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just me 😉

30 / Man / Single / somewhere in Europe

I’m an open minded person. I’m looking for a like-minded woman for conversations and travels. No problem if you are shy, as long as you’re up for a chat and a nice person. Age and experiences don’t matter. You can ask me, if you wanna know more. Interests: Hiking, hillwalking, music, going on...


25 / Man / Single / Tampa

I'm a pretty down to earth guy. I'd like to meet someone who shares some of the same interests, but I'm always up for a new adventure. I have two pups who I like more than most people.

My family and friends are probably the most important things in...


36 / Man / Single

Justin B

22 / Man / Single / Chicago


18 / Woman / Residencial Ciudad Jardín

Luciano Gerold Battistelli Hallett

20 / Man / Single / Bellevue, NE

Looking for a relationship where sex isn't really gonna be on the table. I have a tough shell to get through, but I'm loyal and honest once you get to know me. I'm always up for an adventure or just for sitting at home watching movies or playing...


22 / Man / Single / Orange County, CA

If I had to describe myself with one word it would be "rule breaker" You can find me drumming along to my own beat and coloring outside the lines at coffee shops, the high deserts, and the streets of SoCal. I am an avid motorcycle rider and always looking for another...


27 / Man / Single / Berkeley

Pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering – studying light and hoping to learn more about how the world around me operates. Highly introverted and kinda see myself as a silent observer to this weird and often displeasing movie of life.  Socially awkward... Love being in nature and visiting remote scenic...


34 / Man / Separated / Birmingham


28 / Man / Single

Best way to contact is on Discord (Anteri#7932) or Skype (h3rzig). I'm 28 years old currently living in Massachusetts. I've always dealt with social anxiety so I tend to be a pretty quiet person until I know someone well. Love to joke around once I do though. Pursuing a career in graphic...


31 / Woman / Single

I'm a good listener and a funny bone, love reading and travelling. I have Master's degree in Publishing.  I have been working as a software tester. If you'd like to have a chat, please, use kik anniferri e-mail


37 / Man / Single / Stockholm

All My name is David and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I spend most of my time involved in various projects, one of them now being the opening of a new night-club here in town. Also enjoy having ongoing relationships to my friends and network... I’m most likely a heteroromantic asexual. The emotional and energetic...


31 / Man / Single / Sao Paulo

Hi my name is Diogo and I am an Engineer in Brazil.

Particularly I like to listen music. Besides that I usually hanging out with my friends and drinking some beers.

My other interests are serie/movies, soccer...


33 / Man / Single / Newbury


35 / Man / Single / Worthing

Looking for friends, all welcome. Have Snapchat Mr_keith also feel free to email to chat etc.   Into tattoos, cars and all the usual blokey stuff (no footie tho!) I find I enjoy time alone, away from crowds more than I do being "in the thick of it". Like the slower...


36 / Woman / Single / Portland, ME

I want to become an Egyptologist. Art History is my sky. Languages make me misty, especially German and Russian. Classical Art makes my heart race abnormally. I like to get lost in a museum and/or a bookstore until someone finds me and tells me I'm not allowed in here after-hours....


44 / Woman / Divorced / Carteret, NJ

I am a caring, sensitive, motivated and supportive woman. I am a mom of two wonderful kiddos and I somehow manage taking care of all their needs plus house and home and a publishing and marketing career all at once. I have been divorced for years now and feel that...

Danny Dillon

62 / Man / Divorced / Roanoke

I never know what to say. Lived a fun good life and have enjoyed a lot of what life has to offer, even if I had to find it.  I am a laid back and kind man I belive that has a good heart, especially for a special woman to...


31 / Woman / Single / Layton

I am unapologetically me. I'm not going to pretend to be anyone I am not. I am not fake, I do not like trying to fit a cookie cutter preconception of what normal is to fit in to a system where mediocrity is the social standard.


54 / Woman / Toronto

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