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32 / Man / Single / Kalamazoo

I'm a big music and sports fan, especially hockey. I love good food & eating out but balance that with my interest in natural health. TV/movie-wise I like sports, documentaries, & comedies. I am a little more of an inside person but also have an appreciation for nature, and have...


40 / Man / Single / Copenhagen

I’m working with unemployed people, those with most needs. Originally, I have a master’s degree in political science, but I find it much more satisfactory working with people, as I do now. Writing (journalism/fiction) have always been a big part of my life, something I am good at, and from January 2019...

Scott Benjamin

56 / Man / Single / Portland

Looking to meet guys 22-50 with common interests that could lead to possible relationship. I have much to offer to the right guy. I am a caring, easy going individual who values the basics: honesty, integrity, humor, a hard work ethic and expects the same in someone else....


25 / Man / Single / Hannover

I am very empathetic, understanding and warmhearted. I may appear aloof and indifferent, but it's just a matter of time till I really know and understand others well enough that I open up to them. I may appear very demanding when it comes to relationships because I think good relationships...


55 / Man / Single / Sonoma County

I've turned vegan earlier this year. Trying to be healthier and it has helped a lot. I love most kinds of music(classical, Jazz, Progressive house, trance and classic rock)  


23 / Man / Single

Hey, I'm Jared. I'm 23 and work as a full time manager for a pet store. Life is finally stabilizing so I figured I'd try online dating out again, considering the difficulty of being asexual and trying to find people who are also. I love animals and I play guitar...


31 / Man / Single / london

I am a very freindly guy from south london,i like to have a positive attitude to life,i like to have manners and morals to treat people.Im a grounded kind of guy and like to see life situations to what they are and like to express my opinion if needed,Wether that...


27 / Woman / Single / Annapolis

  • I'm a super positive, bubbly, socially awkward, sarcastic girl. I don't know how it works, but I seem to manage!
I really love learning new things, and experiencing other people through their stories and knowledge. I love traveling and reading and occasionally writing. I'm in a stage of my life that...


31 / Woman / Single / Nice

Je suis passionnée par le sport et les voyages. J'ai une âme aventurière, limite casse-cou. Je suis toujours prête à faire de nouvelles découvertes culturelles, culinaires... Si vous voulez en savoir plus, il suffit de demander. I am passionate about the sport and travel. I have an adventurous soul, daredevil limit. I...


37 / Man / Single / Philadelphia

I’m a Gay Side, look it up if you're unsure. Single, 6’1. Into movies, outdoor festivals, dining out, live music, beach vacations, exploring the city, and trying new things. Grateful for a work-life balance that allows me to spend quality time with family & friends, and travel for fun. Favorite vacation spots:...


49 / Woman / Separated / Solihull

I'm into all the usual hobbies, you know, walking in the country side etc blah blah. I don't do anything particularly unusual but I do like exercising so spend most of my free time running or cycling. I also into building positive habits and productivity....


34 / Man / Single / London


29 / Man / Single / Seattle

I'm pretty laid back and easy to get along with. I love all forms of art and can talk about it pretty much endlessly. I draw and paint basically every single day and right now my main focus is to become as good of an artist as possible. By trade,...

Fayetina DeMatteo

22 / Woman / Single

¡Hola! I'm Fayetina (like you didn't already know) I am a woman of many interests, most of which include learning. I love to learn new things and consider myself to be way too curious for my own good. I'm a Slytherin with a big mouth and a big heart; my family...


35 / Man / Single / Budapest

I'm a romantic asexual. Avid cyclist, loves travelling, running, hiking, reading.

alexia jennifer

25 / Woman / Single / Rome

Hi i am Alexia.i am a student.i love music,hanging out with friends,hiking,tattoos,piercing and romantic things.i want a romantic relationship except the sex part .i love vintage,clothes and furniture.i love the nature,the be honest i am bad at explaining things.


29 / Man / Single / Bilzen


I love sports (crossfit, cycling, running), it keeps me fit and distracts me after a hard day of work.

I’m very dedicated to my work, I guess...


37 / Man / Single / Derby

Helen Smith

34 / Woman / Single / Westbury Wiltshire

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