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34 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Hello,  my name is Chris, nice to meet you acquaintance 🙂 Where to begin.... i like people, i like the saying about how it takes all kinds to weave the fabric off life. Been lucky to travel abit and get to see how similar and how different we all are Demisexual with...

Kamal khattra

24 / Man / Single / Melbourne

i am an ambivert.somedays am an introvert really shy and keep it to myself and some days am an extrovert who enjoys going outdoors. Am a loner and don't have many friends. I don't like small talk and not interested in talking people. Am a listener and enjoy having some deep...


30 / Woman / Single / Melbourne

I’m a bit of an introvert I’m vegetarian i love traveling? (20 countries and counting!) I have two cats that I love to death! I’m not very sporty,  but I like hiking and dancing! I also spend time playing tabletop games (DnD anyone?) and occasionally PS4 I don’t do well with heat I am super close with...


27 / Woman / Single

Future cat-lady in the making.


28 / Woman / Single

I am a quiet girl from a small Australian city. I like my sex like I like my coffee... And I don't drink coffee. I tend to have trouble making friends, but if someone coaxes me out of my shell, they'll find me to be kind and loyal with a sense...

John Garcia

32 / Man / Single / Sacramento

Ok, so this is is weird.  I always find it difficult when people ask me to describe myself, but I'll try and do my best and be as honest as possible- warts and all.  First off, I was the inspiration for Weird Al's 'White & Nerdy' video(not really but yes...


46 / Man / Single / Melbourne


27 / Woman / Single / Gold Coast

I am a workaholic heteromantic ace city girl that lives a sedentary life (more of a homebody). Mostly private with a few close and reliable friends. It takes awhile for me to open up (can be very chatty if we are close). I am born introvert but I have some...


42 / Woman / Single / Warsaw


20 / Woman / Single

I enjoy covnersating with like-minded and light-hearted  people. kik: cmc19162  


20 / Woman / Single

Hi, my names Ebony (as I'm sure you've already seen :D). I'm an aspiring teacher who lives in Australia (currently a third year university student). im a dual citizen of both the uk and Australia and have lived in both countries. here are a few of my interests: I'm a big fan of...


43 / Man / Single / Orange

Sean McIntosh

28 / Man / Single / Brisbane

Outgoing asexual bloke looking to meet a similar nice lady


31 / Man / Single / grimsby

I am basically looking for a relationship without sex with another asexual person. Being asexual can be a very lonely and isolating feeling and I would love to be able to find somebody that is the same as me. I Recently moved to brighton last year (2014) and work as...

Rodney Smythe

46 / Man / Divorced / Drouin


23 / Woman / Single

ello ⸜( ˙ ˘ ˙) not sure what to say here...and not really sure how this all works, feel free to message me on here, or if ya wanna chat elsewhere, let me know!

Diego Montano

31 / Man / Single / Sydney


23 / Woman / Single


28 / Woman / Single / Brisbane

Brody Cousins

29 / Man / Single / Ballarat

Hey, well I'm a geek. I collect comics, play video games, watching tv shows and movies and love reading. I also like walking, going to see friends and camping not that I have had much of a chance to do that for a few years. If you would like to talk...

John Anthony

35 / Man / Single / Adelaide

John isn't my real name because Google indexes this site, but please ask me if you're interested. In fact, feel free to ask anything at all and I'll be honest with my responses. I'm a male Australian, hetero-romantic asexual. I'm an INTJ-T (Architect) on the Myers Briggs, but don't put too much...


22 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Hi, my name is Luke and I am a Pharmacy student from Melbourne. I am an asexual, heteroromantic looking for a girlfriend around my age I can have a good laugh with. I'm a big nerd who loves science and math, TV shows and movies (especially Marvel, Game of Thrones,...


21 / Woman / Single / Melbourne

I am a 21-year-old who loves to laugh and make others laugh, usually through teasing, self-deprecation and/or puns (usually terrible ones). Unfortunately have slight social anxiety and suck at small-talk. I am not currently studying but am a self-declared professional binge-watcher on most streaming sites. I've been known to talk...

Sam aub

37 / Man / Divorced / Sydney

I'm Lebanese I was born in Lebanon but I have been living in Australia since I was 12 I'm a single dad so I was married before

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