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41 / Man / Single / Sydney

I'm someone that has a million and one hobbies and there aren't enough hours in a day to fit everything i'd like to do. I am a computer scientist by qualification, a photographer, amateur astronomer, musician, guitarist, lyricist... well talk to me to find out more.


35 / Man / Single / Rotterdam

I'm cupioromantic, sex and touch repulsed hardcore antisexual (literal asexual). So asexuals in general are not anti-sexual or anti-sexuality. So, I am not interested in sex. I hate everything about sex. Sex is negative to me. I am old soul with little boy heart and man body. I’m very shy...

Chris Smith

34 / Man / Single / London


54 / Man / Single / Montreal

I am looking for someone fun. Someone that will be my partner on every level (relationship, travel partner, business partner, cycling together, LOAO (laugh our asses off) together , etc. I am a positive person, very spontaneous and lots of people say I'm fun and funny. I have no clue why I...


37 / Man / Single / Westchester, NY

I'm friendly and easy going. I am on the quiet side, but once you get to know me I open up more. I like sports, craft beer and hiking among other things. If you any questions feel free to ask. I'm not comfortable with putting a picture up yet, but if...

Andrew G

44 / Man / Single

I tried the traditional romantic relationship thing and it just wasn't my thing.  I'm an introvert and I appreciate my alone time, but I'd still like to find a partner in crime, or at least make some new friends. Some of my interests include: - Truthseeking/Learning - Metaphysics and trying to figure out...


27 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

My names Phil. I'm looking for someone to share the little moments with that make life great. I work in construction and travel a lot for work. I want to have great conversations with my best friend and grow to love each other as the people we are and become...


51 / Man / Single / Vienna / Innsbruck / Nice

Howdy there!  Who isn't striving for inner peace? Working on ways and tools to walk along the "right" path, getting lost and finding light again?  Like an artwork that spans over the entire life. To appreciate life as a whole.  An exercise of self awareness for ACEs... Happy when allowed to...

Keep calm and carry on

40 / Man / Single / Atlanta

Childfree, eternal optimist, vegan (for ethical and health reasons) and sun-worshipper. Like to tread softly and leave the world in a better place. Physically, I am 6’2 and athletic. Emotionally, I espouse a lot of the Stoic / Buddhist philosophies into my daily life - i.e. being an observer, staying...


65 / Man / Single

I seek loving loyal respectful companionship with a woman, sharing intellectual, cultural, music (I'm a percussionist), traveling, and related pursuits. Age/generation and race/ethnicity are unimportant and needless barriers; compatibility, trust, and openness to confide in one another are important and essential. I'm still rather youthful even at this stage in...


32 / Man / Single / Stuttgart

(Too) many interests - mainly intellectual. Quite sociable. I like to surprise others, be prepared 😉

Brian Bauer

51 / Man / Single / Eugene

My name is Brian. I live in Eugene, OR and I have a wide range of interests. My favorite hobby is playing pool. I play in tournaments several days a week and I own a 9 ft pool table in my home. I also like reading DC and Marvel Comics...


32 / Man / Single / Washington State

I'm a pretty introverted guy, but have a deep pool of warmth for those I come to trust and love. I enjoy books and travel—looking forward to visiting Oman, Qatar, the , Sri Lanka, and Singapore soon. Epic fantasy is my favorite genre but I'm enjoying branching out these days....


39 / Man / Single / Kostrzyn nad Odrą

I am tradicional catholic. Looking for serious relationship. I want to find soul-mate to take marriage. If you interested just write: nongregg@gmail.com


40 / Man / Separated / São Paulo

I currently live in Sao Paulo - Brazil but usually traveling to US, specially NY. But I love to visit and really want to live in the west coast. I'm asexual and looking for a person in the same situation. I have a 5 years old son. I'm a separated...


30 / Man / Single / Lyon

contact : julien01234560@gmail.com

Marc Palme

52 / Man / Single / Roma

Hello, still single here. Searching for woman relationship but sex is not the main point of interest. I'm available also for relationship completely no sex. Brain and feeling attraction are at first place for me.  I feel different elements of asexuality: I'm autosexual, bellussexual and also demisexual. So I hope...


29 / Man / Single / Manchester

Not much to say really...fun-loving, adventurous person who enjoys making others smile. Main interests include theatre, country walks, meals out and also have a massive passion for music (I play guitar and piano). However, I am partial to a night of wine and Netflix on occasion 😛 Huge lover of...

Ronotta Stiles

47 / Man / Divorced / clermont

i am simple and easy going

Brian f

47 / Man / Single / Chicago

Hello there.  I'm an American guy who isn't really "asexual", but could easily live without sex. To me, cuddling and kissing are the most important and I could certainly be in a serious relationship/marriage without sex.  I guess you can say I'm way more sensual than sexual.  Yes, I'm gay. I...


27 / Woman / Single

I'm a transportation engineer by day, and I like to keep active after work hours; but sometimes I can be a major couch potato too. Some things I enjoy spending my time on are playing and watching sports, shows and movies, and video games. I also love spending time with friends...

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