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44 / Woman / Single / Devon

Asexual Author/Entrepreneur. Lively, bubbly, energetic Heteroromantic Asexual, I love blogging, Vlogging, and living a quirky life to the max. I have a 21st mindset and I enjoy living like a teenager to the max! If you want to know more about asexuality subscribe to :  I am into Disney and...


32 / Woman / Single


33 / Man / Single / Madrid

Don’t know what to say about me... I studied music for 6 years, so music is what I like the most; I could be listening to music all the day: rock, pop, classical, alternative, jazz, punk (my favourite) or even kpop, recently discovered. I also love reading. I think a...


23 / Woman / Single / Ede

A little crazy and happy fluttering like a butterfly, but also sensitive, thoughtful, critic, philosophical and searching for (social) depth. I am an open-minded primary school teacher (student) with a big heart for people. I plead for seeing more value in lives & opinions of others and in nature. My dream is...


24 / Woman / Single / Salamanca

Hello everyone! My name is Marta, I’m a 24 years old girl from Spain, in a beautiful city called Salamanca. I consider myself as demisexual grayromantic/arromantic. I really like traveling and visiting new places, museums, exhibitions… I love reading books, watching many interesting film, listening to my favourite artists and learning languages. I’m...


21 / Woman / Single / Kansas City

I'm a panromamtic asexual. I’m very energetic, ambitious, and stubborn. I love to dance, win card/board games, kayak and spend time with family. Currently working towards an undergraduate degree in psychology. I am a vegan and I also love conspiracies and crime shows. Contact me on.. Snapchat: iverina instagram: Ivee.slaughter email:


29 / Woman / Single / Geelong

So in the last few years I've successfully managed to become a crazy cat lady before the age of 30. A change of career into Animal Welfare certainly hasn't helped that but such is life. As you can guess I'm very passionate about ensuring my cats & horses have the...


22 / Woman / Single / Poznan

Introverted soul with an open mind and big imagination, willing to discuss weird and not that weird stuff. Love psychology, crimes and psychopathic people. Animal lover. Cats, dogs, cockroaches. Just all of them. Kind of nerd. Books, books, books. And series. And great movies. Pretty good listener, love finding solutions to every problem you...


32 / Woman / Single / Apeldoorn

Ik ben iemand die niet zo'n apper is en graag met iemand in persoon praat. Toch wil ik graag online proberen om een gelijkgestemde te vinden. Ik ben rustig maar ik houd wel van iets leuks doen zoals naar de Bioscoop gaan, terrasje pakken maar ook gewoon lekker netflix. Verder...


52 / Woman / Separated / Milwaukee

Laughing is my absolute favorite thing to do, in addition to seeing movies, cooking and baking, just hanging out with friends and family, playing board games (especially irreverent ones like Cards Against Humanity),  reading, learning, and continuing my journey of self-discovery. I love my three kids more than life itself...they...


47 / Woman / Divorced

I work a professional job and am raising two teens. It’s hard to remember what I enjoyed pre-COVID but I look forward to figuring it out again! Travel, nature, exploring cities...


28 / Man / Single / Paris

Sarah Long

34 / Woman / Single / Carlisle

I am friendly, a good listener and a great cuddler! I like to read, and watch rubbish horror films (i also love other genres) I love spending time with my family, especially my nephew and random adventures out.


34 / Woman / Single / Cambridge

Nerdy, daft, I enjoy learning, chatting and games. I'm a strange mixture of martial artist, bellydancer, nerd and art... Artist? In addition to wing chun kung fu, I love video games (RPGs, Adventure, Sim, some FPS), dancing, drawing, reading, researching random topics, animals, making terrible...


26 / Woman / Single / Kiev


24 / Woman / Single / New York City

Call this cliche, but I'm such a nerd. For a lot. Disney movies, musicals (I live in NYC and sell merchandise at Broadway shows), TV shows (please talk to me about How To Get Away With Murder, Sherlock, Fargo, Avatar: The Last Airbender or Spongebob any time), Harry Potter, pretty...


24 / Woman / Single


31 / Woman / Single / Houston

Cosplayer/cat lover, plant mom, dnd nerd! Looking for someone who shares my passions, wants to grow and learn from each other, and go on adventures. I'm looking for the person whose presence loosens the knots in my soul.


33 / Woman / Single / Madrid

How do I look: I'm tall (173 cm), and at the moment quite curvy with wide hips, thanks to my lazy thyroid... My eyes are hazel with a bit of green, and my hair right now is short and something between dark blond and chestnut. Orientation: Well, I'm obviously ace (that's a given),...


51 / Man / Jyväskylä


30 / Woman / Single

I am 28 yrs old I identify as Demisexual which is on the asexual spectrum. I also identify as Bisexual. I am an extroverted/introverted person. I love meeting new people and hope to build a friendship that will hopefully lead to more. Ultimate goal is to be in a serious...

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