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Other projects in the queue to be licensed..if I get the courage..a crash-less horse carriage that anyone can drive safely and any large, relatively tame animal can be used, trained or not, as long as you can lead it safely, pet it, handle it somewhat. The carriage can also use large dogs..all without training from either the driver or the animals, no harness used. Also, the rolling wheels charge a battery so the vehicle can run on its own power after a while.
I tried it on my unbroke mule-had to blindfold him to get him near the carriage, but he powered it eagerly and didn’t want to stop.
I was inspired after attending a horse carriage show where there were several scary crashes and when I saw how little control the drivers had over their animals, how much training they all had to have.
I drove my own horses on a completely loose rein, guiding them with my thoughts alone, and even directing them to change gaits by just thinking about it, but I decided that other people needed a solution so they could drive in safety.

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