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27 / Woman / Single / Milton

Hi all! I'm a very shy person and it generally takes a while for me to open up to anyone, but I am trying to start communicating better. I love playing video games, watching tv, reading, and drawing on occasion. I work full time as a park services specialist (just...


27 / Woman / Single


32 / Man / Single / New York

Settled, great job, ambitious, honest, creative, musician, artistic.


31 / Man / Single / Joensuu

Looking for good chat company, I do not have payed account so my email is


28 / Man / Single / Brooklyn

Ahh These dreaded things! Well A quick overview on me. I am a INFP.  I am a Field Sound Mixer by trade for 7 years. Safe to assume I have Excellent listening Skills! Worked in TV & Film for a total of 11 years. It is a great run. I...


28 / Man / Single / Dallas


25 / Man / Single / Aberdeen

Hi, I'm Martin and I would probably describe myself as a fetishist (I like butts lol).. But don't let that scare you off, I'm also homoromantic and would love to be with someone who I can connect with, do stupid shit with and spend long periods of time outdoors with. Hit me...


32 / Woman / Single / Michigan

ENFJ, Virgo, Hufflepuff... in case any of that is important to you. I'm into reading, learning, good conversations, coffee, music, concerts, adventures with friends, card/board games, traveling, craft beers and whiskey, old school nintendo, museums, art galleries, and am always down for a good binge-watching session. I have my MA...


45 / Woman / Divorced / Wigan

I’m not your typical woman, I play pool and snooker and I enjoy watching football (being honest I’ll watch most sports). I have two older children who I wouldn’t change for the world (ok, maybe a little more maturity in my son would be good and my daughter could be a...


47 / Woman / Single / Miami


38 / Woman / Single / Providence

I'm here to hopefully meet some new people and hopefully turn one of those friendships into a relationship. I'm pretty low key and low maintenance. I like to stay in most of the time and just kinda hang out. I think I have a great sense of humor and don't...

David Itrich

23 / Man / Single / Merritt Island


22 / Woman / Single

Soon to graduate college, I'm looking forward to freedom in experiencing all life has to offer with someone. Any relationship will be as friends first and may build from there organically. I’m looking to a future of everything from relaxing at home with a late night movie or taking a...

Louis Anthony

30 / Man / Single / Bricktown If I added you, it means I'm interested in you.  However, I am awful at messaging people first, so don't be afraid to send some love my way For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on the following...


21 / Woman

So... as I am really comfortable talking about myself, I'm warning you, it's going to be messy. Black Coffee, Strong Tea, Impetuous Cats or more civilised Familiars, Old Books faking to have a personality... A sense of purpose in life ... Do you have everything you need ? My name is Valentine,...


18 / Woman / Single / Newark

Just a real funky asexual. Maybe demi probably ace. Going to UD for music education- I play flute and piccolo. I also really love history. Definitely a nerd, I love Critical Role and would like to play DnD. I also really love LOTR. Very liberal.


27 / Man / Single / London

In my free time I like reading, watching movies, running, bowling, shopping and going travelling.


35 / Man / Single / Helena


22 / Woman / Single

Nathan Tonge

22 / Man / Single / Preston

Brody Cousins

29 / Man / Single / Ballarat

Hey, well I'm a geek. I collect comics, play video games, watching tv shows and movies and love reading. I also like walking, going to see friends and camping not that I have had much of a chance to do that for a few years. If you would like to talk...


25 / Man / Single / Andromeda Galaxy

I'm an introverted individual (INTP) sapiosexual. I love science, nature, video games, and movies/series. in other words I'm a typical geek. I love to have long discussions about the purpose of life INTP personality


34 / Man / Single / London

Feel free to say hi - insta - retiefk

Cameron Corinthian

18 / Man / Single / Birmingham

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