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    what is your pet’s name and why you chose that name , was there any story behind your choice ? 🙂


    Currently I don’t have any pets (I am planning on adding rats to the family once I return to school in the fall), but my most recent one was my domestic tabby cat, Tiny. I got him from a shelter for my sixteenth birthday and spent our first month together trying to come up with a name for him (Casper, Hazel, and Nugget being just some that didn’t make the cut). I had received all my past animals ‘brand new’ and was under the impression that if you got a pet, you were supposed to give it a name, end of story. But Tiny came with his own and eventually I realized there was nothing that needed changing. Anyways, he was a big cat (not overweight, just naturally very large) so seeing the reaction people had to his name was always a plus. How about you? (Not to be creepy, but I saw you mention your cat in the First Pet thread, there must be a story behind Bachbouch!)


    I have a cat named Erik and a cat named Lizzie (Elizabeth). Erik was named Erik because my sister had a cat named Little Joe. I wanted to name him after a Bonanza character but I did not like the name Hoss. Hoss is a nickname and Erik is real name of the character. Erik as the cuter name. Erik also works for him because is yellowish orange like Erik the Red. Lizzie named for Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice. It just fit her the best.


    I have 2 big rabbits at the moment (two sisters) who are named Cecile and Flo.
    I actually named them after two characters me and my best friend came up with so it’s more of an inside joke. :p

    I’m planning on getting a dog in the (relatively) near future. An airedale female. Her name is still out in the open but I’m leaning strongly towards Mies; named after Mies van de Rohe.


    I currently own a cattle dog named Sierra. It was not a name that I chose for her. I adopted her at the APL here at home when she was 7 years of age, so I felt it was appropriate to keep. Better to keep the name than confuse her after so many years or hearing the name. Plus, the name seemed to suit her. If somebody would have name her something odd like Fluffy McFlufferton or some such oddity it would have definitely changed.

    My nicknames for her are Fuzzy Wonder, Fuzzy One, and Fluffy Pup, but she reserves those names for me to say. 😀


    My dog’s name is Stella. When I adopted her, the shelter said her name was Star, but I didn’t really want to keep that name (as a child, I had a pet named Star and I did not want to give her name away), so I renamed her with something starting with the same letters to minimize confusion for her. It turns out she didn’t even answer to the name Star and I could have changed her name to anything I wanted, but she answers to Stella now, so it’s too late to even consider changing it.

    I call her Stellabelle.

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