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19 / Woman / Single


28 / Man / Single / Manchester

I am an Asexual guy who likes to cross dress occasionally. I can be a little shy until I get know someone, then I am fine. I am not very experienced with relationships, not really had one yet but I remain hopeful of meeting a nice lady.


25 / Woman

My name is Mallory, I'm 25 (though I look and feel much younger!) and I am new to this site. Some of my hobbies include mostly geeky things such as anime, manga, video games, cosplay and conventions. Don't talk to me if you only watch and/or play the...


41 / Woman / Single / Devon

Asexual Author/Entrepreneur. I am lively, bubbly, energetic Heteroromantic Asexual, I love blogging, Vlogging, and living a quirky life to the max, and I have a 21st mindset and I enjoy living like a teenager to the max! Hence why I have more in common with younger guys! If you want to...


31 / Man / Single / South Island

I'm a young professional Kiwi. Quite shy, rather quiet. Enjoy the outdoors, traveling and various hobbies. Sorry I don't have premium membership so I can't send messages and I can't read your messages. However, I can be found on AVEN and ace-book under the same username. Please message me, would love...


24 / Woman / Single / Nashville

Well, I guess I am an introvert and a homebody. It takes me a while to warm up to people but I really would like to be in a relationship. I’m a very artistic person at heart. I enjoy trying new makeup and hairstyles. I also love drawing, watercolor, calligraphy,...

Alexander Douglas

27 / Man / Single / Orlando

Hello there :). Well i'm Alex. Overall i'm a pretty quirky and random person. I'm easy going for the most part, although I can definitely get hyped up over topics that i'm passionate about. I really value honesty and directness, and tend to say what's on my mind, although not...

Ian Verley

21 / Man / Single / Apache Junction

Lol, I mean, I like black licorice.. (Also, my picture is not an accurate depiction of what I look like all the time. Those aren't my glasses. Lol.)

Steve Publicover

18 / Single / Cambridge, MA

I'm just here with too much weed, don't make me smoke it by myself email me anytime: [email protected]


25 / Woman / Single / Pennsylvania


48 / Woman / Single / Berkshire


21 / Man / Single

I am a heteroromantic asexual I joined this because I don't know any other asexuals in my personal life so I'm looking to find just one asexual friend and I’ll be satisfied. I am an aspiring screenwriter and a sports fan I can watch any sport and enjoy talking sports so if I can...


19 / Woman / Single / Chicago


25 / Woman / Single / Charleston

Goth but surprisingly chatty most days. I spend more time than I should indoors and online. Horror and comedy are my go-to movies & my music taste can be as eclectic as my doll collection.


25 / Man / Single


37 / Woman / Single

I am quiet, can be shy until you know me, after which I can be a chatterbox. I'm an INFJ, a Hufflepuff, and a fan of all things Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables. I really love taking photos, and my friends know that if they...

Jennifer Childers

33 / Woman / Single

John Denver

28 / Man / Single / Budapest

Hi! I’m a Hungarian guy living in Budapest. I like all kinds of activities and the meaningful conversations. I also love the city of Budapest and what it can give. I want to get to know other people and I’m in discovering more of the city together. 🙂


24 / Man / Single / Paris


32 / Woman / Single / Strasbourg

It's often difficult to describe oneself but let's say I'm on the very shy and introverted side of things. I have been through a lot in my life so I'm struggling with various psychological difficulties as a result but I'm still hopeful that I will one day find someone understanding...


20 / Woman / Single / Kent


17 / Woman / Single

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