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35 / Woman / Single / London

I am optimistic, adventurous and love to travel above everything else. My favorite activities are hiking to mountain summits, watching fauna and flora, going on roadtrips, photography, and stargazing, I am not one to stay home, but if it is raining or I have no choice, I do I like watching movies...


22 / Man / Single

Be prepared, for this is gonna be a long list of "I" followed by some short, dull sentences filled with some boring imitation of wit. What, you still want to go on reading? Well, once again, don't say I didn't warn you then I love philosophy, reading, writing, traveling and learning new...


32 / Woman / Single

I currently live in Western France. I'm French, I've lived in England, Scotland and Germany, and I'm always thinking about my next travel destination! I spend quite a lot of time reading books but I have a lot of different interests such as yoga, learning foreign languages (German and Korean at...


24 / Woman / Single / Le Mans


26 / Man / Single / Toronto

INFP. Looking for a life-long friend to share stuff that we both find interesting.


27 / Man / Single / Versailles

Je suis quelqu'un la plupart du temps de bonne humeur, qui aime bien rigoler et faire rigoler, à l'écoute des autres.. enfin voila n'hésitez pas à venir parler pour en savoir plus 🙂


39 / Man / Single / Héron (Couthuin)


49 / Woman / Single / Basel

I'm German btw., originally from Hamburg. I've been living in Switzerland since 2002. I work as a project manager in the real estate management department of a large pharmaceutical company. Having a job, one where my work is appreciated is important to me. I like doing sports - not so much just...


48 / Man / Single / Besançon


59 / Man / Divorced / dax


44 / Man / Single / Langley

Caring, loving, loyal are some of my traits. I focus more on the person than on the exterior appearance. I am on my journey and looking to share and join with someone else's journey. I am an INFJ-A personality type. Find out about your personality type at:


21 / Man / Single

I’m a 4th year university student studying Health Studies and Psychology and also considering working towards a certificate in French. My main passions are digital arts (but also including anything aesthetic-based such as interior design or fashion), video games (including competitive gaming), and jamming to music (I personally like rap and...


29 / Man / Single / Paris

It’s something that you will have to find by contacting me 😉 I will do my best to respond to all the messages that I will receive. See you. C'est quelque chose que vous devrez découvrir en me contactant 😉 Je ferai mon possible pour répondre aux messages que je recevrai. A+


38 / Man / Single / Curitiba

wrkn on a half decent profile 🙂 please drop me a line at if u wanna chat, unfortunately I’m not a gold member so I CANNOT EXCHANGE MSGS HERE. But I’d love to read from u! I am a kind friendly man, full of flaws and virtues! I’m looking for friends...


50 / Man / Single / Brussels


22 / Single / Strasbourg

Curieux de beaucoup de trucs, je tenais à te décrire mes quelques passions du moment (oui du moment, j’ai tendance à facilement évoluer dans tout les sens, à devenir fan de skaterboard puis passionné d'origami pour en venir à étudier les énergies renouvelables) Voyager, récemment je fais une fixette sur la...


40 / Man / Single / Stockholm


49 / Man / Divorced / Lausanne

Homme hypersensible empathique, sympa, ouvert d'esprit et à l'écoute


28 / Single / Hong Kong

Hi aces, I’m Jessy. Neuroatypical, deaf oralist dish rat born and raised in forsaken Hong Kong. I draw to cope. Ask away what any of this even means, I won’t bite.


32 / Man / Living together / Bruxelles

Hi ! I'm a free member so I can't message here, feel free contact me : 🙂


37 / Man / Single / Hong Kong


23 / Man / Single / Toulouse

Bonjour ! A propos de moi, j'adore voyager, découvrir de nouveaux pays, faire des randonnées, sortir avec mes amis... J'aimerais discuter avec des gens, et s'il y a un feeling, on ne sait jamais ! Vous pouvez me contacter sur Kik : Coco3179


26 / Man / Single / Lyon 09

Hey! I'm a student in electrical engineering and industrial computing. I like to travel, go on an adventure with nothing doesn't scare me. I'm pretty addicted to series (TWD, Shameless, Revolution, POI, UTD, Falling skies... I said "pretty" ? This should be a mistake !) I also love seeing shifted...

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