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I have 100s of inventions I’ve tested at least partially with scale replicas, and many I currently use. I’m trying to gather my courage and legal notes to tackle getting a licensee company for my favorite invention of all, mostly to get one of my own made with carbon fiber and will fit in a purse instead of my clumsy prototypes that only fit in a backpack.

It’s a simple device that makes you four-footed (again) and even people with bad knees are able to lope like a dog, at the speed of a slow jog, for hours uphill and down even on steep, treacherous slopes with very little effort. The user’s feet only touch down lightly every six feet or so, and since two feet are always on the ground at any given time it’s almost impossible to fall.

I’ve even used the galloper device when I was so weak I could only crawl after food poisoning, and still could bound around the house. Strangely, even a few minutes use of the device gives me hard abs like a teenager (I’m 62) and makes my spine so limber I can stand still, lay my palms flat on the floor and keep them there-without pain or bouncing. My elementary students can’t even do that!

If I lose access to the device, say while traveling, after a few weeks, my waist subsides into flab despite intense exercise and my back gets stiff.
I keep improving the design until I can almost fall asleep on them while hurtling down a mountainside, carrying a backpack. Furthermore, animals and birds take me for a deer and allow me to approach closely for photography ops.

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