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42 / Woman

Urban, neat (sweet!;)), old school aesthete, with the love for art and harmony, idealist and a pacifist. I love to get lost on my travels, observe life around me, people and their ways, old, beautiful architecture, trees and greenery, dachshunds running with their ears waving through the air... (hihihi). I...


42 / Woman / Single / Devon

Asexual Author/Entrepreneur. Lively, bubbly, energetic Heteroromantic Asexual, I love blogging, Vlogging, and living a quirky life to the max. I have a 21st mindset and I enjoy living like a teenager to the max! If you want to know more about asexuality subscribe to :  I am into Disney and...


26 / Woman / Single / Mesa

I'm 26 and I have 4 cats. My days are typically spent watching gaming youtubers, listening to music, playing some games and reading webtoons/manga. When i get the creative itch, I like to make large string dolls or some other craft that has demanded my interest. I don't have premium access to...

Coveyn Anacker

23 / Man / Single / Marshall

I’m Coveyn, FTM transgender and I love playing sports, anything outdoors. I am heteroromantic asexual therefor I like kissing, cuddling, hand holding, but nothing sex related. I’m looking for someone who shares the same interests and to become a life partner. If you want to talk- Snapchat- Anacker2212 Kik- Coveyn22


22 / Woman / Single


27 / Woman / Single / Chicago

I am a transgender female. I am gray asexual. I enjoy going to escape rooms, concerts, theater (both movies and plays). I also enjoy going to museums. I also enjoy nature. I walk around Chicago Botanic Gardens and Starved Rock.


49 / Woman / Separated / Florida

I like a coffee, the sun, the breeze, listen,  yoga ,art, ballet, opera, classical music, traveling, gym, dancing, tennis, golf, kayaking, fishing,boating shopping ,SPA , valking and any activity without extrim I do not like Deception, noise, screams, scandals, rain, loneliness  


30 / Man / Single / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


39 / Woman / Married / San Antonio

I love going to the movies and concerts. Stand up comedy is also my favorite. I have been to a poetry "slam" once and would like to go more. I'm very liberal politically and atheist. I'm an animal lover.


31 / Woman / Single


49 / Woman / Single / Berkshire


59 / Woman / Divorced / Lake Charles / Moss Bluff

Can't reply here. Look me up on Acebook (same ID) Asexuals are such a small family, I really need others to talk with about this... Looking for some great conversation and laughs. Someone who's talkative and attentive. I'm a pretty simple person...grounded, low maintenance, friendly, and a little old-fashioned. I'm kind of a...


24 / Woman / Single

I just finished college (a masters degree in political science) and i am at that point in life where everyone around you starts living together with their boyfriend/girlfriend. For me dating is a little complicated since i have no interest in sex. However, i do want to find a nice...

Alexander Douglas

28 / Man / Single / Orlando

Hello there :). Well i'm Alex. Overall i'm a pretty quirky and random person. I'm easy going for the most part, although I can definitely get hyped up over topics that i'm passionate about. I really value honesty and directness, and tend to say what's on my mind, although not...


23 / Woman / Single

Hi, I'm Madeline and I always struggle to describe myself! If you are familiar with Myer's Briggs, I am an ISFJ/ISTJ depending on my mood and the people I've been around that day. I am a pretty positive/happy person, content to sit and chill. I am a huge homebody. I am...



Hi! I’m usually bashfully shy at first, but I’m always polite and rarely take myself too seriously. I’m a genuinely laid-back guy, really, and I'll always try to take an interest in other people's hobbies. In a nutshell, my interests include art galleries and museums, cookery, countryside walks, current affairs, exercise...


37 / Man / Single / Pittsburgh

I am a big and tall man. I enjoy hitting up local AA meetings to keep is sober. I have survived a lot, and a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.


53 / Man / Divorced / Norwich

Average guy looking for nice lady to do the usual stuff, such as going out to cinema, sight seeing, places to eat, open air music shows etc. Would be nice to go out with someone to see and do things that couples do. (it has been yonks since I went...


51 / Man / Single / Montreal

I am looking for someone fun. Someone that will be my partner on every level (relationship, travel partner, business partner, cycling together, LOAO (laugh our asses off) together , etc. I am a positive person, very spontaneous and lots of people say I'm fun and funny. I have no clue why I...

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