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Damien Armitage

25 / Man / Single / Bucharest


31 / Man / Single / Flint

I was Independent, a self-employed truck driver got to be on the road and got to see the United States. I work still drive a truck but for a company now. Get to be home every night. I enjoy my job every day. Before truck driving, I was going to...

Dermot O'Donnell

41 / Man / Single / Galway

I'm creative, light-hearted, and place great importance on honesty and truthfulness. I started out working in medical science but, after a powerful spiritual awakening in 2006, switched to a career in the arts. I spend most of my time screenwriting and filmmaking. I plan to incorporate music-making and spiritual painting...


66 / Woman / Divorced / Manchester


25 / Man / Single / Constanta

just me 😉

28 / Man / Single / somewhere in Europe

I'm open minded person. I'm looking for like minded person (female) for a conversations and travels. No problem if you are shy you just need a will to be talkative to me and a nice person. Age and experiences doesn't matter. You can ask me, if you wanna know more. Interests: Hiking, hillwalking,...


42 / Man / Separated / Sheffield

Originally from outside the Yorkshire Dales. Currently living in Leeds, planning to move to Sheffield in the coming months. Great interest in music of all genres. Travel - especially around Europe. Foodl home and out and about. Arts; Theatre, Cinema, Museums and Galleries.

Eric Phaneuf

47 / Man / Single / Montréal


20 / Man / Single / Cambrid

About me eh? Well, I'm a life-loving chap looking to make connections with other asexuals - be it friendship or relationship. I've not been out as asexual for long and I've equally not fully grasped my sexuality for much time either - for me, I would love to find that...


32 / Woman / Single / Stockholm

Priya B

41 / Woman / Single

I am shy yet friendly. I am a loving, romantic, and loyal person. I do not want to have sex or kids. You can look me up on Acebook as PriyaB or also priyabsoc at . I can't read or send messages here.

Gary Egan

45 / Man / Single / Bath

Dan - Kik: d4n085

32 / Man / Single / Manchester

Hi all, i'm Dan, 31 years old. Ideally looking to meet new people, whether for friendship or for dating, leading to something special. I don't really know how to describe my sexuality... I don't think i'm 100% asexual, but i'd be happy in a non-sexual relationship. I don't have membership on...

Kevin day @ [email protected]

43 / Man / Divorced / Birmingham


32 / Man / Single / Brisbane

I am originally from a remote village in northeast of China. My family used to be poor but rather united. I had a very very happy childhood in that beautiful paradise surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests. I am positive, intelligent and well educated academic with good manners. I have a...


43 / Man / Single / Brisbane


40 / Man / Divorced / Somerset


18 / Woman / Single / Seattle


41 / Woman / Single / London

I am warm, friendly, sincere, loving and considerate. I am an attractive, slim brunette. I look and feel younger than I am. I am looking for a long term relationship share life's good moments with.


33 / Woman / Single / Waterbury

My name is Angel. I live in CT. I was born and raised in South Africa. I've relocated to US 7 years ago,all by myself. I'm a laid-back kind of woman,yet fun. I'm not really asexual,but I'm abstaining from sex till marriage(saving myself for marriage) I'm a 33 year old...


31 / Woman / Divorced / Binghamton

I live and work in upstate NY, currently in school to get my graduate degree. I'm still figuring out how I identify, but right now I feel comfortable saying that I am a panromantic gray asexual....which seems like a lot but also seems pretty accurate. I'm somewhat recently divorced so right...


22 / Woman / Single

I value trust and honesty the most.  I would consider myself a Demi/Gray Ace as I’m not opposed to the idea at some point in the future, but it has to be with someone I truly connect/bond with, so obviously, I would prefer not to do that sort of thing...


24 / Woman / Single / Albany

I am a very outgoing and easy to get along with. I am a big planner, but at the same time I can go with the flow. I am new to the concept of asexuality, but after reading up on this, it all makes sense.  I love my job as...

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