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Walter J Oliver

58 / Man / Married / Lakeside, Oregon

I am married, I am medically retired from a back injury, I have survived colorectal cancer 2018, I have an ostomy. Even before surgery there has been no intimacy at home. I've always been asexual as I look back on life. I need a closeness with a woman who I...

Brian f

45 / Man / Single / Chicago

Hello there.  I'm an American guy who isn't really "asexual", but could easily live without sex. To me, cuddling and kissing are the most important and I could certainly be in a serious relationship/marriage without sex.  I guess you can say I'm way more sensual than sexual.  Yes, I'm gay. I...


24 / Woman / Single / Belfast

I like to draw, play the fiddle(learning to), listen to music and laze about most days with a cup of tea. I love teddy bears, pajama days, cartoons/anime, Red Dwarf is one of my fav shows ever~ I'm shy and not much of a talker at first but i like to...


27 / Man / Single / Durham

My name is Andrew, I'm a graphic designer and I'm looking for new friendships and possibly a relationship, I'm a person who loves to talk and to know more about other people. I'd love to talk to everyone but I do not have the upgrade account to see or reply  the...


41 / Woman / Single / Cambridge

A procrastinator at heart. I don’t look (apparently) or act 40. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m 40 😉 Feeling like I’m always one step away from being the next crazy cat lady, not that I own any cats. I never really sell myself well so apologies if I come across as a...


29 / Man / Single / London

I'm pretty laid back but I'll always stand up for what I believe in. I try to be a good and kind person. I'm the guy who knows everyone at work and plays the extrovert to make others more comfortable, but I'm definitely an introvert at heart and I like...


42 / Man / Single / Leuven


25 / Man / Single / tucson


24 / Man / Single

I study for a MSc, work full time and volunteer therefore I'm pretty busy but I miss a person in my life I can lean on and with whom I could share my thoughts with. I enjoy watching movies, tv series, nature -especially mountains-, I like hiking and to travel!


27 / Man / Single / Duluth

Hi I’m Luke. I’m definitely more on the introvert side but once I get to know people am more comfortable. I guess I’ve always been an ace my whole life, just didn’t realize it til I was 20-21. I like watching sports, reading, fishing, and being out on the water...


36 / Man / Single / Helena


30 / Man / Single / Valletta

I am an Explorer. I have come to the realization that I have been born in the wrong time era of humankind. I dream of an Utopian world where people are united without the social constructs such as race, faith, country, etc. I would best fit into a society that...

Howard Smith

26 / Man / Single / Philadelphia

I'm a guy who loves the ocean and space. Making hot sauces has become my hobby. Spicier isn't always better, although it is fun. I'm currently working on a marine biology degree. Humpback whales are the best animals this world has to offer, with black bears at a close second.


27 / Woman / Single / Collegeville

Hi! As you can tell, I am a dog lover! I also love anything to do with neuroscience, astronomy, nature, anything science-related basically...philosophy, anything outdoors, meditation and yoga, learning about new cultures, listening to World music (because it sounds nice), kickin' back and relaxing on the beach, traveling and experiencing...


26 / Man / Single / Oak Creek

Honestly at a crossroads in my life where I don’t know what I want anymore. Looking for friends and an eventual someone to call my boyfriend that are close in age to me. I tend to be very quiet until I get to know someone and trust them fully.


24 / Man / Single / Brisbane


25 / Woman / Single / New York

Hi guys, I try to update this profile as often as I can, so enjoy reading~ You can say I'm very eco conscious because I'm all about trying to live sustainably to help the environment and always down to geek out about environmental stuff lol. I love love looovveee vegan food...


26 / Man / Divorced / North NJ

I am a geeky introverted homebody. I like to go out with friends on occasion, but I prefer to stay inside and read, indulge in my hobbies, play deep board games, or enjoy a good movie. I am kind, easygoing, slow to anger, and I love to cuddle. If you're not...


36 / Woman / Divorced


26 / Woman / Single / Ho Chi Minh City

Rebecca Walton

29 / Woman / Single / Wantirna South



23 / Woman / Single / New York

Jordan Pritchard

25 / Man / Single

Im a great listener and I'd like to think that I'm funny. I get a bit nervous sometimes when I'm speaking to new people but the nerves normally go away in a couple of minutes 🙂 If you'd like to have a chat here is my Kik username because I...


41 / Man / Single / Ayr

I am someone who has always enjoyed flying solo, being the lone wolf, or whatever either kind of metaphor applies. I've always known that I didn't want the traditional marriage, kids, 1.5 pet scenario but only later in life did I come to terms with my own asexuality (gray- demi-)......

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