en kook ik graag. Ik kan verder echt genieten van een lekker avondje zetelhangen, maar evengoed van een terrasje met vrienden! Mijn familie is voor mij ook echt belangrijk. Verder sta ik altijd open om iets nieuws te proberen en...


35 / Woman

Nice to meet you! Adventurous-Romantic-Gourmet.  I work as an international trader (export/import). I think I am a classy girl, who has good sense of humour. I am well-educated, and intellectual. Owing to my job I consider myself as a strict business women. Apart from this I am warm-hearted and passionate, kind...


32 / Single


23 / Man / Single / Madrid

I am a very shy, introvert person. I am not good at making friends or starting a conversation. I apologize for that from now on. It seems you cannot text your contacts here. I'll drop my email here in case someone is interested in talking to me: I don't have any...


29 / Man / Single

I apologize, but I am unable to message on here. I invite you to add me as a friend, allowing you to see my contact information under "detailed profile info." To answer the questions, I am a normalish person, kinda, with a BA in philosophy. I work for the State (I...


47 / Man / Single / Kent

Alexander Linkowski

28 / Man / Single / Oslo

Thomas B

27 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

-Homoromantic Demisexual & INFJ. -I'm a writer and digital storyteller (not as pretentious as it sounds) -Social Justice -A friend once told me that I always look as if I’m daydreaming. She said that as a compliment, of course. *dubious snicker* -I give the best hugs. Words to describe me: Introspective, Intuitive, Optimistic, Passionate, Empathetic, Loyal,...


26 / Man / Single / Boston

I'm looking for a long term asexual relationship. I've always been a fairly romantic person, and have wanted someone I could spend my life with, but my lack of desire to have sex does put up a roadblock for me. For me it takes time to build a relationship based...

Chris Smith

33 / Man / Single / London


36 / Woman / Single / Waterford

I am a warm, witty, thoughtful person with distinctly geekish leanings, especially where my taste in tv shows and books are concerned. Looking to connect with others from anywhere in the world, to make new friends, share ideas, just have a chat.

Danielle Scott

22 / Woman / Single

Heyy sorry I only have a free account here but you can message me on kik at Danni_Giraffi if you want a chat


37 / Man / Separated / Namur

contacter moi:


22 / Man / Single / Portland

I am a big nerd when it comes to Video games, movies and TV, always down to watch or rewatch a show as long as it means I can snuggle with you, I likely won’t be active very much here so you should add my snap, simoenianrowe if you want...


26 / Woman / Single / Stratford, Ontario

Hi all! I go by Gem or Em, she/her, am a 26 year old heteroromantic asexual (full romo, demi, and/or cupio-romantic mixed in there), and live in Ontario, Canada. I love making people laugh and making people happy, as well as goofing off and connecting with them in small/big ways....


28 / Man / Single / Bristol

  Enjoy exploring new places! Looking to build some nice friendships and see what happens, not worried about location as keen to hear from people from all corners of the world 🙂 Enjoy running and keeping fit, hoping to complete a marathon in the future! Feel free to add me on snapchat: xam17378.  


34 / Woman / Single / Dhaka


45 / Man / Single / Birkenhead

Joseph Doss

34 / Man / Single / Shreveport, LA


46 / Woman / Single / London

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