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31 / Woman / Prefer not to say

I'm quite shy when I first meet people but tend to warm up to others relatively quickly. I enjoy hiking, being out in nature  but also love to stay in and watch movies or play video games. Feel free to add me on Facebook


42 / Woman / Single / Devon

Asexual Author/Entrepreneur. Lively, bubbly, energetic Heteroromantic Asexual, I love blogging, Vlogging, and living a quirky life to the max. I have a 21st mindset and I enjoy living like a teenager to the max! If you want to know more about asexuality subscribe to :  I am into Disney and...


54 / Woman / Divorced / Minas Gerais

mensagem por e-mail ou por whatssapp Brasil 55 + 34997781710 celular ou mesmo para sermos amigos, ainda que num mundo, tao, tao, distante .... Por favor, deixe seu e-mail ou whatssapp. OK? Alaska no estacao em que o gelo Derrete, para surgir algo novo, e voces, quando irao? Please click em traducion  portugues...


33 / Woman


30 / Man / Single / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


49 / Woman / Single / Berkshire


24 / Man / Single

I am a straightforward and reliable person who will not give up on you, although I have a rough and dominant nature.I tend to be silent, which makes me look careless about my environment. I read and think a lot, dislike crowds and loud noises. I enjoy walking in the mountains and...

Samantha Poole

40 / Woman / Single / Tucson AZ

Asexual but romantic ("heteroromantic"). Finding relationships can be tricky since I am 'ace'. I have used the aloneness as an opportunity to get to know who I am on a deeper spiritual level. I have a private practise as a therapist. For fun I like to bellydance tribal style, as well as...

Dini e


I‘m Dini, 22 years old and working as a kindergarten teacher. I totally love my job! I‘m a very openhearted, sarcastic and trustworthy. My friends often say that it‘s never getting boring with me and that I‘m really good at cheering up.  . I‘m really confident and I‘m a positive...


31 / Woman / Single / Madrid

How do I look: I'm tall (173 cm), and at the moment quite curvy with wide hips, thanks to my lazy thyroid... My eyes are hazel with a bit of green, and my hair right now is short and something between dark blond and chestnut. Orientation: Well, I'm obviously ace (that's a given),...


35 / Woman / Single / Wakefield

Hi I'm Sarah, I am so pleased that I have found this site and can now feel relatively normal!! Ok, so I'm a Primary teacher, baby massage instructor and youth group leader. I love to spend time outdoors walking, visiting new places (or gardening - yes old ladyish I realise!)...


20 / Woman / Single / Stavanger


59 / Woman / Divorced / Lake Charles / Moss Bluff

Can't reply here. Look me up on Acebook (same ID) Asexuals are such a small family, I really need others to talk with about this... Looking for some great conversation and laughs. Someone who's talkative and attentive. I'm a pretty simple person...grounded, low maintenance, friendly, and a little old-fashioned. I'm kind of a...

Michael Nestor

27 / Man / Single / Katowice

Well... Most people here can't send messages; how does this site even exist like this? If you want to contact me please use my e-mail address:   Cheers!   M.N.


32 / Man / Single / Madrid

Don’t know what to say about me... I studied music for 6 years, so music is what I like the most; I could be listening to music all the day: rock, pop, classical, alternative, jazz, punk (my favourite) or even kpop, recently discovered. I also love reading. I think a...


45 / Man / Single / Valencia

Me encontrarás en con el nick de Simel o en

Coveyn Anacker

24 / Man / Single / Marshall

I’m Coveyn, FTM transgender and I love playing sports, anything outdoors. I am heteroromantic asexual therefor I like kissing, cuddling, hand holding, but nothing sex related. I’m looking for someone who shares the same interests and to become a life partner. If you want to talk- Snapchat- Anacker2212 Kik- Coveyn22

Ronotta Stiles

44 / Man / Divorced / clermont

i am simple and easy going


43 / Woman

Urban, neat (sweet!;)), old school aesthete, with the love for art and harmony, idealist and a pacifist. I love to get lost on my travels, observe life around me, people and their ways, old, beautiful architecture, trees and greenery, dachshunds running with their ears waving through the air... (hihihi). I...


28 / Woman / Single / Budapest


35 / Woman / Single / Phoenix area, AZ

Hello, I'm just some weird person who wants a romantic relationship that doesn't involve sex. I signed up for this site about 13 billion years ago but now that the Universe has cooled down to allow matter to coalesce and gravity to take over and galaxies/stars/planets/life have formed, I think...


21 / Woman / Single / Atlanta

I'm a university student, studying to be a social worker. In my free time I love watching horror movies, playing video games, baking, going to concerts and conventions, and reading novels. I'm a massive geek for all things creepy and macabre, and for high fantasy. I will probably attempt to...

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