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29 / Man


31 / Man / Single / Surrey


29 / Woman / Single / Toronto

Not specifically looking for anything, and not in any rush to jump into anything. I would consider myself Gray-sexual. I am not repulsed by sex/nudity. The human body can be beautiful. I'm just not interested in any sexual activity, but interested in everything else (like a typical relationship). P.S. If you don't...


43 / Man / Single / Victoria

I'm a former English teacher turned librarian, and have been a rugby coach even longer. Talk about spanning the spectrum from geek to jock, eh? I've been called by many "not of this time" or that I was "born in the wrong era". I love history, old movies and music,...


60 / Man / Single / Waterloo

Salut. Je suis un homme qui assume tranquillement son asexualité.  Je priorise l’amitié et la bienveillance dans ma vie. Je suis dans l’attirance émotive (un lien fort entre deux personnes), l’attirance intellectuelle (quelqu’un qui connaît plein de choses, sait réfléchir et rire,c’est séduisant) et l’attirance esthétique (parce qu’un beau corps c’est un...

Ben Ivens

22 / Man / Single / Ottawa

I’m mainly just memes but if you talk to me I’d love to get to know you better 🙂 I’m into being lazy so mainly just playing video games, I currently am working at a animal clinic as an veterinary technician. Feel free to chat with me on snap or insta...

Mary Kate

30 / Woman / Single / Toronto


34 / Man / Single / Saskatoon

It took me a long time to realize that I'm a Heteroromantic asexual/ Demisexual, growing up I always thought there was something wrong with me. I can be a shy and quiet guy, but I do enjoy going out with my close group of friends. I also like to travel...


28 / Woman / Single / Mississauga

I am curious and inquisitive person. I love going to new places and trying things like new restaurants, exhibits, events. I am looking for someone to go on adventures with and engage intellectually join me on journey of continuous lifelong learning and experiences. For now I'd like to find someone...


28 / Man / Single / NYC

I'm a pretty laid back person living just outside of NYC. Life can get pretty monotonous if you don't do anything about it, so I try to be adventurous and try lots of new things, whether traveling to weird places, eating somewhere new, or learning something new. With that said...


47 / Man / Single / Saint-Constant


27 / Man / Single / Ottawa

Romantic - Loyal - Adventurous

  I like cold days, people's voices on car radios, cuddles on the couch on a Sunday morning, the smell of wet earth after rain, or the sound of rain on the roof while I sleep.   LTR oriented E-mail me if interested: [email protected]  

Jay Thom

78 / Man / Single / Victoria


24 / Woman / Single / Fraser Valley


34 / Man / Single / Toronto


41 / Man / Single / Montreal

Je ne suis pas vraiment asexuel... mais probablement pas assez sexuel non plus (on dit "gray asexual" dans le jargon c'est ça? Je suis un peu nouveau dans le domaine...) Mes autres intérêts et aptitudes... et bien je suis à la fois plutôt geek ainsi qu' artiste. J'aime beaucoup toutes les...


33 / Man / Single

I`m a modern Muslim Man, and I Live in Vancouver. Raised within a loving and caring Family who raised me to respect modern Islamic teachings and believe in its peaceful values while pursuing, logic science, and progressive values that promote intellect, philosophy, social justice, respect, and equality for everyone.


29 / Woman / Single / Sherbrooke


63 / Woman / Divorced / Southampton


18 / Woman / Single


27 / Woman / Single / Toronto, ON

Hello! Prepare for a long story about me! The best ways to describe myself is being LOUD, always laughing, talkative and sometimes crazy. I love to cuddle, I'm an open book, curious about your story, hilariously depressed and sometimes anxious. I'm a "fat" Big human but there's more to love!...

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