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55 / Woman / Divorced / Minas Gerais

Não tenho conta, nem facebook, nem stagram, meus recursos tecnológicos são por e-mail e whatssapp. Se desejar conversar, saber algo, ... e enviar-me mensagens


29 / Man / Single / Belo Horizonte


28 / Woman / Single

Igor Bender

27 / Man / Single / Salvador


56 / Woman

I'm a 56 yr. old Brazilian woman, settle down in Japan working as a Portuguese language teacher. I'm very poor at these write ups about myself... If you think you might want to know me then ask anything... if you decide you do not like me, that's okay, just tell...


20 / Man / Single / São Paulo

Hi! I'm a mechanical engineering student, hobbyist writer and cuddly asexual from São Paulo, Brazil. However, I have NO intentions of staying in Brazil, and as a result, I don't want to date anyone from here. I'm moving to Germany at the end of this year, so I'd love to meet...

Maickon Assunção

26 / Man / Single / Goiânia


29 / Man / Single / Buenos Aires

Can we talk better?

Leandro R F

43 / Man / Single / Limeira


38 / Man / Single / Rio de Janeiro


34 / Woman / Single

Hello! I would like to meet new ace friends 😉 I enjoy photography, music, movies, documentaries, reading, travelling...  


21 / Woman / Single / hellcife

Maria Imaculada

25 / Woman

I love Writte, drama act, medical, business, psychiatry, psychology, helping people, architecture and all animals mostly horses and dogs but my favorites are lions, tygers, elephants and dolphins. star wars geek, I love horse polo and formula 1, I wish I was a driver, I love cars and to travel ans spiritual matters and...


44 / Man / Single / Londrina

Eu me acho um cara extremamente tímido...


27 / Woman / Single


49 / Divorced / Araraquara


36 / Woman / Single / Bethesda

I’m originally from Brazil but I’ve been living in Maryland, EUA my entire adulthood. I’m independent but I wish I had someone to came back home to. I never had a serious relationship, everyone I ever had interest in were very sexual people, so I never told them about my feeling....


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Alfredo dos Santos

36 / Man / Single / São Paulo


38 / Man / Single / Curitiba

You can easily reach me on, please mail me to start a conversation as I still ain't gold here 🙂 CAN't SEND OR ANSWER MSGs. I am just a regular everydaylike motherfucker, kind, nice, anxious, sensitive... having trouble fitting an oversexual world. "

Amanda M.

20 / Woman / Single


25 / Man / Single / Salvador

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